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    Hey, does anyone have a couple of coffee cans that they could part with? Don’t know if people in Seattle still buy coffee in cans but I’d like a couple of cans if you perhaps you are tired of looking at them. Thx.

    purrovocative at gmaildotcom



    B: I could possibly get my hands on some of the large Folgers cans (although they are plastic). Don’t know if you’re looking for that kind. I use them to put Ziploc bags in when I’m batch cooking to stock the freezer with meals.



    My apologies in advance for thread-jacking, but please do yourself a favor and NEVER buy coffee in cans (*). It’s a ripoff. Fresh coffee emits CO2 so in order to seal it into cans it has to be pre-staled. And I’ve been told they add artificial coffee scent to give you a burst of smell when you crack open the can. Those canned coffees also tend to be heavy in the Robusta variety beans which are cheaper to grow but that have much less flavor. They also tend to source Robusta from industrialized grow operations that use a lot of chemicals. Higher caffeine content in that variety also gives you a shakier, edgier coffee buzz. Worst of all it just tastes terrible.

    Always try to buy coffee in a container that has a one-way valve that lets the CO2 out. We’re in the Pacific Northwest so there are so many sources for high quality coffee at all price points. Do yourself a favor and leave that canned stuff to people who don’t know any better (or buy it only to serve to visiting in-laws).

    * Unless of course purchase of coffee in said can is necessary to transport the ashes of your dear departed friend Donny to an oceanside service and you don’t want to pay the exorbitant price the funeral home is charging for the use of their most modest urn.



    Thanks for the info, CJ, I personally don’t buy canned coffee, I just get the cans from a relative.



    Perfect timing…we are cleaning out our garage tomorrow & I know we have more than a few empties.

    (Wow! Didn’t know all that stuff about canned coffee…)

    Let me know where we could meet up? How close are you to Westwood Village?



    I sense a coffee snob amongst us ;O)

    Did anyone else read in the Times recently that the PNW drinks more espresso than bottled water?



    Hi CabanaMom, i can swing by tomorrow on my way home from work in the later afternoon or early evening. i’m in seaview area. email me a purrovocative atgmaildotcom and we can set something up:-) Thanks!

    Thanks Jissy…..i’m hoping for the metal ones if at all possible.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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