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    Since the ‘poopyhead’ thread shows that folks are okay talking about dog poo, let’s take this issue to a higher/the next level. Believe or not, the safe disposal of pet waste is a pretty big environmental problem, especially in densely populated areas, but there doesn’t seem to be an environmental policy on the safest way to manage it.

    There are people researching and implementing programs on how to safely dispose of pet waste; in some cases, possibly turning it into a usable biofuel.


    ‘Biogas’ Goes Global. A great read!

    2) A home based method, which sounds fairly easy, is to purchase, a pet poo converter. This converter is for pet poo—no other compost materials outside of what the instructions recommend—which is some newspaper, sawdust, etc. [Supposedly], when the red worms digest the pet waste, any pathogens are removed and the worm castings can then be used in the garden—though it is recommended to not use it on edibles.

    3) The ‘’ says: ‘I do in fact recommend setting up a completely separate system to handle these wastes – after all, why bag it up and send it off to the landfill when you can easily process it yourself and take advantage of the extra source of plant nutrients as well’, and he provides instructions on how to build one at your home.

    4)There is a beach community that has two buried ‘dog poo converters’ that owners can put there dogs’ little ‘gifts’ into. Beach goers say it has made a huge difference!

    So, what do folks think about these ideas and programs? Would you be willing to ‘safely’ compost you pets’ waste at home and keep it out of the land fill?



    >>There are people researching and implementing programs on how to safely dispose of pet waste; in some cases, possibly turning it into a usable biofuel.

    –So does this mean the neighbors might be putting their dog poo in my gas tank?



    There is an in-ground composter commercially available called “Doggie Dooley”. You can make your own; it’s essentially a septic tank. My concern, should this process become popular, would be the effect on ground water. More research required, for sure, but a valid question.


    Participant there’s a thought! Wow! what if cars could be retrofitted to automatically change pet waste into biofuel!?! LOL

    Yep, there is a Doggie Dooley–they even sell an accessory called ‘digester’ to help speed along decomposition. I wonder about the ground water too.




    We had a doggie Dooley once and it totally did not work for us. i think we just had too much for the thing to deal with. Having two big dogs for the past 12 years, I am very aware of this and always wished there was a better way. Unfortunately, I never figured a solution out other than my trash. Wish there was a magic spray to make the poo go away!



    Wish there was a magic spray to make the poo go away!

    But kayo, there is!





    Lol Mike. I have to do that when our fur kids have digestive issues. You really don’t think about the poop when you adopt a couple rescue dogs , but you quickly learn what a huge part of your life dealing with their poo becomes. I could tell you stories….yuck! Love my dogs, but yuck! Important consideration when thinking about getting a dog.



    Oddly enough, I would put it in the trash. Pet waste, dogs especially, really add to the biologic load we impose on the Sound given that untreated dog poop is a big deal when it comes to storm water. Especially for what is disappointingly called “the first flush”.



    I think a good option would be the equivalent of a composting toilet, but for pets. If the heat used to dry out the excrement were high enough to kill the pathogens in dog poo, the end result (no pun intended) could be added to yard waste – with great benefit.



    if you’re talking about what you pick up on your daily walks, why not flush it when you get home?

    if you’re talking about a couple weeks’ worth of turds in the back yard… well, yeah, you need a plan.



    Just found this on the internet. Got a good chuckle out of it.

    The Calgary Herald reports that unseasonably warm January temperatures and melting snow turned lawns across the city into “poop soup”, leading to a sudden boom for the city’s professional dog-waste removal services. How is such a service marketed? Here, readers are invited to match the company name to its slogan.

    1. A1 Pooper Scoopin’, Calgary, AB

    2. Scoopy-doo Canine Waste Removal Inc., Winnipeg, MB

    3. The Doo-Doo Crew, Winnipeg, MB

    4. Scooby’s Dog Waste Removal Service, Vancouver, BC

    5. Little Scoop of Odors, Vancouver Island, BC

    1. We’ll take the crap out of your life.

    2. #1 in the #2 business.

    3. Picking up where your dog left off.

    4. No official slogan.

    5. It’s a crappy job, but somebody has to do it!


    1B, 2C, 3E, 4A, 5D

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