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    I hadn’t heard about this new requirement that takes effect January 1st and wanted to pass along the info. Here’s a KOMO article on it:

    This is info from SPD with more details:

    Considering this takes effect in 3 weeks, I’m surprised I haven’t heard about it. I suppose I need to talk to my landlord about this.


    Betty T

    All the alarms in our building were just last monthchnged to the new combination smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. We have 74 units here. I never heard of it before this either.



    Landlords & Property Managers know…this may be a pretty hefty expense so they either went to bid and are making last minute decisions or potentially they don’t know or are in denial.

    Thankfully our PM knew…



    already got ours



    as usual, we have heard nothing from our landlord…:(



    I hadn’t heard about this either. I actually looked into getting some for our house and when reading about where to put them, there wasn’t a place in our little (750 sf) house where they should go ! outside bedrooms, but not in kitchens or laundry rooms. that eliminates both our bedrooms. (our short hallway dead ends to the washer dryer, but both bedrooms (sorta) open up onto the giant kitchen in the middle of the house). guess we could put one in the living room…

    if they are in the kitchen do they go off – false alarm- all the time?



    I only heard about it last week, but was told the date is Feb 1



    Sam-c, mine is just outside my kitchen doorway in the mudroom/laundry area, and I’ve never had it go off. I think with the size of your house probably anywhere you put it would work fine!


    I Wonder

    Check with the manufacturer, you may also be able to use the same mounting plate from an existing smoke alarm for a new CMO alarm.



    We are landlords and hadn’t heard about this. Thank you very much for sharing, Sue!!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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