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    We will hold a meeting tonight at 6:30pm

    To show our support, Come up with ideas to get our teacher back!

    Olivia’s Consignment 4 kids

    4140 California AVE SW



    WHAT???? my girls are both alums of SP and I spent a lot of time there and have known Mr. Keller since we were kids…what happened?


    He is out on leave because he stopped a child from hurting another child, He was gently trying to get him to go to the office! He has been out of the class for more than 2 weeks now and we don’t have a date of his return yet!



    Oh dear! Is there a normal time-frame for this kind of thing?



    To this day he is my daughters favorite teacher. We always see him around West Seattle and he is always so happy and good with all the kids.

    Talk about a travesty. There is no way he would have done anything wrong to warrent this.


    Ms. Sparkles

    I wont be off work & back in WS in time for the meeting to offer this – so I’ll offer it here. I know that principals hold a lot of power in these situations, and that Principal K. can – with an exhaustive amount of effort and an arsonal of facts – be convinced he was wrong about somthing.

    It will be difficult to get the facts about the child who was sent (escorted?) to the office unless that parent provides them. Mr. Keller has to be careful not to name the child in telling his side. It’s also possible (this is pure speculation on my part) that Mr. Keller has to be on leave while the school investigates to CY(everyones)A if the parents of the “sent” child decide to sue.

    However, having parents sign a petition / letter of support and then if/when Principal K. ignors it have a mass rally (end of school day to disrupt Principal K’s “quiet time” without disrupting the actual school day) in the front of the school might do it.


    2 Much Whine

    Mr. Keller has been an important part of the lives of many of our children and an important member of the community. It looks like he needs our help to send a message to the school district and the principal to correct the injustice that has happened to him. He does not deserve this witch hunt but does deserve to continue teaching our kids with the enthusiasm and passion he has always brought to the classroom.


    2 much whine – my feelings exactly. He is an amazing teacher and it is a huge loss for the kids.



    I know that the boy that was being “aggressive” has left the school. I wonder if it is that the whole thing is being looked into and Mr. Keller can not return until they have looked at all the information. I certainly hope he is able to return. He is one of our best teachers. Halloween parade will not be the same without our Bee :-(



    I think I know who you are talking about letshelp, and if that’s the case I’m hoping this is a formality that has to be done. I feel for those with kids in his class and a little communication for parents would be a big help.



    I did not see this until now – to late. Can you let us know if you have organized anything???



    Mr Keller has been there since my days at Schmitz – at least 14 years ago. People always clamored to get into his class and he still remembers all his students from his first class there. I hope this gets settled and he’s reinstated.


    He is great. Our family had gotten off to an amazing school year in September, but is now discouraged by Mr. Keller’s absence and the waning progress of our 1st grade son in reading and writing. Mr. Keller has a rare talent for identifying what motivates every child individually. He quickly got our son to “buy-in” to the idea that learning is fun and good behavior is rewarding. My son’s positive reaction to Mr Keller is amazing! His students await his touch of Japanese infusion, puzzle mania, and the raw energy he shows up with.


    Chad Beeler

    Mr. Keller created a major spark for learning and loving school for my son in the first month of school this year. In his absence, the spark is gone. Getting him back in the classroom now is crucial for all the kids. Some of this is out of our hands, but our collective support of Mr. Keller is urgent. And drawing attention to what giant void his absence means to the school, the parents, and most importantly, our children, is something we can all do. The parents of Room 8 are unified in this and will be doing everything we can to get him back, and at this point, we need all of West Seattle to get behind him too.


    Fawn Knadler

    This is a sad and unfortunate situation for Schmitz Park Elementary and especially for the students of RM. 8. Mr. Keller has been a pinnacle part of Schmitz Park’s success for over a decade. We were beyond excited when we learned our son would be fortunate enough to attend his 1st grade class. Within 4 weeks of learning from Mr. Keller, our son displayed enthusiasm and pride in his work that was evident of Mr. Keller’s gentle approach while engaging his students. Not only is Mr. Keller a positive and patient teacher, his influence contributes to the ongoing success of the school as well as the W. Seattle community. We are often reminded of his kindness by parents

    and former students alike that have had the honor of being in his class. “Mr. Keller was their favorite teacher of all time”. We look forward to his return!


