West Seattle snow scenes: The fun before the melt

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FIRST INSTALLMENT, 11:41 AM: As forecast, it’s looking like the snow will be gone in a matter of hours. But people are having fun in the meantime, and here are some of the photos sent to us to share with you! Above, Wendy photographed a waterfront snowbuilder on Alki; next, “Good thing school was delayed,” wrote CS; “Time to build snowmen to leave on our neighbor’s stoop”:

Next, Jay, Lisa, and Emily Wallace report: “We got up super early this morning and made our first snowman of the year (complete with fairy wings, magic wands and a hockey stick). Had so much fun we wanted to share”:

For some, it was just the wonder of being out in the snow for the first time – thanks to Joe Szilagyi for this photo:

Not so wondrous for the next little guy, 16-month-old Zander Smith, whose parents Nicholas Smith and Shelley Yamamoto Smith wrote, “As you can see, not everyone is a fan of the snow. One touch and he wanted to go back inside”:

Some tweeted photos of snow. From Katy:

The next photo also came from a tweet, via @Philosurfy:

Next, from Steve, who says, “Just wanted to send a pic of the 5’+ tall snowman the neighborhood kids got together to make before school this morning (near 44th and Charlestown). Talk about good use of a snow delay! Notice the celery nose – no carrots, so had to improvise. Too bad he’ll be a puddle before they get home from school”:

The school delay also meant “fun with neighbors by Lincoln Park,” as shown in Cathy‘s photo:

We found Dominic, Molly, and Lida while traveling through Westwood:

And then – it can be about the little things, like this scene found by Machel Spence in Lincoln Park:

Thanks again for the photos – both fun and functional (street conditions during the peak of the morning snow)! As for the remaining snow – watch for a mid-afternoon update with info such as bus routes, which are starting to return to normal.

ADDED FRIDAY EVENING: More scenes from our snowy morning! First, from Melanie:

Dav spotted a mysterious shape in the snow at Greg Davis Park:

Karen photographed snow coating the familiar shape of Dragonfly Pavilion along Longfellow Creek:

From Eugene – big fun for the little one:

Olivia built a snowman at Hamilton Viewpoint Park in North Admiral:

Here’s LuLu‘s bundled-up creation:

And Brad & Adi Ann shared video of their as-it-happened report:

(added) One more, from Leighellen Landskov, who says, “My boys had a blast jumping on our trampoline as it was covered in snow! It weighed the whole thing down, so they couldn’t get much air, but they sure had fun trying!”

Thanks again! This was the most snow seen here since mid-January 2012.

4 Replies to "West Seattle snow scenes: The fun before the melt"

  • Maggie December 20, 2013 (12:54 pm)

    What fun photos! Thanks for sharing!

  • NW December 20, 2013 (2:51 pm)

    Great snowman of the new generation ……. climate change and global warming? Think I will walk to metropolitan market next time I head out for groceries.

  • BeckBe December 20, 2013 (7:16 pm)

    How fun! Thank you all for sharing. I had a great time watching my neighbors build a snowman this morning. I have the feeling we’re going to have plenty of time to play in the snow this year!

  • G December 20, 2013 (8:22 pm)

    There are some credible folks in the scientific community predicting that we may instead be heading into a period of global cooling.

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