West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen Smurf, and 5 more reader reports

Six West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports from the queue – we were working on them just before last night got busy, and then came the snow. First, a unique stolen keepsake that you might be able to help find. From Eileen:

I know this must be a joke, but for one reason only, I’m not laughing. My Aunt gave my Grandfather a little yard gnome that looked like a child. After my Grandfather and Aunt both died, I inherited it. It’s been in my front yard for decades. Last summer my Grandson asked me to paint the little gnome to look like a Smurf. We painted his Great-Great Grandfather’s Smurf together. We have since added a red “Papa Smurf” of little value. Someone removed them from my yard and dropped off the neighbors’ metal yard art. Our whole family is very upset about the stolen Smurf! Papa Smurf can continue on his journey, but not the little one. Please help us get the white and blue childlike Smurf back. My Aunt signed and dated it. Thanks.

Ahead, five more reader reports:


Early (Thursday) morning, several stolen packages (mostly empty now) were found on the steps between 21st Ave SW and Delridge leading to the bus stop. The 2 that had items in them will be returned to their owners; the empty boxes were left at the time but if they (were) still there in the evening, an attempt to collect addresses and notify residents will be made. Looks like some of them came from the SW Morgan and 42nd area. The police and the Puget Ridge neighborhood have been alerted.

PORCH THEFT: Not a package – boots, taken near 39th/Lander in Admiral:

(Thursday) morning woke up to find front gate open and found that my women’s Sorel winter boots were missing from front porch. These were not on display but off to side, hidden by brick column. Whoever did this knew we had a dog and likely had been in our yard before, as there is no way to close our gate without making noise. I’m so disheartened by this.

THIEF THWARTED: From Michael in Upper Morgan:

At approx. 2:15 (Thursday) I saw a white Toyota Tercel Wagon (similar to photo above) WA License plate (ending in WPF) stop in front of my house. I just happened to be in the kitchen.

A tall white woman with straight sandy brown shoulder length hair in early 50’s got out from the passenger side (with cigarette hanging out of her mouth) and walk right up to my house. I opened the door just as she was reaching down for a package I left on the front porch after shopping. My hands were full and I forgot it outside. She was startled and immediately turned around and walked back to the car yelling, I’m just looking for my cat. I said bulls*** and attempted to take her picture with my phone but failed. They sped off. I called the police. They actually came by about 20 minutes later and asked if she actually took anything or reached into the mailbox.

MAIL THEFT: Quick note from Amanda – “just wanted to give you a heads-up that our mail was stolen this week from 45th Ave SW, near Lincoln Park.”


My daughter and her coworker had their cars broken into Thursday afternoon before 3 pm. The cars just had broken windows but people had backpacks with wallets inside taken. They had been working in the park but not near the parking lot.

P.S. Yes, arrests do happen. We are going through court documents right now for a case we will write up separately, involving two suspects and four stolen vehicles, three of which were taken in our area in the past week and a half (at least one, we have found, was reported here in WS Crime Watch). Both suspects have been in jail since last Sunday and are charged with multiple felonies.

2 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Stolen Smurf, and 5 more reader reports"

  • JW December 21, 2013 (8:37 am)

    We had a package stolen from our porch on Thursday 12/19. Neighbor saw it delivered then few hours later saw a man walk up and take it. She tried to run out and get car description or license but missed them. We live on 39th south of Juneau. We actually have a box at Mailboxes West which we have all of our packages shipped to for just this reason. Unfortunately, our family member forgot to use that shipping address. Good news is it was from Harry & David and they’re sending replacement! Hope the person who stole it enjoyed the food and didn’t waste it. So disheartening we live in a time where you can’t even have a package delivered to your own home.

  • Del Martini December 21, 2013 (12:34 pm)

    Stealing garden Gomes and Smurfs?
    Lowest of low.

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