Update: Man stabbed in South Delridge; two attackers sought

12:19 AM: Police and fire are rushing to the 9200 block of 20th SW (map), where a 35-year-old man is reported to have been stabbed in the abdomen. No other information about circumstances so far.

12:36 AM: Medic conversation over the radio indicates the man has multiple stab wounds to the upper abdomen and what were described as slash wounds to the arm(s) from defending himself, but has not lost consciousness.

7:15 AM: Police say via SPD Blotter that this happened during a home-invasion break-in, and they are looking for two people who knocked on the victim’s door, forced their way inside, tried to get him to go outside, and attacked him when he refused. His wounds are described as non-life-threatening. Here’s the full text of what Det. Jeff Kappel wrote on SPD Blotter:

Two suspects remain at large after stabbing a man during a home-invasion in West Seattle early this morning.

On April 18 at approximately 12:13 a.m. officers responded to the report of a stabbing at an apartment in the 9200 block of 20th Avenue SW. Preliminary investigation indicates that the adult male victim answered a knock on his front door. When he opened the door two unknown male suspects forced their way into the victim’s apartment. The suspects tried to get the victim to go outside. The victim refused and got into a physical altercation with the suspects.

At one point the victim thought he was being punched by the suspects but was actually being stabbed. Further investigation revealed that the victim had been stabbed in the chest and in the arms. Both suspects then fled the scene in an unknown direction and remain at large. It is unknown at this time if the suspects stole anything from the victim.

There were additional family members inside the apartment at the time of the home-invasion, a woman and two kids (a boy and a girl of unknown ages), none of whom were injured. It appears that the other family members were all sleeping during the incident.

Fire department medics responded to the scene and transported the victim, a man believed to be in his 20′s, to Harborview Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.

Officers conducted an area search however, the suspects remain at large.
The only suspect descriptions available at this time are two unknown race males wearing bandannas over their faces. One suspect was wearing a hoodie.
Robbery detectives are responding to process the scene and assume control of the active and on-going investigation.

Anyone with information about this incident or who may know the identity or whereabouts of the suspects is asked to call 911 or the Seattle Police Robbery Unit at (206) 684-5535 and refer to this incident. Anonymous tips are welcome.

35 Replies to "Update: Man stabbed in South Delridge; two attackers sought"

  • Ray April 18, 2014 (1:18 am)

    Yay! My part of West Seattle.

    Surprisingly, I did not hear any sirens.

  • Billy April 18, 2014 (3:08 am)

    SEAPD just tweeted out a press release on it. It was a home invasion robbery. Non life threatening injuries.


  • Frank Cunningham April 18, 2014 (6:11 am)

    Has anyone else noticed that Westwood area crime has gone up considerably since the bus terminal came in?

  • Trent April 18, 2014 (6:13 am)

    Wow, I live right on that block, and also heard nothing! I only knew something was up, when I left to go to work and saw news crews on Barton Street! Hmmm…. Wondering what exactly happened.

  • AmandaKH April 18, 2014 (7:52 am)

    Where are the police?! What was the response time? How can there no be solving of these crimes? First the murder on New Years at 16th and Cambridge, the rape at 24th and Roxbury and now this? This is ridiculous.

    • WSB April 18, 2014 (8:09 am)

      According to the linked text in the SPD Blotter entry published overnight, the call came in at 12:13 am. Per what we heard via the scanner, police were on the way by the time the “assault with weapons” fire dispatch was made at 12:15 am (see the SFD automated online log http://www2.cityofseattle.net/fire/realTime911/getRecsForDatePub.asp?action=Today&incDate=&rad1=des ) and I can attest to that time (that’s why my first line here is time-stamped 12:19 am). Police advised fire within a few minutes that it was OK for them to proceed in to treat the victim (that is a standard advisory SFD has to await on an “assault with weapons” call – to be sure there is not still an active attack under way, etc.).

  • Snowflake April 18, 2014 (8:34 am)

    I can’t wait to get out of this neighborhood

  • AmandaKH April 18, 2014 (8:35 am)

    Every time I call 911 – and I mean EVERY time – The dispatcher – after giving my address – says, oh wait I need to switch you to Seattle. Even though I clearly live in Seattle. Then, I am put on hold while they switch and I have to go through the whole description again. It wastes about 1:00.
    I see the call came in at 12:15, but what time did the police get there? Was there a second and third car roaming the area looking for the perps?

