Update: Police search in 35th/Myrtle area

8:39 PM: Just in case you’ve seen the police search near Myrtle Reservoir Park – police tell us they are looking for someone they had pulled over who turned out to have a warrant out for his arrest, and took off running.

9:04 PM: No arrest yet, but we’re continuing to monitor.

MONDAY AFTERNOON: Here’s an update.

8 Replies to "Update: Police search in 35th/Myrtle area"

  • Eric1 August 31, 2014 (9:06 pm)

    Release the hounds!!!!!!
    I always wanted to say that. Hopefully they find the guy dogs or not.

    • WSB August 31, 2014 (9:08 pm)

      A K-9 team has indeed been part of the search. So somebody released a hound.

  • Mookie August 31, 2014 (9:20 pm)

    Cry ‘Havoc,’ and let slip the dogs of SPD.

  • Bradley August 31, 2014 (9:38 pm)

    I saw a movie like this once starring Sly Stallone….

  • Michael August 31, 2014 (11:01 pm)

    It seems the police have cleared out. Did the police catch the guy?

    • WSB August 31, 2014 (11:51 pm)

      Not that we heard – but police do a lot of business off the airwaves, so we’ll be checking the jail register overnight for the name we *believe* is that of the person sought…

      • WSB September 1, 2014 (1:34 am)

        Katie – A woman was arrested and booked into jail in connection with a warrant (from Pierce County, but she was arrested in West Seattle). We don’t know if she had anything to do with the male suspect who was being sought, or if it was just coincidental …

  • katie August 31, 2014 (11:19 pm)

    I drove by there right before 8:00 pm and the cops had a woman face down on the ground in the middle of the street.

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