Pickup down embankment in Gatewood, no one hurt

(Before being pulled up & out, the pickup was out of view, downslope & behind the trees)
1:19 AM: Bizarre hit-and-run crash in Gatewood; pickup truck down an embankment off the east (northbound) side of California by Fontanelle (map). A tree kept it from hitting a downslope house; its driver got out and ran. The pickup was not stolen, though, police told us at the scene. Pulling it up off the slope will be a bit of a challenge.

2:39 AM: Setting up to get the truck back up to California SW – and out, between a bus-stop sign and a power pole – took painstaking work, but the tow crew did it (with SFD Ladder 11 on site for a while, and then a Seattle City Light employee keeping watch to be sure the power pole made it through unscathed).

California was closed while this operation unfolded. What caused the pickup to veer off the road, we don’t know; the area had some signage left over from daytime utility work in the road, related to two newly built homes on the west side. A witness had told us the pickup hit a parked car before veering off the road, and we noticed it about a half-block uphill.

If you’ve only driven, never walked or bicycled, down that stretch, you likely don’t know just how steep the dropoff is, though height-wise, it’s only about two stories.

3 Replies to "Pickup down embankment in Gatewood, no one hurt"

  • Gatewood Neighbor May 20, 2014 (7:08 am)

    This is right in front of my house! I didn’t hear a peep! Glad everything turned out okay!

  • T Rex May 20, 2014 (8:03 am)

    I suspect DUI in this one.

  • JanS May 20, 2014 (11:41 am)

    so, if not stolen, then is one to assume they may know who the driver probably was?

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