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    Has anyone out there in the progressive world called to protest the end of our progressive station, in the most progressive city in the USA?



    Maybe the listeners didn’t buy enough laundry soap. Or maybe there simply weren’t enough listeners.

    I tried listening to so-called progressive talk radio once, back when it was called “Air America.” I lasted through about a half hour of host Janeane Garofalo explaining why she was such a good person and why everyone who disagreed with her was bad. It was like a left-wing version of Fox News, only more boring.

    –I know, I know. Who would’ve thought it possible?



    I agree with DBP. I loooove me some talk radio, but can’t stand 1090. The left version of Rush Limbaugh. I never listened but do have talk radio in some form on most of the day.



    Randi Rhodes is great. Very thoughtful in her comments – and in connecting dots. Stephanie Miller was funny in the a.m. Thom Hartman always offers an American history lesson and constitutional perspective. There are some strident progressive talkers, too, but they usually employ some actual factual material and sound bites “in context.” I loved 1090. Big loss. There’s no one else filling that niche of politics plus humor and a progressive perspective. Democracy Now is great but you can only listen to so much soul-crushing info at a time. I listen but it drains me. 1090 was lively.



    well, in the world of corporate control of the public airwaves, ownership has its privileges. and the fact is that CBS owns that particular FCC blowtorch of a frequency in the seattle metro area. and the owners decided that sports programming would be a better use of their money.

    in the 21st century, it really has nothing to do with how much laundry soap listeners buy. hell, GEICO was practically carrying all of the ad dollars on AM 1090. the rest was for language-learning software and public service announcements.

    in other words, the breakdown of ad revenue was about the same as all other radio advertising in the metro area.

    regarding the content, though, people like thom hartmann were great progressive hosts, and i learned a lot about the sausage-making that goes on in government through them. and, from them, i learned to be politically aware and active.

    seriously, though. comparing thom hartmann or mike malloy or janeanne garofalo or randi rhodes or ron reagan to rush limbaugh is like comparing albert einstein to…

    well, rush limbaugh.

    RIP, 1090. we hardly knew ye.


    but there is good news!

    for those of you who crave the civics lesson and hard-nosed truth, KBCS 91.3 FM has just picked up thom hartmann, live from 12 noon – 3 pm pacific time.

    you should call them and thank them, like i did – even though my work schedule rarely allows me to listen.

    and remember to buy the laundry soap they’re hawking.

    oh, snap! they’re listener-powered. sorry.

    no soap for you!



    CBS is launching CBS Sports nationwide – they want a station in each city, so they switched the format. It really had nothing to do with revenue or ratings. Terrestrial radio is down to sports talk, right wing talk and news with some oldies music stations that play the same thing over and over. It’s dying. I can’t find enough stations to use up my preset buttons in the car.

    You can stream most anything online through your smart phone – if you don’t have internet radio in your car, you can buy a kit (one is made by Livio, they make both iPhone and Android versions, I think) and stream through your car radio. I listened to Stephanie this morning on a station out of Taos.



    I did write a protest to CBS, like they would care. They’re trying to create a nation-wide sports talk network. I don’t think it’s a conspiracy to silence progressive voices. I also watch CBS This Morning and believe their use of Republicans for talking points is simply by chance. I’m sure a Dem will show up sometime.



    1090 could never win me over, besides we have NPR. For my talk radio fix, I’ve been enjoying KIRO. Ross & Burbank in the morning or the Andrew Walsh Show at night.


    Michael Waldo

    If you are at a computer for any amount of time, I found this stations streaming all our favorite progressives, but all at different times. They all have live streaming. (Chicago) (New York) (Palm Springs!)

    I am listening to Norman Goldman right now.



    “1090 could never win me over, besides we have NPR.”

    That’s the crux of it.

    The Left can get their viewpoints confirmed in any number of mainstream media outlets, so the market for specialized “left wing” point of view channels is limited.



    right, smitty.

    because corporate “mainstream” media hasn’t already forgotten or neglected

    – sandy hook, assault weapons control, the gun industry’s complicity, and republican silence on the matter

    – union busting

    – income inequality

    – wage decline

    – the effects of obama putting the wars on the budget and the true causes of deficits and debt

    – what marginal tax rates really mean

    – corporate campaign cash

    – why social security has nothing to do with the budget

    – federal reserve control of the economy and currency

    – how many abortion bills the 112th congress has brought to the floor

    – how many jobs bills that same august body has considered

    you’re right. we’re just inundated with all of the things that the left cares about.

    golly, why can’t we have more “news” about kardashians and beebs and who’s on american idol to lighten things up a bit? all of that socialist diatribe is bringing me down.




    what’s up, smitty?


    HMC Rich

    Gun Control. Republicans aren’t silent. The second amendment guarantees the right to bear arms. The Vatican doesn’t allow bare arms. See, we are more free!

    Like I posted before from FBI stats. More people get bludgeoned to death by hammers and like instruments than Assault Weapons. Yes, Assault Weapons can do it more quickly. Yes, Connecticut has the fourth most prohibitive gun rights laws. It didn’t stop him did it. Yes, Lanza was disturbed and the bill that his mother could have used to put him in a safer environment was stalled due to privacy issues.

    Now, handguns kill way more people and injure many more. I would think that legislation could be passed to have it mandatory to have gun locks or safes especially if you have children. That way people can have their guns.

    I listened to 1090. Knew it wouldn’t last. But I would never had tried to ban it. How many of you want to ban Rush Limbaugh?



    @smitty, its not about the “Left” getting their viewpoints confirmed. The “Right” get their viewpoints confirmed on Fox news or any number of conservative talk AM stations. If something is going to be a commercial success its more then just their branding. You still have to compete.



    @redblack, not sure what you want me to say. As with other topics we are not going to change each others mind.

    Something along the lines of 90 percent plus of the media voted for Obama. I don’t care how good your schooling or reporting skills are, the bias comes through.

    I readily admit that Fox is conservative, but I also think their share of the audience is FAR outweighed by the likes of NPR, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, etc. and that is why there is no need for a station like 1090, even in Seattle.



    smitty: since when does the media get to vote?

    oh, right. since citizens united v. FCC.

    i’m not sure how you can say that “liberal” media outweighs corporate conservative media. republicans luuurve to tout the fact that fox has higher ratings than msnbc.

    anyway, like i said, those “liberal” media outlets you named rarely-to-never address the topics i listed.


    corporate advertising. you never talk smack about your sponsors.

    why do you think boeing and lockheed martin advertise on sunday morning talk shows? is it because i might be in the market for a jet?

    no. they do it so that no one scrutinizes our government’s massive and lucrative defense contracts.

    same thing with BP and exxon and their industry commercials about how many jobs oil and coal production create.

    there is a need for truly liberal media – and not that fake crap that msnbc peddles.



    I listen to NPR but they just hold the line, provide info. 1090 called liars out as “liars” in song, parody, sound bites a la court jesters. They were clever and sophomoric. I liked the juxtaposition of high-brow/low-brow humor and politics. I was able to hear Rush spew and then just laugh. As they say, the world is a comedy to those who think and a tragedy to those who feel. I have to bounce quickly between those poles to avoid being overwhelmed by the greed and inhumanity in the news.

    As red black said, if you’re pointing out the excesses of corporations, they’re not going to sponsor your show. So no show that challenges the powers that be, survives on the airwaves.

    No soap for me.

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