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ArtsWest announces new managing director: Laura Lee

September 12, 2013 10:12 pm
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After almost half a year as interim managing director at ArtsWest, Laura Lee is now its official managing director. Board president Dawn Leverett is quoted in the announcement as saying:

“In the time that Laura has been serving as our Interim Managing Director and providing us with strategic and marketing support, we have experienced unprecedented growth. We have exceeded ticket and revenue goals for every production on our stage, hosted a record-setting annual Gala, reversed our projected deficit to end our year with a modest gain, and have started on a path of rebranding and identity strengthening. But what Laura brings to us is more than just box office successes and fundraising, she has re-energized our staff, Board and even our physical spaces. Her light and focus are leading us into a new era and we are excited for all the changes that are taking place.”

Lee is quoted as saying:

“This is a time of maturity and growth for ArtsWest and I have a firm vision as we move forward. Respecting the past, living in the moment and looking ahead to the future, we are solidifying our niche in the Seattle theatre community and reaching outward to be good business stewards in West Seattle and beyond. We are in the midst of an extensive rebranding effort and there are many exciting changes underway. We are on the cusp of turning something good into something great. I invite you to stay with us as a stronger, more contemporary mission-driven ArtsWest unfolds.”

Lee has 28 years of experience on nonprofit boards as well as being the founder of Production Sports, described as “a sports promotion/production company that has worked with U.S. Figure Skating, USA Gymnastics and the Seattle Sports Commission to bring elite, international, televised events to the Pacific Northwest.” ArtsWest’s gallery and theater are in the middle of some downtime right now, as noted here, but are close to reopening, with the new season starting October 2nd with the co-world premiere of Lauren Gunderson‘s “The Taming.” The physical box office is closed until September 26th, but online sales are happening here.

As-it-happened coverage: West Seattle Art Walk, north to south

We’re starting summer’s last West Seattle Art Walk – it’s year-round, but fall will arrive by the next one – on the north end of the map, at Alki Arts (2820 Alki SW). That’s co-proprietor Diane Venti in our photo with some of tonight’s featured work; also at her gallery, MoonGirl is making music tonight for a sunny evening.

This is also Alki Arts’ final West Seattle Art Walk, since its lease ends at month’s end, after what began as a “temporary” experiment turned into a three-year adventure.

Next, we’re heading south to the Admiral District. Tonight’s venue map/list is here, and Art Walk is on until 9 pm.

6:52 PM: At Mind Unwind (2206 California SW), you’ll meet Los Angeles artist Meagan Segal:

Her art tells a story, with flowers and with the inner workings of humans. Also featured tonight, Seattle artist Robroy Chalmers, and MU proprietor Krystal Kelley has booked live music too – classical guitarist Tim Scallon. Segal and Chalmers’ work together forms the show “Torn Inside,” and is explained in exhibition notes on the WSAW website: “Both look to the body as a source of visual beauty, physical pain, sexual pleasure and intellectual discovery. The images they make reflect a deep understanding of the human form, but both come to a far different end with their rendering of the form.”

Next – we continue southbound, to The Junction.

7:33 PM: Two Junction stops so far, and two more to go. Continuing the north-to-south trajectory, we dropped by Hotwire Online Coffeehouse (4410 California SW; WSB sponsor):

That’s photographer David Atkinson, showing work including incredible natural beauty.

At Click! Design That Fits (4540 California SW; WSB sponsor), as reported here earlier this week, it’s the first book signing for Christopher Boffoli since his “Big Appetites” book hit the stores two days ago:

It’s a reception, too, and Click! also is featuring the realist paintings of Ann Duffy tonight.

8:41 PM: Our last two stops for the night, also in The Junction – Twilight Gallery (4306 SW Alaska), where Kristina Griffith was speaking about her “Iconic Women” work, an “illustrative portrait series celebrat(ing) Iconic Women and their diversity”:

Like many of the exhibits that are up on Art Walk night, you can visit the venue to see this one even afterward – it’ll be up all month. (By the way, you might recall that Griffith is one of the artists who did mural work on the vacant storefronts awaiting demolition on the other side of the California/Alaska intersection.)

Speaking of Mural – the lower floor of that building is home to Wallflower Custom Framing (4735 44th SW; WSB sponsor), where Sue Danielson‘s “Circularity Series” opened:

Next WS Art Walk is the second Thursday in October, so that’s October 10th – the venue list is only locked in one quarter at a time, so there’ll be some additions by then; keep an eye on

Followup: Dates set for Beach Drive post-slope-repair repaving

Last Friday night, we published an update on the slope-repair project in the slide-beset 6000 block of Beach Drive (map), and quoted SDOT as saying the followup road repair would likely happen by the end of the month. Now, we know the dates: The new edition of the city’s weekly Construction Lookahead says the work is set for 9 am-6 pm September 24-25.