  • Brian Connolly April 18, 2014 (8:58 am)

    @AmandaKH: That sounds like something that would be great to bring up at the WSBWCN (West Seattle Block Watch Captains Network) meeting on 4/22 at the SW Precinct if you are able to attend.

  • JRR April 18, 2014 (9:39 am)

    Re: 911 dispatch transferring to Seattle, this happens when I call, too, every time. When calling about something immediate or happening in front of you, when endorphins are high, that minute of lag time is crucial. Also, a person can walk away and a description can become incomplete because you’re not committing features to memory when in the moment.

  • F16CrewChief April 18, 2014 (10:03 am)

    How often do you guys be calling 911?

  • Pixie B April 18, 2014 (10:40 am)

    The Bus transfer station is not necessarily the reason for the crime in that area. I lived in the area for over 15 years. There was always something- from car theft to assault to break ins and robberies. The Sheriff’s copter, or the police were always roaming around looking for someone. Because the area is right on the line between White center and West Seattle, the calls go to whichever 911 dispatch gets the call. The Sheriff and Seattle Police have worked together in this area for many years now, backing each other up when necessary. I consider their response to this call very quick. Be aware of what is going on around you, don’t hesitate to call if something just does not seem right and watch out for your neighbors. Use your cell phone to get a picture. The “bad guys” know when they are being watched and can be identified.

    • WSB April 18, 2014 (10:47 am)

      To pick up on Pixie, the 911/wireless fix is still in progress and not very fast progress at that. Even though this location IS NOT WHITE CENTER (various news organizations repeatedly get the location names wrong), a call from there might bounce off a tower that is on the other side of the line (I know there is a cell tower right there in South Delridge, but still, you never know – I remember making a trouble call from the Alaskan Way Viaduct once and having it answered across the bay IN KITSAP COUNTY). Here’s some context for anyone interested:

  • Barbara April 18, 2014 (10:44 am)

    All you need to do is tell the 911 operator,,,first thing…you are calling from inside Seatlle city limits..if you are calling about something in the unincorporated side..you tell the operator you calling from unincorporated and need the sheriff’s dept…I have never encountered a problem when I make it clear where I am calling from…

  • alkiwarrior April 18, 2014 (11:13 am)

    Nothing good happens after midnight.

  • mb April 18, 2014 (11:25 am)

    I too get transferred, my call goes to fife. Not good!! I called once for my neighbor who was in a domestic dispute and it took 10 minutes to get my call sorted and explained and 45 minutes for an officer to arrive.

  • BlairJ April 18, 2014 (11:54 am)

    Annexation of the remaining North Highline Unincorporated Area to Seattle would solve the problem of wireless 911 calls near Roxbury Street.

  • LockandLoadEm April 18, 2014 (3:00 pm)

    More people need to get themselves trained and equipped with firearms for home protection. If this was the norm, home invasions and burglaries would drop. Seattle should think about changing it’s negative attitude towards guns and see them as a tool for safety and self protection.

  • Eric April 18, 2014 (3:18 pm)

    Man, that is messed up. POS people strike again! That’s why I don’t answer the door right away for anyone, especially at that hour of the night.

  • DontShoot April 18, 2014 (10:59 pm)

    People who suggest more guns in homes are absolutely delusional. What are you going to do? Keep it by the door, loaded and ready every time you go to answer? It has been proven time and again (with data and statistics) that firearms in the home or on your person are more likely to get YOU shot or accidentally shoot a family member. No one likes crime or a break-in or stories like this. But let’s work on a real solution, not more violence and inane gun toting in the name of “protection.” Thanks WSB for the timely reporting…I will reiterate the importance of my family not opening the door to anyone. They may have a knife…or a gun they stole from people like LockandLoadEm. Thoughts to this family.

  • joel April 18, 2014 (11:02 pm)

    never answer your door at that time of night…..i rarely answer my door anytime of day/night. unless I am expecting someone it’s people selling crap or who knows….a home invasion waiting to happen….I’d rather not take the chance and find out.

  • West Seattle Transplant April 19, 2014 (12:05 pm)

    @DontShoot – “It has been proven time and again (with data and statistics) that firearms in the home or on your person are more likely to get YOU shot or accidentally shoot a family member.”

    Really? That’s very obvious don’t ya think? In the same way as saying, “People who have cars in their driveway are more likely to be involved in a vehicular homicide.” How about “People who use bicycles are more likely to be involved in an incident involving a bike.” Really?

