West Seattle Crime Watch: The rest of today’s roundup

Nothing new yet on the Roxhill Park investigation from this afternoon – but here’s what else came in today:

ADMIRAL ASSAULT: The victim does not want to be named, but wonders if anybody knows the suspect (do NOT post the info in comments if you do – contact the police, with the number you’ll see in a few paragraphs):

Last night at the Yen Wor, right after last call, I was assaulted by a man outside of the bar. He followed me across the street where my car was parked and basically beat me at a boxing match (I stink at boxing). The punches were well-targeted and strong, and I have several stitches under my left eye where my glasses broke and cut into my skin and both eyes are black and blue.

The assailant is a white military-looking guy in his mid to late 20’s, in muscular shape and standing about 5′ 7″. He was wearing a black long-sleeved shirt with red “NRA” lettering on the front and some kind of patriotic/flag/eagle on the back and a black Marine-style stove pipe hat with a pin on the front. He has close cropped hair, again very much looking like he’s fresh out of, or wishing he still was in, the military. There’s really no better way to describe him, he looks like he’s on leave from the Marines.

Again, the assault happened on the north side of College, in the parking lot behind the Blockbuster. … I gave chase north on Admiral and called 911, but he’s way faster than me and he had something to run from. If you know who this is, please share his name/location with Southwest Precinct. The police report is 2013-027975.

STOLEN CARS: Two to report:
*For the second time in six months, Cari‘s been hit by car theft near 40th and Edmunds on the east side of The Junction. This time, green ’96 Subaru Legacy wagon, WA plate AIU7166. Another Subaru was stolen from her there last year and found on Capitol Hill three days later. The car stolen overnight has gray bumpers/fenders, a Luna Park sticker on the right sun visor, and “lots of old 80s/90s rock cassettes inside.” Any sightings, call 911.

*From Gloria – a car stolen AND a car found. First, this 1996 Honda was stolen from the 8100 block of 13th SW on Wednesday:

Then, she says, it was found Thursday in the 4100 block of 20th SW on Pigeon Point, “stripped of front-rear bumpers, front fenders, hood, middle console. Obviously it was stripped very quickly, recovered less than 24 hours after having been stolen. And somewhere nearby. There has to be a neighbor that is noticing suspicious behavior in a garage in their area.”

Minutes after Gloria sent us that report, she found out that a family friend was hit by auto theft last night in the 9000 block of 5th SW – the missing vehicle is a green ’98 Honda Civic, license plate 767 JEN.

Finally, two reports of prowling and other suspicious activity, plus car prowlers – after the jump:

From a resident in Fairmount Springs:

I woke up to see a man coming into my back yard in a black and white vertical striped suit (wide stripes a la Beetlejuice) @ 2:30 a.m. I saw a flash of his flashlight as he unlocked the latch to enter the yard through the back gate, off the alley.

I opened my back door (about 30 feet from the gate) and yelled to get out of the yard. He said his frisbee was on top of our roof (?) and he was just coming to get it. I repeated to get out and he said it was an expensive frisbee ($20). I told him to get … out and he left, heading back into the alley and southbound I believe. I called the police and they came quickly, searching the yard and circling the area in their patrol car.

About an hour later, we spotted him again at the intersection of 42nd and Juneau on a bicycle, pausing to talk to people in a station wagon before heading north on 42nd Ave SW. Police were dispatched again. I don’t know if he was located.

And in North Admiral, Sandra shares news of several recent incidents:

The following events have occurred between Massachusetts and Seattle Streets in the vicinity of 46th Ave SW:

I think someone attempted to enter my house through the basement door a week ago (Jan 18th) about 5:45 am. A worker here at my home later that morning found the door unlocked and damage to a wall behind the door he had just repaired as he was leaving the night before. He knows he secured the lock and I checked it myself. They may have been scared off with my alarm system. Then on Saturday, Jan 19th there was suspicious activity at about 11:30 pm. A car drove down the alley heading south from Seattle Street and stopped at my gate. After a few seconds they drove a bit further and stopped again, then backed their car out of the alley. A few minutes later a car (possibly the same one) came whizzing down the alley from the north end (Massachusetts St).

Then on Wednesday the 23rd my car was ransacked and a pair of sunglasses stolen. Unfortunately I had mistakenly left the car unlocked. At the same time someone further north on 46th (not sure who) must have had their car broken in as a neighbor walking his dog found a pile of business cards and a cane on the ground at the corner of 46th and Seattle.