Make history – be there as West Seattle Transit Coalition launches

(WSB photo from October 2012, 35th SW south of Avalon)
The date’s now set for the launch meeting of the new West Seattle Transit Coalition (mentioned in WSB coverage of this week’s Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights Community Council meeting) – and you’re invited – 6:30 pm September 24th at Neighborhood House’s High Point Center. If you’re concerned about the state of transportation in/to/from West Seattle, don’t miss it. From the official announcement:

Following discussions over several months, a multitude of West Seattle groups have made the decision to attempt to form a West Seattle Transit Coalition. There are at least three factors currently working in tandem to significantly worry a lot of people in West Seattle, that we have been talking about on and off for months in our meetings.

*The looming reduction of mass transit services regionwide with the King County Metro funding crisis coming out of Olympia. All services will face up to a 17% cut in volume.

*This is only compounded for us in West Seattle, with the equally looming end of the SR-99 Viaduct and the construction headaches that will cause for all of us soon.

*Third, the population because of increasing density (whether you’re a fan or not) in West Seattle is increasing, further straining transit — transit which may soon reduce, straining it even further.

Individually, any one of these things is a topic deep enough for a three hour meeting, or more. Put together? Again, regardless of what side you’re on about any of these issues, altogether they equal out to everyone coming out of West Seattle having a pretty awful commute very soon.

If for some reason your group is unable to attend or send representatives, this will be not a closed, finite thing. For example, several ideas for draft letters and statements are floating around under discussion. These will be reviewed and possibly finalized–with the upcoming elections, ballots will go out in the beginning of October. This makes the entire thing time-sensitive, but people will be still able to endorse if desired later. This is all very sudden, and a bit of an emergency, with so many things spinning together at once.

Read the rest of the announcement – including a plan to get elected officials and candidates on the record with where they stand – by going here. And be there September 24th to show your support; High Point Center is at 6400 Sylvan Way SW.

Milestone for new South Park Bridge, months until completion

Another milestone for the new South Park Bridge – the south leaf of its drawspan was put into place this week, somewhat unnoticed until local community activist Bill Pease mentioned it on SP’s lively e-mail list. We went down at midday today to take a look on behalf of WSB and partner site The South Park News (more photos in our report there). In our photo above, you can still see part of the old bridge in the background; meantime, for context, here’s the rendering of what the finished bridge is supposed to look like:

Three years and three months have passed since King County closed the old bridge because of safety concerns; you might recall the farewell “wake” the night it was shut down for good. King County’s current estimate for bridge completion: Spring of next year.

Also tonight: Maria Federici (Doyle) booksigning @ Feedback

September 12, 2013 1:46 pm
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Thanks to Scott for the tip on an event that wasn’t in our calendar – another West Seattleite who has just published a book is signing it tonight: Maria Federici Doyle. Nine years have now passed since the freeway incident that took her sight and almost took her life, when a piece of furniture that fell off a truck smashed through her windshield. She lives in West Seattle, and made news two years ago while working at The Bridge. Tonight at 7 pm, she is at Feedback Lounge (6451 California SW; WSB sponsor), signing and selling copies of her book “Obstacles … Bring ‘Em,” according to the Feedback’s home page. There’s been at least one book written about her story, but this time, it’s first-person, in her own words, about not just surviving, but thriving.

West Seattle Crime Watch: Fake ‘delivery’ person, and more

Three West Seattle Crime Watch reader reports – first, Ann wanted to warn you about a twist on package theft that happened at her condo building in the 3000 block of SW Bradford:

(Wednesday) afternoon, an upstairs neighbor’s phone rang. She answered it, the woman said “FedEx,” she buzzed her in. Then the neighbor checked the condo camera and caught the “FedEx” lady taking packages off the mail shelf. My neighbor hightailed it out the back door and retrieved the loot, but the “FedEx” lady is still at large.

Now, bicycle thefts – Stu from Alki Bike and Board reports this one:

I am sad to report we had a theft of a pretty pricey bicycle. The bicycle was a 2011 56cm Masi Evoluzione full carbon bicycle with Shimano Ultegra components. The color scheme was white/red with white spoke wheels. The retail price was $3899.

And be on the lookout for this bike too – Michael, who recently moved to West Seattle, says it was taken from his apartment building’s garage at 35th and Avalon:

Just over a week ago, on 8/26, our building’s parking garage was broken into and a number of locked bikes were stolen, one of them being my own. The bike is very distinct looking … a State Bicycle Co. single speed (model: Copper). Has a black Brooks England B-17 Saddle, Forte Axis Carbon Fork (front), and Cinelli Handlebars.

If you find it or have other information, contact police and refer to incident 2013-317856.

P.S. Yes, the West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meets this month – bring neighborhood concerns directly to police who are in attendance along with the WSCPC’s citizen volunteers. 7 pm next Tuesday, September 17th, Southwest Precinct meeting room (Delridge/Webster).

