West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen bike; stolen tires/wheels

Two West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports tonight – starting with Dawnee‘s bicycle, stolen near 18th/Trenton:

Another day, another stolen bicycle. Mine was taken from our locked garage sometime between 8:30am – 3:30 pm today. It was there this morning when I fed the chickens (I keep their feed in the garage), and when I went out this afternoon to feed them again I noticed the back garage door wide open and my red 2010 Marin Larkspur hybrid (valued at $450) was gone. Police report #14-335901. The bike was in great condition, recently tuned up, and was my secondary transportation (I haul my kiddos in a trailer with it) and my workout buddy. A big loss, as I can’t afford to replace it.

Also –Kathrine‘s 2009 Honda Fit was hit by thieves:

I just wanted to let you know two wheels and tires were stolen off my car overnight [Sunday to Monday]. I went outside to leave for work … and they were gone. It must have happened overnight. The two tires that were left, all the lug nuts had been removed but the car was too close to the curb and the thieves could not get them out. Just wanted to let people know in case it happened to others. I am at 40th between Oregon and Alaska. Police report has been filed.

P.S. The West Seattle Crime Prevention Council will meet this month – 2 weeks from tonight, Tuesday, October 21st, 7 pm, at the Southwest Precinct (Delridge/Webster).

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  • Jim P. October 7, 2014 (7:52 pm)

    Ok, that’s the first time outside of a cartoon I’ve ever actually seen a car up on blocks after the wheels were stolen.

    Criminals use more energy and talent to do evil then it takes to do good. Sheesh.

  • ghar72 October 7, 2014 (8:27 pm)

    We had that happen to our Honda back in 2010. Exact same thing, only they got all four wheels. We had to call Les Schwab to come out and put new wheels/tires on because there was no way to have it towed anywhere. Such a hassle and expense. There’s a pic of it somewhere in the archives too. Sorry this happened to you Kathrine. And Dawnee, we’re neighbors. I’ll keep an eye out for your bike. Sorry for such a crappy start to your day.

  • Eric1 October 7, 2014 (8:40 pm)

    Something special about Honda Fit wheels?
    Just to inject weird logic into the conversation. Given that they are in the same area as the 2009 report, perhaps the thief needed new tires again? If you get 60K miles out of tires and you drive the standard average of 12K a year…. Well the thief would need new tires this year. This is assuming a thief would steal near-new tires.

  • C October 7, 2014 (9:14 pm)

    The Honda Fit is one of the last year Hondas that still use the 4×100 lug pattern, I’m sure it was a Honda/acura driving youngster trying to “upgrade” their old car.. I’d advise all Honda drivers to invest in OEM locking lug nuts, or else it’s only matter of time before this happens to you

  • whereweirdworks October 7, 2014 (9:43 pm)

    Wow Eric1. Weirder things have happened on the police beat.

    Back before those episodes, ANOTHER highland park family I know had the same thing happen. Very weird to see, but it wasn’t a fit. I think it was a Toyota van? And really frustrating, because it was right outside our houses but none of us heard a thing. Damn thieves.

  • j October 7, 2014 (10:27 pm)

    I see stolen bikes being brought to a SODO location all the time. Just north of Spokane street between East Marginal Way and 1st Ave along the railroad tracks. Also see bikes arriving at encampment out at the end of harbor island at the bend. Black bmx type arrived today.

  • evergreen October 8, 2014 (5:06 am)

    I saw two suspicious looking guys and one woman in hoodies today around 530 pushing overloaded carts of random items, including bikes, down the street in a neighborhood north of Delridge community center. They were walking fast and seemed to be heading to the woods. When we see people like this, who could be innocent or up to no good, what should we do? It looked suspicious, and the guys were trying to hide their faces, so I slowed my car to get a good look at their faces. Maybe I should have taken a cell phone pic. But I’m just so unsure what to do when I see this kind of stuff — torn between wanting to prevent a crime vs not wanting to call the police about something that could just be my imaginative interpretation of benign events.

  • NW October 8, 2014 (5:50 am)

    Get with west seattle bike connections maybe they can begin to get a booklet together or archive flickr page of stolen bikes to distribute to those interested in keeping a lookout. And j has a good point lots of bicycles in a number of industrial encampments in Sodo.

  • Dawnee October 8, 2014 (7:38 am)

    They also got our new weedwhacker! What can they possibly do with that?

    • WSB October 8, 2014 (7:50 am)

      Some yard-tool thefts have been reported lately … lawn mowers too … metal theft and “recycling” comes to mind …

  • F1Maven October 8, 2014 (8:54 am)

    Wheels from the Honda Fit Sport are targeted due to their common bolt pattern, which fit many 90’s to 00’s Honda Civics -the street tuner’s car-of-choice.

    Sports (like this one) in particular have lower profile, sportier tires. Fits are light enough that a few “partners in crime” lift the car on cinder blocks to steal the wheels.

    Sad that security bolts are not sold with these cars by default, from the dealer.

    Google “honda fit sport wheel theft” to see more…

  • Ghar72 October 8, 2014 (9:02 am)

    After our wheels were stolen we invested in locking lug nuts. We kept the key in our car because we only had one. Of course it was stolen last year when our car was broken in to. Sigh. Still need to go get the locks broken off at les schwab. @Evergreen: I would say call it in to the non-emergency line.

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