    Mr. Keller is a great teacher period. He was able to get my son to buy into school as others have mentioned. This is the most difficult and important function a teacher can perform. He did it with what appeared to be ease and that is the truest example of someone who is great at what they do. Bring him back. Our kids deserve him.



    Mr. Keller has a gift for teaching and reaching students where they are. He encourages the students to get excited and passionate about what they’re accomplishing. It’s not just the children in his current classroom that are missing out. He is accessible and open to all of the kids in the school as well as past students who come to visit him. His absence is creating a huge loss at the school during a time when they are over crowded and overwhelmed to begin with.


    mason g


    The community demands it. He is the best and most inspirational teacher at sp. This is unfair to his students and to future students. Suspend the administration.


    black pearl

    Yes, Kids need him !

    Mr.Keller is a great teacher. SPS and the principal at Schmitz Park, don’t make a wrong decision. Brig him back!!!


    Thanks everyone for all the support! SPS Bring Keller back ASAP!


    Ms Pam

    What a shame that such a wonderful person/teacher is being kept out of his own classroom! Whatever it takes we the people, past, present & future need to do whatever it takes to get him back to his classroom! He has much to share with his students. Pls keep us posted!! I have no problem signing petitions or rallying to put him back in his classroom. Mr. Keller rock’s!! He is one of the good guys!


    ws parent

    This is a true shame and unfortunate that now Mr. Keller is the latest victim of the school principal and his dictoral leadership. We have lost a couple of teachers, might loose more and great ones like Mr. Keller have to suffer and all this affects our kids.

    When does it stop and when will there be accountability and commonsense.

    Bring back Mr. Keller ASAP for the school and students sake!

    Remove and investigate the principle NOT the life changing teachers with proven records!


    Schmitz Park Dad

    We have been at Schmitz Park for six years and had Mr. Keller one of those years, and we were pleased with him. We are also pleased with the principal, Mr. Kischner. He has been at the school for 5 of our 6 years since we have been at Schmitz Park. When he came to the school, there were just 300 students; now there are 540. This has been quite a challenge for this principal, and he has handled the challenge well in our family’s opinion. We are very pleased with the job Mr. Kischner has done at Schmitz Park, despite the massive growth that he has been forced to deal with. He cares about the students and is passionate about their learning.

    Please do not be too quick to blame the principal for this situation. Situations like these are often out of the principal’s control and strict Seattle Public School protocol must be followed. I hope this can be resolved quickly, we can get Mr. Keller back to passionately teaching his class, and this can be done without attacking an excellent principal.



    Hear, hear, SP Dad. We are at Schmitz Park and love Mr. Keller. He is a wonderful teacher whose ability to connect with kids is extraordinary and a fabulous thing to behold. We also love our principal and I am always amazed at his ability to connect with students and families while also managing severe growing pains as Schmitz continues to burst. He is a wonderful, warm, helpful, capable professional, and is no doubt acutely aware of the huge vote of confidence Mr. Keller wields in the community. Whatever the situation was that precipitated the suspension (and it seems like the sort of thing that should be kept private unless the families involved choose to make it public), I’m hopeful that things get worked out and Mr. Keller can get back to his kiddos as soon as possible.


    Over the last 10 years Mr. Keller has been a constant in my family’s life. This year he is teaching my 4th child, Olivia. It’s hard to figure out where to start when it comes to this amazing teacher, but I will give a few examples of why we love Mr. Keller so much!

    Mr. Keller has always instilled a true love for learning, He makes it fun and exciting every day. Parents and Children see really quick that this man loves what he is doing & how wonderful he is. He is caring, Patient and Remembers is students by name. He see’s them all over the community and they flock to him. Too so many students and parents he is “that favorite Teacher” That they will remember their entire life.

    For me, He is a man that took my little boy Greg under his wing. When my son started Kindergarten he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. As you can imagine he missed A LOT of school, With Chemo visits every week and the aftermath of chemo he was sick a lot. Missing so much Kindergarten really affected him. His writing and reading was very poor. We thought of holding him back, but we wanted to keep him with his friends. He had already suffered so much that we didn’t want to put him thru that too. Mr. Keller worked with him, he was patient with him and he taught him all the things he would have learned in kindergarten and what he needed to learn in first grade. He taught him to read, write and he gave him a great sense of accomplishment.

    For this Family, Mr. Keller will always be “The One”, The one teacher that stands out, The one that truly has a passion and love of teaching. Schmitz Park Elementary would and currently is facing a huge loss without this teacher.

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