MISSING A BICYCLE? Take a look at these 4

If you have had a bicycle stolen, we hope you have reported it to police – online or otherwise – to increase the chances it will find its way back to you, if found. Meantime, we publish reports of found-and-likely-abandoned-after-being-stolen bikes; here are four more:

FROM TT: Abandoned bicycle in the Roxhill area:

“There has been an abandoned bike in my alley for the past few days. It’s at the alley entrance on Cambridge Street, between 34th and 35th Avenues.”

FROM TP: Three abandoned bicycles on Pigeon Point:

“The pink and purple bikes are off to the side of the Andover stairs between 21st & 22nd Aves SW. The green bike is at 19th & Andover.”

IF YOU FIND A BIKE: Please let police know, and then tell us so we can get the word out too. If SPD can’t trace a bicycle through its serial number and a theft report, the bicycle might turn up on its @getyourbikeback Twitter feed.

6 Replies to "MISSING A BICYCLE? Take a look at these 4"

  • BrassyMomma November 15, 2016 (4:57 pm)

    The biggest convergence of bikes that “appear” stolen is at the Westwood C Line bus shelter, specifically at the entrance of the trail. That seat I pointed to has been the spot where I have watched numerous shoot-ups, drug deals, transfer booklet trades, and bike exchanges. I know, tell the cops, yes, I know that already. I try to get photos as well, but I am not putting my family at risk when these creeps see me pointing a camera or phone cam at them. They are f’n dangerous and am tired of them going off on people at the bus stop.

    Bikes come through here all the time, especially the evenings. It’s big kids, little kids, male and female, white, black, hispanic, asian….there is no singular suspect or profile. But, dirty backbacks are a dead giveaway.

    By the way, until the city realizes this is a MASSIVE meth issue, and keep only focusing on heroin, we will continue to have these openly abrasive, brazen, daytime specific burglaries.  Really. I deal with drug addicts ad alcoholics, both sober and not sober, all the time in my profession. We are missing the target hardcore.

    Yes, I have written the mayor, too. 

    Enough of my pissiness. I am so mad and sad….SMAD….this is getting so bad in West Seattle.

    Please be careful out there when you see bikes abandoned. 

  • Jen November 15, 2016 (7:45 pm)

    My dear friend Julie had her bike stolen last week. If anyone sees this bike please reach out! 

  • Mr Smith Jay November 15, 2016 (7:58 pm)

    There is one stripped at the roxhil baseball field. Right across from the Casino and Gas station.  Saw a crew of thug types on Saturday drinking and getting high as usual. Then poof a bike appeared clearly stolen. 

    Time for us to organize and clean up the park.  Seriously let’s kick these idiots out. 

  • unknown November 16, 2016 (11:44 am)

    Just this morning driving into work (530am) there were 3 adult men on the corner by Bartell’s standing there “talking” all had backpacks and one of them was on a child’s bike… now really if you were a police officer wouldn’t you want to stop and ask “what’s up guys, did you borrow your little brothers bike to go to work”?”  sarcasm but really wouldn’t you wonder!

  • face November 19, 2016 (9:20 pm)

    cops are worthless in west seattle. Arm yourself- its the only way to protect your property.

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