West Seattle Tuesday: Aircraft noise; crime trends; more…

(Autumn-leaf carpet at 36th/Hanford; photo shared by Myrtle)
Before Tuesday gets much further along – calendar highlights for today/tonight:

SENIOR CENTER ‘SALUTE TO VETS’ LUNCH: Not too late to call to see if there’s still room – 11:45, lunch that’s free to veterans, reasonably priced for others. Info here.

AIRCRAFT NOISE/FLIGHT PATTERN CONCERNS? The rescheduled meeting for Seattle’s southern neighborhoods, with the FAA and Port of Seattle, is at 6:30 tonight at Cleveland High School on Beacon Hill – info and map here.

TUESDAY TUNE-UP, BENEFITING WESTSIDE BABY: Tonight’s “good time for a good cause” is the Tuesday Tune-Up at Salty’s on Alki (WSB sponsor), benefiting WestSide Baby. Cocktails, appetizers, live music, 6:30-8:30 pm.

NEW BLOCK WATCH: The California/Myrtle vicinity of southern Morgan Junction/western Gatewood is forming a Block Watch, and if you’re anywhere in that area, you’re invited to the organizational meeting at 7 tonight, lower-level meeting room at Westside Unitarian Universalist Congregation‘s church, 7141 California SW.

ADMIRAL NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION: Neighborhood crime trends are part of the agenda tonight at 7 pm, lower-level meeting room at Admiral Congregational Church (California/Hill), everyone welcome.

DEADLINE NEAR FOR ORDERING HOLIDAY TREES, WREATHS: Just a few more days to get in on this:

The Parent Association of Seattle Lutheran High School is offering Christmas trees, wreaths and other holiday greenery for sale, until Saturday, Nov. 17. Preorder a Noble Fir tree of up to 8 feet for just $45, and wreaths are available in 22-, 24-, and 30-inch sizes. A perennial best-seller is the 25-foot garland for $28. Wrap up your decorating by ordering the $100 special, which includes a wreath, garland, tree and centerpiece.

Pickup will be on Friday, Nov. 30, at Hope Lutheran School; delivery in West Seattle is available for $10. See seattlelutheran.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Christmas-Greens-2012.pdf

Music and more for tonight and beyond, on the calendar!

5 Replies to "West Seattle Tuesday: Aircraft noise; crime trends; more..."

  • zephyr November 13, 2012 (12:43 pm)

    I hope folks go to represent West Seattle to the aircraft flight meeting. I had already scheduled another meeting and can’t attend. Very much want to be there. We are going to be impacted severely when the plane traffic increases. Is WSB going to be able to be there? ~z

    • WSB November 13, 2012 (12:57 pm)

      Planning on it but PLEASE don’t let that stop anybody who is interested and CAN come, from coming. Sure, we can get you the toplines, but nothing makes an impression – even if you don’t speak or ask a question – like BEING THERE. This has been especially heavily publicized in Beacon Hill, since they apparently are affected even more severely, so we’re hoping SOMEBODY is coming to ask West Seattle questions and/or voice West Seattle concerns … we know they’re out there … TR

  • zephyr November 13, 2012 (2:22 pm)

    Thanks, Tracy. I was frustrated when they changed the meeting to this date. Originally it was to be in late October. ‘So want to be there.
    This may end up being like I-5 in the sky as we look toward the Olympics. :( Plus they aircraft are already cutting the turns early over Elliott Bay. ~z

  • bolo November 13, 2012 (11:05 pm)

    I was planning to attend, but the (Oct.) meeting was cancelled; since then I had been looking for info on the reschedule but somehow missed it. This heads up sadly came too late.

    • WSB November 13, 2012 (11:37 pm)

      The Port announced the new date on October 29th:
      We also put it in our calendar immediately – if you’re watching for something, you can go to that page and do a browser “find” for a keyword any old time. We have events stretching ahead for months.
      Sadly, we in the end did not get to go to the meeting either. The officers-injured incident and White Center stabbing both broke in the early evening and kept co-publisher Patrick from going to Beacon Hill. There was a very engaged Beacon Hill group, though, so I am hopeful that some form of coverage will emerge. – TR

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