More required recycling for businesses? City Council proposal

More recycling means less trash and lower bills, says City Councilmember Jean Godden, announcing a proposal (see the full text here) to require businesses to recycle more than just paper and cardboard:

Councilmember Jean Godden introduced legislation today to require that Seattle businesses recycle glass, plastic, tin, and aluminum, effective July 2014. Six months of educational outreach to businesses would be conducted before the requirement takes effect, with one-and-a-half years before the use of civil infractions for enforcement. Councilmember Godden also directed SPU to streamline the process for business owners to convert to comprehensive recycling, allocating $150,000 for business engagement.

Read on for the rest of the announcement:

Read More

From West Seattle Art Walk to fishing tips: Tonight’s highlights

Don’t stay home tonight – it’s West Seattle Art Walk night! Go here for the walking map/venue list. Here are a few highlights (followed by tonight’s other West Seattle happenings):

FINAL ART WALK AT ALKI ARTS: The gallery at the beach is closing at the end of the month, as first reported here last month, and tonight’s the final West Seattle Art Walk night at Alki Arts. Co-proprietor Diane Venti has always thrown a great party on WSAW night, with art and music – tonight the latter is courtesy of AA fave MoonGirl. Here’s a preview. (2820 Alki SW)

CHRISTOPHER BOFFOLI AT CLICK! As reported here earlier this week, longtime WSB contributing photojournalist Christopher Boffoli has published a book of his world-famous photos, “Big Appetites,” and tonight’s the first book-signing event, at Click! Design That Fits (WSB sponsor) during Art Walk. Painter Ann Duffy is at Click! tonight too! (4523 California SW)

ICONIC WOMEN SERIES‘: That work by Kristina Griffith will be featured in the opening reception and artist talk tonight at Twilight Gallery – details in our listing. (4306 SW Alaska)

ROOF BARBECUE AT WEST SEATTLE OFFICE JUNCTION: Our area’s first coworking space invites you to a roof barbecue (great view!) tonight, along with its art display featuring Wesley Mayer. (5230-B California SW)

MORE ARTIST/VENUE PREVIEWSon the official West Seattle Art Walk website!

Also tonight, from the WSB West Seattle Event Calendar:

EQUILIBRIUM FITNESS OPEN HOUSE: This new Junction business welcomes you to an open house 3-6 pm. (4740 44th SW)

ARBOR HEIGHTS BARBECUE & PTA MEETING: Here’s the official flyer for tonight’s back-to-school barbecue (5 pm) and PTA meeting (6:30 pm):

The school’s at 37th and 104th.

WINE CLUB, WITH ART AND MUSIC: 2nd Thursday also means Wine Club at C & P Coffee Company (WSB sponsor). Photographer Machel Spence is featured tonight, plus the music of Choro Tocando. Details in our calendar listing. (5612 California SW)

IRISH DANCE CLASSES BEGIN … at the VFW Hall in The Triangle, 6:15 pm. Details in our calendar listing.

HEALTHY HAPPY HOUR‘: Health info and healthy treats, 6:45-8 pm at Ampersand Cafédetails (and RSVP contact) in our calendar listing. (2536 Alki SW)

FALL KAYAK SALMON-FISHING SEMINAR: Mountain to Sound Outfitters is hosting the seminar at its storefront in The Triangle – led by Ocean Kayak pro staff member Scott Brenneman:

You can feel it in the air, fall is upon us. As the leaves begin to turn golden, salmon continue closer to their spawning grounds. It is time to change tactics and locations for September and October. So let’s have a talk about targeting salmon from a kayak in our Northwest estuaries. Learn about what you need for a successful day on the water.

With over 10 years of experience kayak fishing in the Pacific Northwest I will share some of the subtle techniques that I have refined over the years. Topics cover safety, rigging your kayak, terminal tackle, hardware and bait. Our discussion will also include the popular estuaries of our region and how to correctly fish them throughout the tide cycles.

M2SO is at 3602 SW Alaska.

West Seattle Car Show on Sunday: See this year’s T-shirt

From West Seattle Car Show producer Michael Hoffman of Liberty Bell Print and Design, here’s your preview of this year’s official T-shirt, three days before the show (with co-sponsors including WSB). It’s the sixth year that classic (pre-1980) cars, trucks, and motorcycles will line the heart of The Junction; Hoffman says pre-registration is at its highest level ever. But you can still register on show day – registration is $20, T-shirt (optional) $10. Here’s the form! No admission charge for spectators, as always; just come stroll The Junction 8 am-4 pm on Sunday (September 15th) and enjoy the sights and sounds (classic music, too). P.S. As with other events closing California SW in The Junction, there’ll be bus reroutes that day – check Metro to see if yours is affected.


September 12, 2013 6:03 am
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(Live view from the east-facing WS Bridge camera; other cameras are on the WSB Traffic page)
Cooler day expected today, though still warm. One major road-work reminder – if the SW Thistle repaving work is on schedule, it will shift to an eastbound closure today. And a weekend reminder – this Sunday, California SW will be closed in the heart of The Junction for the West Seattle Car Show, from early-morning hours until the show clears out following its 4 pm closing time.

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