FOLLOWUP: Three-times-burned 9029 16th SW not torn down yet

Eight days ago, we reported that demolition equipment finally arrived at 9029 16th SW, the scene of at least three fires in five years, including one this past February. After that, the city had finally ordered its owners to do something about it, eventually extending the deadline to April 21st; when the demolition equipment arrived on Thursday, May 4th, we actually had an inquiry out to the city about what would happen if nothing happened. SDCI told us they had been informed the fire-gutted house would be torn down the next day.

That was a week ago. We’ve gone by daily. No activity. A new complaint is still pending. So we will renew our inquiry with the city on Monday.

Meantime, we’ve noted in our previous followups on this property that the city is considering new rules regarding what owners of structures like this can be required to do. They’re going before the Planning, Land Use, and Zoning Committee at 9:30 am next Tuesday (May 16th). The slide deck for the hearing contains a lot of alarming stats – and photos of derelict properties that actually look better than 9029 16th SW.

6 Replies to "FOLLOWUP: Three-times-burned 9029 16th SW not torn down yet"

  • SpaceDust May 12, 2017 (9:01 pm)

    The City probably hasn’t issued a permit for demolition…

    • WSB May 12, 2017 (9:07 pm)

      Actually, they have, and we mentioned it in previous stories. Issued April 4th.

  • AMD May 13, 2017 (12:08 am)

    Thank you so much for continuing to follow up on this.  The way the owner has handled this property is a disgrace.  There is absolutely no reason for that house to still be standing.  All he did was remove the front fence and a little of the porch, which just ramped up the rate at which people are accessing the property to graffiti and dump random stuff.

  • Darryll May 13, 2017 (7:23 am)

    Perhaps it’s time for civil action against the owner.

  • Archie May 13, 2017 (7:53 am)

    Not to mention the property owner is burning through rental money on that machinery just sitting there idle for over a week.  What a maroon.

  • TM May 13, 2017 (9:29 am)

    This city is a mess.  I live on 15th Ave SW, where the city owns a SHA property that is undergoing massive remodeling, the construction debris is in the front yard and not to mention the weeds growing in the yard and parking strip.  Is it any wonder that they let this eyesore on 16th stay if they don’t care about property they own and the resulting impact to the neighborhood?

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