Police investigating possible child-luring attempt in West Seattle

We have just confirmed that Seattle Police are investigating a reported child-luring attempt in West Seattle. We found out about it thanks to a Hope Lutheran School parent who late last night forwarded us a parent alert sent by the school on Wednesday:

Yesterday afternoon around 3:40 PM, a Hope female student was walking along Oregon Street between 41st Ave. and 42nd Ave., heading to her car while her mother was inside the school office. A male driver pulled over in his car and told her he was supposed to pick her up and take her home. The student immediately ran away and back to her mother. The police were contacted by the mother at home but we don’t have a lot of details besides the fact that it was a male driver. …

We contacted SPD this morning to ask for a copy of the report, which we have just received. It says the student who reported this is 10 years old. The officer talked with her at her family’s home and later wrote:

Somewhere between the hours of 1530-1600 [on Tuesday, October 1, the child] was walking along SW Oregon between 42nd SW and 41st when she heard a voice from a car parked along the north side of the street.

[The child] said she heard a male voice from inside the car call out to her saying, ‘Hey little girl, come get in the car with me. I’ll take you home.’ [The child] told me that she stated ‘No’ to the male and ran down the hill to her mother’s car, locking herself inside. [The child] said she told her mother about the incident just a few minutes later when she came out to the car.

[The mother] told me that she walked back the same route [the child] had gone and saw no one unusual.

According to the report, the child was unable to provide any description of the man or the vehicle, saying that she only heard his voice. There is no indication whether this has any link to the as-yet-unsolved flasher incidents last month, two of which happened near Holy Rosary, which is one block north of Hope.

(P.S. Here’s the SPD page with information on safety advice for families, including what to teach kids about staying safe.)

15 Replies to "Police investigating possible child-luring attempt in West Seattle"

  • Alki Resident October 3, 2013 (10:18 am)

    I wonder if there are any cameras on the buildings that can help back up her story and catch this guy. This is so scary, it’s so sad kids can’t be free to be where they want without constant fear of being kidnapped.

    • WSB October 3, 2013 (10:23 am)

      According to the police report, no camera, at least on that side of the school – hopefully police are asking/have asked at the other corners – the Oregon 42 construction project is south across Oregon, for example …

  • Enough October 3, 2013 (11:30 am)

    Any updates on the recent flashing incidents in the nearby area?

  • WS Parent October 3, 2013 (11:42 am)

    Makes me sad and angry to think what some kids have to put up with nowadays. Even if the guy didn’t have malicious intent (actual kidnapping), maybe he just gets off scaring kids or something. Kids can’t even walk down the street without some perv/freak looking at them. Women have always had to deal with obnoxious dorks, now seems like children do too.

  • Soccer Mom October 3, 2013 (12:32 pm)

    They need to catch the pervert who is doing this and they need to catch him now. Anyone who has children attending any West Seattle school needs to take every precaution to keep their children safe. We all need to ban together to get this degenerate off of the street before he kidnaps one of our children. This is a very serious matter, we need to take it very seriously so that nobody’s child is harmed. If you or your child see anything suspicious report it to the SPD and the school immediately. Let’s all work to keep all children safe.

  • T Rex October 3, 2013 (2:48 pm)

    “Even if the guy didn’t have malicious intent (actual kidnapping), maybe he just gets off scaring kids or something.”

    WS Parent, I beg you to not be so naïve. I am not being rude, just don’t want anything bad to happen to your kids.

    Soccer Mom is right, maybe one day ALL parents show up and keep showing up until this guy is caught. Fight back!

  • WestWendy October 3, 2013 (2:53 pm)

    Oooohhhhh! This makes me so MAD. I let our school team know that this guy is out there and is harassing kids. How terrifying for this child and her parents. We will be having another (sigh) safety discussion at our house tonight.

  • g nelson October 3, 2013 (3:03 pm)

    We all need to be aware and on the look out until this man is identified and captured.

  • WS Parent October 3, 2013 (4:37 pm)

    T Rex oh don’t worry I talk to my kids on a constant basis about these types of people whether they want to kidnap or scare – there are all kinds of crazy people in the world and they are most definitely aware. I was just making a comment as we don’t know this persons actual intent. I’m assuming you are woman and if so I’m sure you have had to deal with the creepy man at least once in your life yelling at you from a car too…now we have to deal with them stalking our children.

  • onion October 3, 2013 (5:32 pm)

    Is this guy primarily targeting kids who attend religion-affiliated schools? Were they similar in age?

    I give this little girl a lot of credit for knowing the right thing to do. Unfortunately if he had a van and was parked next to the sidewalk she was walking on she could have been scooped up before she had a chance to react.

    I feel terrible for this girl, her parents, and all the other kids and parents who have to live in fear rather than knowing that the world is basically a good place, and that most adults are genuinely concerned for every child’s welfare.

    • WSB October 3, 2013 (5:37 pm)

      There is no indication that it’s the same person, although unfortunately on Facebook one of the TV stations that followed up on our story seems to be insinuating unfoundedly that it is – the description of the first and second Holy Rosary incidents, for one, completely different – the second Holy Rosary incident and Westside (by the way, Westside is secular, NO religious affiliation) could have been the same guy – here we have zero description so there’s no way to know … TR

  • Enough October 3, 2013 (7:38 pm)

    I’m definitely not suggesting it’s the same person. It just reminded me if other recent crimes againts children and hadn’t heard of any updates from media outlets. Thanks

  • WestSide45 October 3, 2013 (9:30 pm)

    Good for the girl that she knew what to do. I would have added a blood-curdling scream or two, also.

  • Hope parent October 4, 2013 (5:19 am)

    Without a doubt, this is a very scary thing! It makes us, as parents, more aware of the dangerous people and their potential. Let’s continue to educate our children re: the reality of our surroundings. Thank god the student is ok, even though I’m sure it was very scary for her and her mother. RF

  • NeighborMom October 4, 2013 (8:46 am)

    To the parents of the girl: good job, you taught her well. It’s my worst nightmare that someone does that to my son; if it ever happens, I hope he reacts as quickly and intelligently.

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