West Seattle music: Richie Jenkin marks new life with ‘New Songs’

Ever dream of ditching the day job – assuming it’s NOT your dream job – and making a living doing something you love?

West Seattle musician Richie Jenkin worked as a social worker downtown, coordinating a program for homeless men. He says it was good work he enjoyed, but the time came for it to end.

All his life, Richie had been a musician, sometimes in clubs, sometimes in bands, sometimes teaching guitar, sometimes playing at home alone, or with friends. So as his social-work job started to wind down, he wondered what was ahead. First, he says, “I began teaching guitar again, and when I had built up a big-enough student load, I resigned from my day job. Thoughts ran through my head about doing some recording of songs, but I took no action. Six months went by. One morning while sitting quietly in my music room, and without prior thought, I got up and walked over to my recording equipment that had been lying dormant for many years, and began work on a version of an old favorite folk song: ‘500 Miles.’ “

In the three years since then, Richie says, he has been consumed with writing, playing, singing and recording songs, both originals and covers. He continues teaching. And now he has released a CD, “Richie Jenkin: New Songs,” a product of his new life. Here’s a sample track:

You can hear more of his album at his website, richiejenkin.com. It is also available for download from iTunes and from Amazon.

6 Replies to "West Seattle music: Richie Jenkin marks new life with 'New Songs'"

  • Pete Dierich July 10, 2014 (7:37 am)

    Richie is an AWSOME teacher my daughters have learned so much and always enjoy there lessons.My wife and i get to hear the girls play and sing priceless!!!!!!

  • keni cohen July 10, 2014 (7:45 pm)

    Love ya Richie. Recording sounds great! Miss you!

  • Ali Wick Meeks July 10, 2014 (8:07 pm)

    Richie is a terrific guitar teacher, always gearing the lessons to the type of songs that you want to be playing! Plus he is such a gentle, peaceful, and strong person to be around; he is such a pleasure to know. Love Richie!!

  • Haley July 10, 2014 (8:33 pm)

    Richie is a wonderful person and a great musician!

  • shannon July 11, 2014 (1:07 am)

    Heard about the album release today from our favorite dental hygienist, Micky – who of course works for the best dentist on planet earth, Dr Dunham! Want to say way to go for Richie – thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us! From the gal who tried to fill your shoes over at that day job you mentioned, I feel qualified to declare you: BEST. BOSS. EVER. Moreover a motivating force in my life. A True Friend. Thank you and well done stud!

  • Mike Rose July 23, 2014 (3:55 pm)

    I have played the guitar in some fashion or the other, most bad, for 40 years and have learned more in the past year of taking lessons from Richie than ever before. The guy is a great teacher. Always prepared with a specific lesson tailored to the individual student and makes you feel good about your progress…..Mike

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