TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Wednesday watch; Highland Park Way signal trouble

(SDOT MAP with travel times/video links; is the ‘low bridge’ closed? LOOK HERE)

6:59 AM: Good morning! No incidents currently reported in or from West Seattle.

BIKE-TO-SCHOOL DAY: It’s happening today around Seattle.

EARLY DISMISSAL DAY: Seattle Public Schools are out two hours early today.

7:20 AM: Thanks to Kelly for first word of this – the Highland Park Way/West Marginal Way SW signal is flashing, and that’s backed up eastbound traffic all the way up the hill, and then some. Avoid.

7:26 AM: At left of Kelly’s photo, that’s an SDOT crew on scene, but the Traffic Operations Center didn’t have word of this until a moment ago.

7 Replies to "TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Wednesday watch; Highland Park Way signal trouble"

  • Rockergirl May 10, 2017 (7:59 am)

     I texted your phone about this as well – was frustrating as there is no traffic cops and it is a big intersection to have uncontrolled at this time of the morning. I saw several almost accidents while “awaiting” my turn to get through the mess. Bad timing and poor planning once again by the DOT. Ugh!!!!

  • ktrapp May 10, 2017 (8:27 am)

    FYI, the signal was back up and running as of about 7:40 this morning, with traffic clearing.  The pole with (if I remember correctly) the left turn light for northbound West Marginal on the northwest corner of the intersection looks to have been taken out.  A crew was there tinkering with it as we drove past.

  • Archie May 10, 2017 (9:03 am)

    Can someone explain to me how an impact-damaged power pole being fixed as quickly as possible by a responsive and hard-working DOT crew qualifies as “poor planning”?

    • Rockergirl May 11, 2017 (11:40 am)

       It qualifies as “poor planning” in that they had no assistance in controlling a major intersection during rush hour by SPD or anyone else. If it was an “impact” there should have been emergency response and traffic control should have been called to help alleviate a 15-20 minute delay in getting down the hill through the intersection. Not faulting anyone but there seems to be a breakdown in this regard anytime there is a major event that impacts getting in and out of the area which is frustrating to me and others I’m sure.   

  • ClayZ May 10, 2017 (9:13 am)

    I drove thru there at 5:45 AM.  The light was blinking in four-way-stop mode.  The north west walk light standard had been run over during the night at some point apperently.

  • Don May 10, 2017 (10:28 am)

    Can’t believe the bridge was so backed up at almost 10am. Pretty soon, a fender bender in Shoreline is going to start affecting commutes out of WS.

  • star May 10, 2017 (10:51 am)

    You know there’s just way too many people in lovely WS trying to get somewhere and I see no good improvements happening  soon. I think everyone should just get used to bad traffic and leave their homes at least 1 hour before wherever you need to be and stop being so pissy.

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