Westwood-Roxhill-AH council to talk transportation Tuesday

The always-hot topic of transportation is at centerstage for the third meeting of the new Westwood-Roxhill-Arbor Heights community council, next Tuesday (April 2nd) night. (Our coverage of meeting #1 is here; meeting #2, here.) The full agenda is here; the transportation item is described by facilitator Mat McBride as:

Seattle Dept of Transportation – Safety, Collaboration, and Q&A

This community has a couple items in particular to discuss with SDOT – 35th in Arbor Heights, the Roxhill Speedway, sidewalks, and the new fleet of Metro busses. Jim Curtin, great guy, W Seattle resident, and SDOT employee will take these questions, answer any others you have, and talk about how to work directly with SDOT in the future. Presented by Jim Curtin, SDOT.

(Thanks to Joe Szilagyi for sharing the news the agenda’s up.) Leadership decisions are also on the agenda – the group has no officers yet. Come help shape this new group and help your neighborhood – 6:30 pm Tuesday in the upstairs meeting room at Southwest Library (35th/Henderson).

2 Replies to "Westwood-Roxhill-AH council to talk transportation Tuesday"

  • enid April 1, 2013 (7:59 am)

    “Great guy” Jim Curtin met with Arbor Heights neighbors 3 (or was it 4?) years ago to discuss improvements in the area. He promised some minor fixes within a few weeks; the weeks turned into months, and finally he blew us off completely. I’m not holding my breath that Jim, or anyone at SDOT, can be relied on to follow through. Dishonesty does NOT have to be an accepted element of public discourse.

  • McBride April 1, 2013 (1:40 pm)

    It’s been my experience the city (almost) never promises anything. Offers of support, yes. Commitments on future action, yes. And these amount to followup points for future conversations, which you or your advocacy group will need to pursue persistently and escalate accordingly until you get what you want. The reality is that every single neighborhood wants any number of things from every single city department, and there is a finite amount of pie. If you stop requiring action the moment that a seat was made for you at the table, someone else is gonna eat your slice. I promise you.
    Not happy? Want more from your city? Tuesday, 6:30 pm, SW Branch. I’ll meet you there.

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