West Seattle Crime Watch: Hit-and-run during the deluge

In the middle of the overnight downpour, we heard a bit of scanner traffic about car pieces in the street near 59th/Admiral. This morning, the inbox brought the rest of the story – Chris sent that photo and word that someone hit his car and his neighbors’ car in the 5700 block of Admiral (map) around 12:30 am: “Lots of damage. My car likely totaled. Cars were parked and no injuries though would not be surprised if driver injured. Looking for any witnesses.” If you have any information, contact police and refer to incident #14-267781.

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  • Chuck and Sally's Van Man August 13, 2014 (11:59 am)

    Ugh. You can bet the driver was not only visually impaired by rain, but by bloodshot eyeballs as well. To think this person likely had to BACK UP and go around after causing this mess is telling. Selfish act by a jerk, and I’m sorry you’re having to deal with it.

    Reminds me of an accident that happened on Graham a couple years ago. A drunk also rear-ended a parked car, driving it up into a rockery. Totaled both cars. This idiot then walked away from the scene, forcing his sister (and owner of the car) to come and deal with police (I guess the guy called her as he was walking home).

    Hopefully someone turns the person in. Their own car is sure to have LOTS of damage.

    Selfish people suck.

  • JanS August 13, 2014 (12:20 pm)

    CSVM…that was my thought..what kind of damage to the other car…be on the lookout neighbors…it can’t be hidden….

  • Chris August 13, 2014 (2:30 pm)

    A neighbor heard the car squeal its tires when the driver drove off in a hurry. Most likely this is a local, someone who lives down off of Admiral near Alki or Beach Drive. The car must have very serious body damage to the (presumably) right front. My car looks like it will be totaled and two neighbors’ cars also had minor damage.

  • dis August 13, 2014 (3:55 pm)

    Up until December 2013, I lived two blocks from this location. At least once a year (but often more frequently) there was a serious nighttime hit-and-run crash precisely in this location and the 2 or 3 houses up from there; it’s the curve in Admiral Way that must be hard for drunks to navigate. They always seemed to happen in the dead of night – probably just after the bars closed.

  • sharktank August 13, 2014 (4:48 pm)

    I’d drive around the area a bit and look for it. with the amount of damage the hitting vehicle has got to have i doubt it would make it too far without overheating.

  • Chris August 13, 2014 (5:22 pm)

    dis – We are new to the neighborhood but had heard about this happening during snow days, so always parked on the other side of the street on those days. Looks like wet roads can be just as bad – if the person is drunk enough . . . . Lesson learned – the hard way.

  • Eric1 August 13, 2014 (6:23 pm)

    I feel for people who park on Admiral Way or 35th with the number of drunks in West Seattle. I would seriously buy an old $500 pickup truck with big bumpers and park it uphill from my cars. It would no doubt pay for itself the first time somebody hit it. You could tow a boat, make dump runs and pick up stuff at Home Depot as a bonus.

  • q August 14, 2014 (10:07 am)

    This same exact thing happened in this exact same spot back in ’01. My wife & were living in that lighter-colored brick home shown in the picture at the time. Some impaired idiot crashed into a car in that same spot, but his car was too damaged to drive away. He was cuffed & stuffed within a few minutes after the incident….

  • Ms Pam August 19, 2014 (10:03 am)

    Living just above Admiral Way, I heard this HIT n Run!! It sounded like a Freight Train coming down Admiral Way. Almost felt like the earthquake of 2001…Hope they got this lousy coward of a driver!!

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