West Seattle road-work update: Genesee, Charlestown open again

4:27 PM: Just in case you were planning afternoon-commute detours – we checked the hills on Genesee (east of Avalon) and Charlestown (west of California) in the past hour and both are now open again, after traction-improvement work. Along with Olson, where crews worked last weekend, that makes three West Seattle roads where the work was done in the past week.

6:32 PM: And now we’re getting conflicting information from neighbors regarding the status of both sites, so we’re trying to reach city spokespeople/consultants for an accurate status beyond both hills being open *right now*.

ADDED WEDNESDAY MORNING: Ironically, the work crews have had trouble on the steep hills – and so the work’s on hold. SDOT promises updates.

8 Replies to "West Seattle road-work update: Genesee, Charlestown open again"

  • BCH May 20, 2014 (6:11 pm)

    Charlestown is scheduled to be closed again all day tomorrow, Wednesday the 21st.

    • WSB May 20, 2014 (6:21 pm)

      Per … ? Notice to neighbors? Or? And if you can’t tell me in comments, please e-mail editor@westseattleblog.com, as we are not getting updates from SDOT; thanks.

  • BCH May 20, 2014 (7:03 pm)

    I spoke to City guys yesterday and they said they’d be back on Wednesday. They also redid the NO PARKING signs to reflect 5/21 closure. Signs are still posted for 5/21 closure.
    (There was no work on the slope of Charlestown between 46th and 47th during Mondays closure)

    • WSB May 20, 2014 (7:44 pm)

      Thanks. We heard there was possibly some difficulty with equipment on Monday, checking on that too.

  • Genesee Hill Resident May 21, 2014 (11:49 am)

    The signs for a 5/21 closure of Charlestown Hill were taken down yesterday evening. The top half of the hill has been “scraped”, but the steep part has not. No signs of any working being done today.

    • WSB May 21, 2014 (11:51 am)

      Thank you. I’ve added a short update but SDOT is now saying both Genesee & Charlestown are “on hold,” apparently because of, ironically, the traction problem. Will publish another update when new info comes in from them.

  • CTown Clown May 21, 2014 (4:33 pm)

    I spoke with the SDOT workers on Charlestown and they said that the hill was too steep for the machine to work. They picked up all of the No Parking signs and said they had no idea when or if they would be back to finish the hill.

  • wetone May 21, 2014 (9:20 pm)

    One would think they would know the equipment’s capability before they started the project. Not a traction problem, more of a to steep of grade for their equipment to operate on. Once again someone at SDOT not doing their homework. Seems to happening more and more.

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