UPDATE: West Seattle shooting investigation after victim brought to Fire Station 37

7:01 PM: Avoid 35th/Holden – SPD and SFD are dealing with an “assault with weapons” response right now. More to come.

(WSB photos by Christopher Boffoli)

7:11 PM: Awaiting word from our crew headed to the scene, but so far we’re hearing this is reported to be a case of someone shot elsewhere and taken to Fire Station 37 (which is what’s at the address on the real-time 911 log, 7700 35th SW).

7:27 PM: At Station 37, SFD tells WSB’s Christopher Boffoli that an 18-year-old man showed up there with a gunshot wound and has been taken to Harborview. No information on his condition. Police have left FS 37 and Christopher is off to the second scene, reported to be at or near the small commercial center on the northeast corner of 35th/Roxbury.


7:52 PM: Police there were leaving but Christopher did find out they suspect the victim was NOT shot near A Pizza Mart as reported; the store’s owner told Christopher he’s been there since 11 am and there have been no disturbances, let alone shootings, nearby. Meantime, SPD tweeted that the victim’s wound is not life-threatening.

6 Replies to "UPDATE: West Seattle shooting investigation after victim brought to Fire Station 37"

  • SequoiaSempervirens December 13, 2016 (7:19 pm)

    Looked like two SPD SUVs pulled into the driveway at station 37, as well as a patrol car on Holden. I saw a pair of officers looking around at Hegge Chevron on the north side of Holden, but didn’t appear to bear any fruit.

  • Holy smoke December 13, 2016 (7:38 pm)

    2 kids came into Hegge’s Chevron on 35th and Holden saying their friend had been shot near Roxbury. Apparently there was a vehicle near Hegge’s that the police were waiting for a warrant. Police seem to have cleared for now.

  • WestCake December 13, 2016 (9:50 pm)

    Is a firetruck used when a shooting takes place? If so, why? 

    • WSB December 13, 2016 (10:24 pm)

      What equipment is sent can depend on who’s available to meet the required personnel level. This call did not have a “truck” (such as, in West Seattle, Ladder 11) on it but did initially include 2 engines, 2 medic units, and a battalion chief. I had to go back on the SFD logs to December 7th to find an assault-with-weapons call in which a truck was dispatched (not West Seattle, but since you ask; it was a north-end call that initially included Ladder 9). – TR

    • Dean Fuller December 13, 2016 (10:25 pm)

      Because in King County, the fire departments provide emergency medical services.  Management of an acute pre-hospital trauma patient takes at least 7 personnel.  I don’t know what the staffing at 37s is, but I imagine it’s not 7 (and of the proper type), and they called an extra crew to help.

  • waikikigirl December 14, 2016 (10:01 am)

     Sad….only 18 and having a gunshot wound…not that an older age is any better but still only a child.

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