West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports: Burglarized twice; glass-breaking egg; car prowls

We’re still working on a followup to Tuesday’s robberies. In the meantime, reader reports on four overnight incidents:

DELRIDGE BURGLARY: We’ve received a few notes today about a 5 am-ish police search at West Ridge Park in the 7900 block of Delridge Way SW. A reader tells the story, and then some:

Tuesday morning at about 530 am, I walked to the recycling bin in our town home complex (Westridge Park Apartments) when we were walking out the door to go to work. I saw this guy come down the hill between the our building and the next building over. He gave me the creeps, so I walked faster back to the car. Our dog started barking from the window overhead. I didn’t reprimand her. I actually said, “good job.” My fiance and I headed to work and debated the whole way about whether we should have called the cops or not.

Tuesday evening our neighbor told us to make sure we lock our doors because he was robbed that morning. A guy just walked in our neighbor’s back door and started taking things. Unplugged his phone next to his bed while he was sleeping. Made several trips in and out before our neighbor’s roommate woke up and gave chase. The robber dropped a good amount of loot but made off with a backpack full.

Today about 5 am we woke up to police in our backyard yelling at some guy in the back yard to “Get on the ground!” Apparently that guy, or his buddy, came back for round two and was on his way out with a new purse. There were 4 or 5 police vehicles in the front and some officers patrolling the back yard. I’m thankful for the SPD today.

EGGING SMASHES WINDOW: This photo and report are from Paula:

At about 4:55 am while my husband was getting for work, he heard a crash and ran into the living room to see a huge hole in our front bay window – it’s bigger than a basketball. Our son heard it as well and came running down stairs then outside to look for the culprit. They both were looking for a rock, but it turned out to be an egg. Our house is old (1911), so it’s single-pane glass, but it still had to be thrown with great force for the egg to travel right through the window, blinds, the living room and into the dining room. Anyone know a good furniture/area rug cleaner? That egg flew everywhere. I reported this to the SPD non-emergency line.

(Neighborhood not mentioned – we’re checking.)

Finally, two car prowls in the Junction vicinity, one to the south, one to the north:

CAR PROWL #1: “My car was prowled last night, 41st and Hudson. Nothing taken, but I filed a police report, called my insurance and credit card companies, just in case the information on my registration or insurance card is used for future ID theft.”

CAR PROWL #2: From Kerry at 40th SW & Oregon: “My 97 Ford Explorer was broken in to in the alley behind my home overnight. WA State Vehicle Registration, insurance card, Skittles and sunglasses stolen. I did file a police report. The vehicle was locked and it looks like they went in through the driver’s side door.”

2 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports: Burglarized twice; glass-breaking egg; car prowls"

  • Matt S. August 13, 2015 (8:09 am)

    Stolen SKITTLES?! Cold.

  • me August 13, 2015 (8:12 am)

    Holy moly!

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