HATE-FREE DELRIDGE: Pro-DACA demonstration Wednesday

Next Wednesday (October 11th), Hate-Free Delridge invites the community to join in this demonstration:

Hate-Free Delridge will be demonstrating for DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Come join us – on the pedestrian overpass on Delridge Way between Genesee and Oregon Streets 5 to 6 PM, Wednesday, October 11.

We want to publicly support our neighbors and friends and stand together as a community.

There will be signs – or you can bring your own, for example:
Defend DACA
Not One More Deportation
Dreamers Are Not Criminals
I Stand with My Immigrant Neighbors
Keep Families Together
No One Is Illegal

DACA is a program that has held off deportation for hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. before age 16 and that President Trump has said he wants to end. Hate-Free Delridge organized a “standing for peace” demonstration on the same overpass back in August (WSB coverage here).

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  • Rusty October 8, 2017 (10:08 am)

    Actually, DACA is unconstitutional – and President Trump didn’t say he ‘wanted to end it’, he has said all along that it’s a tough situation that he wants to see fixed. Since DAPA was ruled unconstitutional, and 14(?) states attorney generals have sued over DACA, everyone knows that eventually it WILL be ended if nothing is done – through the courts. President Trump I believe got many of them to drop their suits by promising that he would force the congress to actually do their job and pass legislation one way or the other – which is the only way that the DACA kids (some are adults now) will be able to have legal standing in this country. By saying (at first – he has since hinted he may not) that he would end the program in 6 months, it was designed to force the congress to address this through the proper channels as provided for in the constitution. President Obama said he didn’t have the constitutional authority to implement DACA before he did it, and he was right – and here we are now.

    If you’re upset about this issue, lobby your congress-person – because that’s the ONLY way this gets fixed, either way. One issue that many find troubling is once you ‘legalize’ 800,000 DACA people, you also have to deal with chain migration, which allows their entire families as well, so the numbers are much higher.

    It’s important to understand what is really happening – not a sound-bite from any news organization (not speaking of WSB, but our local/national news) that has an agenda, or is too lazy to dive into issues.

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