GETTING AROUND: Take a few minutes to answer the ‘Sidewalk Survey’

Some parts of the city have great sidewalks … some have not-so-great sidewalks … some have no sidewalks. An online survey that’s open until Monday has questions about sidewalk conditions, prioritizing repairs, and about “what kind of online, interactive maps would help aging and disabled users get around the city.” If you can spare a few minutes to answer – go here.

7 Replies to "GETTING AROUND: Take a few minutes to answer the 'Sidewalk Survey'"

  • PW April 16, 2017 (12:36 pm)

    This was the most ridiculous survey I have ever seen. Are we  taxpayers again paying for this?


  • Ron April 16, 2017 (11:27 pm)


  • Nancy R April 17, 2017 (8:33 am)

    Sounds like the three of you aren’t disabled or aged.   Online surveys are cheap,  and this seems like a reasonable question for the city to ask:   is our sidewalk network working for pedestrians, especially people in wheelchairs, the disabled, elderly, or people that just like to walk?

  • HappyOnAlki April 17, 2017 (9:25 am)

    Exactly,  Nancy R.  Every morning a guy in a wheelchair flies down the middle of my street on his way to the bus stop — there are no curb cuts, so he has no choice. Things like that won’t be fixed if nobody knows about them.

  • TheWiserOne April 20, 2017 (10:13 pm)

    These surveys need longer respons times so that everyone is made aware and has notice for their input. In this case as usual only those in the know. That doesn’t make for great survey results. #NeedMoreTime4Input

    • WSB April 20, 2017 (10:21 pm)

      In this case it was apparently out for a while but it wasn’t flagged to media and I only heard about it because of a West Seattleite who works with the city in age-friendly programming – not long before we published it, she asked if we would, and I said sure, but regretted not having heard about it sooner. The city is pushing things out via different channels these days which is great if they ALSO alert the media too so we can help circulate … too often lately, they don’t, and so I have to spend time looking at all the different places things get quietly published … TR

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