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    After reading the Raves regarding CoCo & Co on the WSB, I decided to try it for my next haircut. Kim did a great job, the best haircut I ever had. Well worth the price. She was very knowledgeable and personable. They offer a complimentary “bang” trim in the mean time, before your next cut. Just sayin.

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    I’ve had three cuts with Kim so far and am exceptionally happy with her. So glad CoCo & Co is in WS.



    Agreed! Kim’s my new stylist, and I couldn’t be happier with the results–especially since the salon is within walking distance of home. Plus the whole crew is so friendly and fun. Great addition to the neighborhood.



    I’ve been going to Antonio for a few months, and only wished I’d gone MUCH sooner (since I’ve had so many of my friends make the switch to CoCo & Co over the past year who’d recommended them). My 6 and 1/2 daughter just got her hair cut there last week as well, and she just loves her new hairdo. I have friends who go to Zack and Lilly (sp?) and both are very happy, and I’ve gone to Antonio for cut and color. Adore him. I don’t think you can go wrong w/ anyone who works there. And the added bonus? After you’re done, you can get your nails done or a facial at The Beauty Bar around the corner, or a sandwich at the deli, or fish and chips, or delightful cupcakes at Donna’s “Stuffed Cakes”, or a coffee and yummy snack at Bird on a Wire. Then gas up at Lucky 5 across the street, or peruse some books at the Southwest library branch there. Our little business “district” in upper Fauntleroy has turned into a GREAT little corner. I’m really glad for it!



    My daughter has had a few cuts with Lily and I just got a cut & color (and major help with damaged hair) from Zack today. We love CoCo & Co! Friendly, great community supporters, very knowledgeable and excellent quality all around – thanks, guys! Highly recommend. :)



    So happy to read all of your positive feedback! I’ve got an appointment this week with Zach and hope I walk out feeling as good as all of you did!


    The Velvet Bulldog

    Would any of you mind sharing the costs of your services? They don’t list them on the website. Thanks!



    I had a cut from Zach over the weekend. His charge was $40 for a 1.5 hour cut. I believe he’s the most junior member of the team and therefore the cheapest. I think Lily is $50 (but not sure) and then Antonio is maybe $70? I might have people and their amounts wrong. Antonio is one of the owners and I believe the most senior stylist. Hope that helps TVB.


    The Velvet Bulldog

    Thanks ghar!



    After reading the raves about Co Co & Comp, especially, about Kim, I was excited to try them. I gave a call to set up an appointment. As luck would have it, I got a same day appointment with Kim. Generally, all the folks are friendly, professional and very attentive. Kim was warm and confident and she knows her craft! I showed her a picture of a cut I wanted to try, she asked me a few questions about it like what particular features did I like most about it and so on. Before we could finish our discussion about where to stay in Key West, BOOM, she was done! I am very happy with the style. I wish this business many, many years of success and with folks like Kim around, I have no worries.


    The Velvet Bulldog

    I’m adding another happy experience to this thread! I went in for a cut today, mainly because of the positive comments here on the Forum. Upon entering I was greeted by name and given a stunning list of beverages to choose from (if I’d only known, I wouldn’t have already had my coffee!) My appointment was with Zack and with the couple of photos I took in, he was really able to figure out what was going on with my hair to give me a good cut that will, A) not turn into a triangle on my head, and B) be able to grow out for a few months without constant touch-ups.

    I think what I was MOST impressed with however, was the washing station. The sink has like a ramp/head-rest thingy so that your head isn’t just dangling in thin air over the edge of the sink and you’re not getting instant whiplash. I probably could have fallen asleep in that sink…



    The Velvet Bulldog..

    you got me at the ramp thingie on the washbasin..

    in the evening, from the library parking lot the salon takes on the mystique of the diner photos…

    i have been tempted to book there more than once..



    I’ll add my own rave for CoCo & Co. I’ve known Nathan for years, since our days together at his former employer, and Antonio for going on four years. Antonio is an amazing stylist, Nathan an organized business manager. Both are so hospitable and genuine, and the stylists they’ve hired live up to those same standards. I’m so happy that they’ve built such a successful business, but not surprised at all.

    I’ve referred several clients their way, and will absolutely continue to do so with no hesitation.



    I went for the first time last month and was scheduled with Zach. Best cut I’ve in years. He took his time, he listened to me and he is just a sweetheart to boot!

    I definitely recommend them and I’m now a long term client.



    Just heard that Kim is no longer at Co Co & Co. Anyone know where she went. Willing to follow…



    Oh no, that’s bad news. 1) I hope she didn’t go too far afield, and 2) that we can get info on where she went.



    Hello All:

    Nathan here from CoCo & Company. Kim’s clients can get her contact info by calling the salon at 206-953-8100. Everyone here at CoCo wishes her all the best on her new journey.



    Nathan, that’s incredibly kind of you. Thank you!


    I just wanted to add my praise for CoCo and Co, especially for the lead stylist Antonio. He gave me a wonderful haircut, the best I’ve had since I left Los Angeles four years ago.

    Even better, his salon is actively promoting our little neighborhood by supporting local non-profits, hiring West Seattle-based stylists, and generally being AWESOME.

    I encourage everyone looking for a great styling experience to try the salon. My hair is especially hard to cut (*very* thick and finely textured) and he handled it with aplomb.



    i just want someone who isn’t stuck in either the 60s or the 90s to understand what i mean when i say i want to grow towards a shag.. not the 60s shag and a little more modern than the 90s shag.. but nevertheless.. a shag that will work today on a not so fossilized fossil :(

    and who understands the challenges of the transition from baby fine hair to OMG this grey stuff has a mind of it’s own

    i am thinking i probably need a senior stylist for that..

    i have to say that i was inclined towards CoCo & Co before this last set of posts about Kim

    after their willingness to connect people with a stylist that no longer works for them.. i am even more inclined…


    JoB – Make an appointment with Antonio today and You will never look back. CoCo & Co is a treasure all around. The highest possible artistic standards. A nurturing family of workers who go out of their way to respect and support one another. And with Nathan running the business end, it is always smooth-sailing — from the time you request information regarding services to the time you walk out the door looking the best you ever have in your life. I come over on the ferry from Vashon regularly for my CoCo & Co fix. Have fun!!



    there’s actually another thread discussing how to get in touch with Kim.

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