This morning at 4:30 (I was awake) and a car driving down the street stopped in front of my house. I couldn’t see what kind of car as it was obscured by a tree….but a figure (don’t know if male or female) was flashing a light inside my next door neighbor’s car. The person got in their car, drove around the corner heading east on Seattle St, stopped again and got out, then back in the car and backed up then drove north on 46th.

All of this has been reported to the police. The officer who spoke with me wondered if the car this morning could have been paper delivery, but I don’t think they would have been looking inside someone’s car with a flashlight. He asked what I wanted him to do – I asked if they could patrol the neighborhood a little more frequently and he said they would. He indicated there has been a lot of suspicious activity and break-ins further south around Fauntleroy, so maybe they are moving this direction. I told him I would report to our Block Watch which he encouraged me to do. He reinforced that if anyone sees any suspicious activity to not hesitate to call 911.

Finally, from Conor:

Car prowlers, 47th and Spokane. Sunday night at 2 am, man and women working both sides of street. In their 20s. My neighbor’s camera has them on film going through cars and breaking windows.

14 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: The rest of today's roundup"

  • no January 25, 2013 (9:34 pm)

    Yet another reason not to hang out at The young H too late.

  • Anthony January 26, 2013 (4:34 am)

    I live on the corner of California & Juneau, I saw that same guy in the beetlejuice suite with two other around that same time and they were throwing a frisbee down the street, I noticed them because I herd the girl he was with singing really loud. It seemed like they were all really drunk.

  • Faith4 January 26, 2013 (5:42 am)

    Where is Fairmont Springs? Is there a map of some sort that shows the names of the different neighborhoods in West Seattle?

  • Guy January 26, 2013 (11:02 am)

    @No= bad things happen everywhere honey.

  • Jim P. January 26, 2013 (1:07 pm)

    Could the assault victim describe that hat a bit better please? Stove pipe hat is what Lincoln wore and while not impossible, it would surely make this guy easy to spot from a block away. :)

  • Guy January 26, 2013 (3:22 pm)

    He was wearing a Utility 8 pointed hat. That weirdo goes to The Admiral Pub, Angelinas, and The Yen Wor. I see him all the time. He will probably be around tonight if anyone is looking for him.

  • Assault Victim January 26, 2013 (4:30 pm)

    @Jim P.:
    I was referring to the “stovepipe” style of the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates, if you’re familiar. If not, here’s a similar hat for sale on Amazon:


    Thanks for asking.

  • Assault Victim January 26, 2013 (5:07 pm)

    Thanks, @Guy…

    Here’s the precise hat:

    …and here’s the precise shirt:

    Thanks again.

  • Guy January 26, 2013 (6:16 pm)

    He goes to The Admiral area bars almost on a nightly basis. Look around or ask the bartenders for his name on his credit card. He will probably be out tonight.

  • Servin January 26, 2013 (6:55 pm)

    I’m sorry this happened to you. However, your description is very offensive to those people serving in the military. The guy sounds more neo-nazi than on-leave military dude.

  • Assault Victim January 26, 2013 (7:24 pm)

    He wasn’t decked out in swastikas or skinhead attire. He was wearing a Marines pin on his military-style hat and has a military-style hair cut with military-style pants and military-style boots.

    I’m describing him in terms that anyone who saw and/or sees him will understand. I really don’t think that’s “very offensive” by anyone’s standards except yours. Please don’t minimize the severity of getting him into custody for the sake of one-upping a comment on a blog.

    Crime is crime. If he had used a gun on me, would my legacy to my kids be tainted by you taking offense to witnesses’ physical description of the suspect? Please restrain yourself, your comments don’t help. I have scars on my face that will never go away. If you have beef, go to Admiral and tell this guy to take off the Marines garb. Otherwise, again, you’re not helping anyone.

    • WSB January 27, 2013 (3:46 am)

      Flagged on myriad out-of-line comments springing from the assault report. Trimmed back and closed.
      From here, if you think you know something about the case/circumstances – the victim provided the report number; contact the police and give that information to them. Thanks.

  • Guy January 26, 2013 (9:14 pm)

    I’m a veteran. Real military types do not wear random or incorrect insignias or pins on incorrect uniform items. Which leads me to believe he isn’t even a real Marine. He was wearing a large and shiny Marine Corp insignia on a black utility 8- pointed cover(hat). And some shiny Marine Corp belt buckle on his Wranglers or Bugle Boy jeans. The description is a description= not offensive. The attacker is a weirdo wanna be thug or something. So I’m guessing he’s not even “Servin” or has ever “Servd”.

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