Video: The orcas that almost made it this far south

February 2, 2014 at 12:45 pm | In Seen at sea, West Seattle news, Wildlife | 6 Comments

One of the region’s most dedicated orca watchers, Alisa Lemire Brooks, recorded that video while watching the pod of transient killer whales sighted in central Puget Sound on Saturday, in the Edmonds area, thought at one point (as mentioned here) to be headed southbound for a while. For orca fans, we have to share this video in case you haven’t seen it already, particularly because of one moment – around 3:10, one of the orcas breaches, fully out of the water, and since they weren’t too far offshore, it’s a much better view than usual. The “transients” are also known as Bigg’s killer whales, and have one big difference from the “resident” orcas – they eat marine mammals such as seals and sea lions; the residents eat fish. Hat tip to the Orca Network, whose Facebook page is where we found the link to Alisa’s video.


  1. Great show on the Salish Sea !! Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by Kris — 1:32 pm February 2, 2014 #

  2. Thank you for the wonder Orca video. I was totally engrossed watching it. Especially the end with the guys in the fishing boat. Wow what a story they will have to tell.

    Comment by Alice Haury — 2:56 pm February 2, 2014 #

  3. We watched them from Bainbridge go right past West Seattle until they disappeared to the south. They were doing typical deep dives, spending more time under water than above.

    Comment by Connie — 12:09 am February 3, 2014 #

  4. Thank you so much. I never thought that I would see any thing so wonderful! :)

    Comment by Sunshine — 6:18 am February 3, 2014 #

  5. Great video!

    Comment by JoAnne — 8:19 am February 3, 2014 #

  6. THIS is how orcas should be viewed: NOT in captivity. Thank you for sharing such an awesome video.

    Comment by Dr AR — 9:52 am February 3, 2014 #

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