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    HMC Rich

    Mr. Obama won. I would have preferred the other guy but maybe…. maybe the people in DC can solve a few of the problems we have. I hope things improve. Congratulations my Democratic friends.



    Glad that’s over with…a welcome victory. I’m sure we’ll still have plenty of political points to discuss but it’s nice to have that one in the books.


    HMC Rich

    These contests are interesting. Hard to beat an incumbent. Kerry and Romney have one more thing in common besides serving the people of Massachusetts. Could not beat the sitting President.

    Maybe these Massachusetts guys should just decide not to be the nominee in the future.



    don’t forget dukakis.

    but it helps his chances when the massachusetts guy can carry his own state.

    thanks for the congrats, rich. i’m not gonna dance on your grave or anything. i’m just glad that this election turned the conversation toward the role of government in our country.



    Sigh … We lurch forward along the arc of history. Congrats… to all my Democrate friends and neighbors.



    So Kootch..

    is this a mandate from the people?

    even the House won’t be the club you had hoped to swing.



    Thanks for the congrats, Rich and kootch.




    I gotta say congrats to the “blue” folks too. The democrats had a good night for sure. Not what I was hoping for, but life goes on.

    Well done folks. Well done.



    Congrats to our Democrat friends and neighbors.

    I officially state that dobro was right an I was wrong! Painful as that was, tomorrow is another day, and I’m thankful that there were no riots!

    Let’s keep debate alive, stay civil and shape a better America!



    Dobro nailed the vote – nice work and congratulations to all.

    It appears to me that as the demographics continue to change in the D’s favor the R’s have to either move a little left or come up with some way to convince the minority populations that they have them in their best interest. Texas could be blue in eight years if trends continue, Arizona in four…… over!



    If it weren’t for the tea party Senate candidate losers this election and last, the Repubs would have a Senate majority. We’ll see if they can figure that out and make a move or if the “we weren’t conservative ENOUGH!” people win that argument.

    We live in interesting times.



    Personally I am glad its over. The election sure enough came down to the economy and its getting slightly better. The people felt he should have 4 more years. I am hopeful they can get something done in the political arena but who knows.

    Obama lost some of the popular vote he had last time. I think that is an indication that the true independents want to see something, anything during the next 4 years. I am sure there are a bunch of secret meetings about the next presidential election. These guys just need to focus on the now and figure out how to get stuff done.



    Besides, now we can get back to off leash dogs in lincoln park and zip lines. Oh, that is also an impressive play structure the volunteers build in Roxhil park.


    HMC Rich

    Did you know that if you forget to renew your dogs’ license, you get a $15.00 late fee. And if you miss that deadline it goes to $125. This is why I despise certain government functions.

    I don’t believe penalties like this shouldn’t be allowed, but I still have to follow the law. Grrrrrr.

    I suppose this should be a different thread. Oh Well.



    I really don’t know why this is a problem – private companies charge late fees all the time (credit cards anyone)? It’s a perfectly legitimate business practice to encourage people to pay on time.



    Well, isn’t this thread a “wonderful” Kumbaya event. I may mean that in a very cynical way, but…

    I won’t spoil it, this time.



    The Republican party of today has got to recognize that relying on an ever shrinking majority of white male vote will marginalize the party.

    An article I read today said that when one party (Let’s say Demos) captures a demographic trend, the old second party gets swept aside by a splinter of the dominant party, not by resurgence. Our history is short enough that this isn’t a certainty, but long enough to suggest it could happen.

    The social issues pushed by the fringe distract from the core values of the party which are attractive even to centrist demos (or independents). So thanks for the congrats — you have work to do.




    we have work to do too.

    Obama only took 55% of the female vote.

    placed in light of the demographics of this vote

    and the 70% returns within ethnic communities..

    we have a lot of work to do within our own communities.

    it’s time we stopped thinking of a little more than half as a landslide

    and refocused on what a landslide looks like.

    It’s very clear from this vote that our characterization of Republicans as white males is misleading…



    Wait til the minority community figures out, their jobless number grew under Obamanomics…. black unemployment went up 2% points this year. If you think 1.9 per cent of the popular vote is a roaring mandate… o-k then. I am betting right now… every business is trying to figure out where to park 1.5 trillion dollars to get their best return. Solve that Mr. President… and your next four years will be wonderful. Well JoB … good insight. We have two morons who need a trip to the woodshed…. but.. we will be back.. and back..and back… fact is.. the Democratic party shrunk this election…. Republican registration was much higher than 08.



    Jo, the karma meter is registering very good karma for you right now.



    but.. we will be back.. and back..and back…



    Republicans who want to stop the slide into irrelevancy should go back to the 50’s they say they love and read the words of the last Republican president who did not need to be compared to Dubya to be seen as less evil than Sauron.



    congrats to Barack. the question is now that he can’t run for re-election does he have the balls to lead from the center?

    the excess deficit spending needs to stop!

    spending 18% of the GNP on health care is obscene; canada spends less than 10%.

    the tax code is way to complex, eliminating tax deductions and loop holes needs to be done

    broadening the tax base to include all americans in paying an income tax is appropriate.

    how about a national sales tax on junk food and soda pop?

    raising the retirement age for social security.

    reduce excess military spending

    reduce unemployment benefits and put the money into spending on infrastructure

    make it easier to fire incompetent teachers and other government employees.



    Two days removed…The People have spoken…again…and the world as we know it is still revolving around the sun… and yet the epic divide continues on this forum…

    It is likely an unfair litmus test of both size and geography…but If you (20) or so real passionate and seemingly well educated or at least well read and listened people can’t seem to find some common ground…how can you expect your elected officials to do the same?

    But I suppose compromise is not very possible…when The People spoke (again) to keep the leadership “in check” with a divided one party initiative is likely to be passed without a fight…

    The only way we move FORWARD! is to find common ground period on the fundamentally key issues impacting all of us now…Each elected official has to GIVE something…knowing they may NOT GET something in return…and WE THE PEOPLE have to accept this for the good all our futures!

    Nothing should untouchable in this regard. Start with the fluff…”going line by line” like was promised!

    President Obama must do everything within his power and then some to unite Congress and Congress should listen to their constituents!


    I am off the political postings from here on…

    Wasn’t that good at it anyway…

    I will still listen and learn…and effectively pray.



    Rich, if there were no penalties then why would anyone bother to license their pets?? I personally like having pets licensed. I just am sure to get mine paid on time. What’s the matter? Did you get yours paid late??

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