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    West Seattle has been experiencing increased aircraft traffic noise in my opinion. If you have been noticing the same, please call the noise complaint line 206-787-5393.

    WS needs to complain since they didn’t include our neighborhood when they changed the flight pattern to fly a U-turn around Alki point for the south bound approaches. Today it has been north bound climbing traffic. Getting worse. Please call if you have noticed. It is monitored by a 3rd party so it might actually make a difference if enough of us call.



    Seatac traffic or Boeing Field?



    The phone number listed is for Seatac, an actual person will answer during business hour. They have the Boeing reporting number. Worst offenders are from Boeing (example-5:03am today, UPS landing at Boeing Airfield) but the every other minute traffic is Seatac. Good question. Thanks!



    Jets or small planes? In Gatewood there are some very low flying (and loud) small planes often.



    I’ve noticed this for some time in Arbor Heights; glad I’m not the only one. Woke me up at 5 a.m. this morning, as a matter of fact. And the low-flying small planes seem to have become more of a problem as well. Even had a bit of a scare yesterday when a WW II era small aircraft swooped down over AH as if to drop a bomb. I’ll call the number(s). Thanks, West70.



    I have noticed and thought I was just getting grumpier. Thanks for the number, West70. Yes, smaller planes appear lower or louder, and larger planes have become a constant irritant.



    The commercial jets are flying low over the “Puget Sound” really skimming Alki lighthouse point. As well, there is a UPS 5 am flight that buzzes most of WS. The small planes are random but low and loud for sure.

    Found a great website to actually identify the planes call numbers and altitudes.

    Try if you are at all interested in this. Very cool to be able to see who the culprits are. Play with it and you can go back to 5 am to check who it was. Then call the complaint line.

    The complaint line operators supposedly meet monthly with the FAA who determines everything: flight paths, fines, etc

    Thanks everyone!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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