Video: See what The Whale Trail’s volunteer cleanup found along the Lincoln Park shore

Do you enjoy Lincoln Park – its views, its wildlife? It can’t be taken for granted; it’s at risk due to human carelessness – but human caring can help make up for it, as you’ll see if you take a few minutes to watch the video. Thanks to Donna Sandstrom from The Whale Trail for sharing the video Barry White produced of last weekend’s TWT cleanup at the park – in the rain! – organized by Judy Lane. Donna has also written about it on the Whale Trail website.

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  • CEA April 4, 2014 (9:29 am)

    Many thanks to The Whale Trail and volunteers who participated in this clean-up. The video was helpful. Often, I see small bits of trash and think they couldn’t matter that much. They do. I’ve made a personal commitment to pick up trash on my own and bought one of those grabber tools to do it – but theirs look even better than what I have! Any idea where I could buy one?

  • enough April 4, 2014 (9:48 am)

    Thanks to the volunteers. All of the trash is disturbing but at :40 there is what looks like dog poop bag?! Hope that’s a bottle of gatorade at 3:33 :)

  • Vanessa April 4, 2014 (10:36 am)

    all around West Seattle, and I’m sure other places, it’s awful how many poop bags, people just leave on the ground and thrown off from a walkway. I can understand one accidentally being dropped but so many are just deliberate…….yuck!

  • Carrie Ann April 4, 2014 (11:19 am)

    Glad I clicked through to the comments, because CEA asked (and WSB answered!) what I was wondering as well. I’m fortunate that I have the “free time” to walk our beautiful beaches most days, after dropping my kids at school, and I do pick up what trash I’m able. But I’d love to have the proper tools and make it more of a regular thing. I’ll have to check the Junction True Value for the grabbers – thanks!

    As for the poop bags, I appreciate that people at least bag them up rather than leaving the poo for others to step in and track into their homes (not that I’ve had that misfortune more times than I can recall), but I agree that it’s pretty unsettling how many I see just laying around, or find tossed in our front flower beds and juniper bushes. :\ C’mon, people, at least hoof it a little further, to a bus stop or convenience store can to toss it.

  • Kayleigh April 4, 2014 (11:44 am)

    Gross! Thank you, Whale Trail.

  • metrognome April 4, 2014 (2:12 pm)

    the grabber on p. 2 of the Junction True Value link is useful around the house for all kinds of things. It also occurred to me that commercial salad tongs that are 18″ to 24″ long would work for picking up trash and might be easier to carry while walking. I did find ‘trash tongs’ that match what’s in the video (you can probably find them at a lower cost):
    maybe Whale Trail should add a logo and sell them on their Café Press page:

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