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    This isn’t some “Make a Million Addressing Envelopes at Home!” deal.

    I happen to have a lot of marketing letters to send out, and could use help getting the envelopes addressed, brochures folded inside, etc.

    Pay is $10 an hour, and I’ll guarantee 2 hours the first time around. Might be more before the month is out. We’d have to work together, so meeting at a cafe or library probably will work best.

    Good for a teenager, but anyone with decent handwriting (and the ability to deal with a monotonous task) is welcome to call.

    Carmen 909-1957



    Help might be found with a 10 digit phone number. We are in West Seattle, Washington, USA,,,, you?



    Yep. 206-909-1957. Leave a message. I’ll be getting back to people later today — Wednesday the 5th.




    why address by hand? if you have a client list it can be entered into an Excel database and then mail merged through Word to print out address labels as well as return address labels, just need to buy some Avery labels. Stuffing would still be manual, but automating the addresses would save time and money….



    I’m 25 years old woman. I have just came to Seattle the last month, I have just finished my bachellors degree in Political Science in Bogota, and now I’m in train of starting a new life in this nice city. I live in West Seattle, though. I’m very hard working woman, responsible, honest and punctual. If you feel like it, you can mail me to or call me to (253) 394 6655.

    Thank you very much,

    Tamara Ospina.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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