Reply To: Rant : Smokers I have had enough



Thank you to all who’ve offered solutions. The non-washable items have been living on my deck 24/7 since returning home midnight on Friday and it does seem to be working, s-l-o-w-l-y, and I augment the process by whacking and sweeping them with a broom periodically.

Fabreez is a last-resort if they don’t ‘come clean’, and something I wouldn’t have thought of, thank you ‘good’.

JoB~You are correct, it’s WAAAAAAAY past time we start cleaning-up our own messes, but sadly a lot of us are left to take care of the mess left by the lazies and inconsiderates that roam amongst us.

Like grandma always said just before kissing me on the forehead…”Remember who you are and how you are being taught, and only do those things which will make me proud of you”.

Grandma is watching!!!

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