  • LJ April 19, 2014 (12:11 pm)

    Amen to that Joel if I don’t know the person I don’t open the door during the day, much less at midnight. That’s just asking for trouble, sad but it’s the way things are these days.

  • drahcir61 April 19, 2014 (12:25 pm)

    “More people need to get themselves trained and equipped with firearms … If this was the norm, home invasions and burglaries would drop.”

    And more people would be dead from shootings, intentional & by accident … brilliant.

  • LordByron April 19, 2014 (7:51 pm)

    @dontshoot – that’s fine, it sounds like you ought not own firearms, no one would advocate that you must. As for the rest of us, we’ll go ahead and use our 2nd amendment rights to protect the health and safety of our loved ones rather than rely on the police. Lest you forget history, it was the poor and disenfranchised people of color for whom firearm restrictions were first enacted.

  • faceless April 20, 2014 (12:15 am)

    Interesting about two men wearing bandana’s. I work out at 24 hour in W Seattle and last week there were two men working out with bandana’s over their faces. The first thing I thought was they didn’t want to be identified for a crime they had committed. Odd…

  • Watch Tower April 20, 2014 (5:53 pm)

    I live in that area of West Seattle where that home invasion happened. It really pissed me off to hear that something like that happened to someone and their family. I wish I knew who those two punks were I would make sure they never hurt anyone again!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • joel April 20, 2014 (8:44 pm)

    answer your door? I don’t even answer my phone at home. I only have a phone at home as it’s part of some bundle involving 17 other serves I have and I don’t even know who to call to cancel it.

  • docmaster April 20, 2014 (11:05 pm)

    man this happen on Thursday is that the same day you saw guys at the gym working?

  • Responsible Gun owner April 21, 2014 (9:36 am)

    @Dontshoot – Have you ever learned how to properly fire and safely store a fire arm? I grew up with them as did all of my neighbors. We were all properly trained and we had little property crime and certainly no accidents. Guns are no more dangerous than a chainsaw or other power tools when properly stored and used. Let’s stop giving evil human caricatures to inanimate objects and place responsibility on people. Proper training is essential as it is with anything. I’m not advocating a wild west scenario, just a deterrent. People may think twice about committing a home invasion if they have to consider the likely hood of someone being armed for protection. It’s common sense. Show me credible data that proves this wrong. Cease Fire and others appear to use cherry picked data to support their preconceived narratives that guns are evil.

  • K April 21, 2014 (3:55 pm)

    And I apologize for going on but the Josh Powell example is one that will forever live in history. So tragic. But it is a very clear example of the way that the leaders in the area choose to appropriate their 911 system. I have heard lots of apologies about that tragic occurrence but not any way to fix it…. Maybe these people called 911? we don’t know… Maybe there was something leading up to it that made people call 911…. we don’t know. Well the hospital is one place you can count on… he was effed up… that’s what we know.

  • WSB April 21, 2014 (4:16 pm)

    If anyone has a specific time/date of 911 call that was misrouted (unless I missed something, I have NOT heard anyone say the one in this case was … it was speculation …), and are interested in having it researched, you are welcome to contact me with that info – editor@westseattleblog.com

  • K April 21, 2014 (4:50 pm)

    WSB… so glad you asked this… many, many times calls are not so much “misrouted” but ignored. It is kind of beyond my simple comprehension as a regular person…. but I have felt that the 911 opporators have mis represented themselves as police officers. I really feel that they should be brought up on charges and from what I have heard I am not the only one.
    When you call 911 because you are afraid of someone in your backyard and they give you baloney leagal advise? I am not sure but in my professional world that is misrepresentation, providing false legal advice and possible misrepresenting oneself as a police officer. I have heard from neighbors a lot about this kind of baloney… and I am sure it is caught on tape. No one seems to care, including you (with all due respect) by your comment. I have multiple times and dates and that is why I am also asking others about lawsuits.
    And to be specific about the other night on 20th…. no one knows anything, including me. Is that pretty clear….It is stupid,ridulous, a waste of my money and makes me mad.

  • K April 21, 2014 (4:55 pm)

    So here is the bottom line, WSB. I could care not what you endorse.. I could care not what any municpicality or government endorces. I am a UNITES STATES CITIZEN

  • Okkkk April 21, 2014 (8:29 pm)

    @K thanks for the unintelligible nonsense rant. Signed, a US citizen

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