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    Al the Yard Guy is having trouble posting in the forums, so he asked me to post for him. He had his bike stolen for the second time, in front of a church, on his birthday! :( If you see this bike, please contact Al. Thanks!

    “Hello folks. My blue Trek mountain bike was taken on Sunday. It was locked up with a C lock and cable right in front of Holy Rosary Church. The front brakes do not work. The seat has a small hole about the size of a quarter. The holder for the light would also still be on the handle bars. This bike was given to me by my best friend cause my other bike was taken 6 months ago on Easter Sunday.

    I will give $50 for the bike, no questions asked. To boot, this was my birthday. I hope to hear back.



    Hi – please send crime info to us ( so we can post in Crime Watch coverage, because the forums isn’t where people look for crime info (same as lost/found pets) – it’s OK to post here too of course, but with 100 or so posts a day here, we don’t see them all, and won’t automatically pick up something that should go elsewhere. I’ll point to this in the next Crime Watch roundup. Hope the bike is recovered, and sorry to hear about the double theft – TR



    i contacted SPD earlier today of a blue trek bike i saw located in the admiral way bridge embankment that appears to fit the description. give SPD a call.

    good luck. i know what its like to have a bike stolen, i had one taken a number of years back.



    I believe the bike may be his only mode of transportation. If it is, I don’t know how he is going to get to the homes of his clients.



    hope it was his, the spd were contacted and told the location were it was seen



    Al would like you to know:

    “Thanks, it was my bike on the Admiral banks near the bridge. They beat the hell out of it and the rider was much taller than me.”

    I’m glad he got it back, but sorry that someone beat it up!



    i had a suspicion it was yours; i had seen it and happened upon your post in the blog and contacted SPD accordingly.


    Good news, I like reading about good beating out evil. I feel like WS is going down hill in general but there are a lot of good people in WS. I hope good deeds continue despite the darkness of thefts, robberies, shootings, etc.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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