West Seattle police honor citizen hero for helping injured officers

November 20, 2012 at 6:17 pm | In Crime, West Seattle news, West Seattle police | 40 Comments

We’re at the Southwest Precinct, where Capt. Steve Paulsen has just presented a certificate of appreciation to Ken Wicklund. He’s the citizen who asked an officer and sergeant if they needed help when they found themselves in a struggle with a suspect one week ago tonight near the old Charlestown Café. They said yes – he jumped in to help. And tonight, the commander and his team – including Sgt. Joe Bauer and Officer Sara Mulloy (at front left in the photo below) – said thanks to Wicklund, whose family was on hand too.

We’ve been covering the case, most recently with a report on the charge filed Friday against suspect Skyler Gronholz, who remains in King County Jail, in lieu of $45,000 bail for this case and a warrant that was already out for his arrest.

Wicklund works as a captain for Argosy Cruises. He told us that this happened after he left home to pick up dinner at Spiro’s Pizza, just blocks away. He came home and saw police activity near his home – and as he got closer, he noticed officers and suspect on the ground, and that’s when he asked if they needed help. He, and Sgt. Bauer and Officer Mulloy, were all injured, but all are OK now. We have video of tonight’s ceremony and will add it here once it’s uploaded (added – here it is):

After tonight’s presentation, the Wicklund family got a guided tour of the precinct.


  1. Way to go Ken, we need more people like you out there.

    Comment by Alki Resident — 6:19 pm November 20, 2012 #

  2. Captain Ken! Great to hear – the officers were lucky to have such a helpful and able citizen nearby to help.

    Comment by Sean Reynolds — 6:21 pm November 20, 2012 #

  3. Thank you Ken! We need more folks just like you!

    Comment by sue campbell — 6:23 pm November 20, 2012 #

  4. Awesome! Thanks Ken!

    Comment by bridge to somewhere — 6:34 pm November 20, 2012 #

  5. way to go Ken! thank you!

    Comment by Deblynn — 6:57 pm November 20, 2012 #

  6. Cheers to you Ken!

    Comment by k — 7:01 pm November 20, 2012 #

  7. Very well deserved Congratulations! Good job SPD for recognizing him too.

    Comment by Seatown — 7:03 pm November 20, 2012 #

  8. Great job Ken!!

    Comment by Ashley — 7:23 pm November 20, 2012 #

  9. Ken….way to go ! and Hi! to Connie :)

    Comment by JanS — 7:56 pm November 20, 2012 #

  10. Wow! Nicely done Ken!! Most people would not have gotten involved. You ROCK!!! Small town hero!!

    Comment by Ms Pam — 8:10 pm November 20, 2012 #

  11. So proud to call him “dad”!

    Comment by Heather — 8:12 pm November 20, 2012 #

  12. More than admirable Ken. Much deserved recognition for your efforts. We need more like you.

    Comment by WhatThe — 8:31 pm November 20, 2012 #

  13. Great job, Ken!



    Comment by miws — 8:32 pm November 20, 2012 #

  14. Ken, you are just amazing and deserve all out thanks.

    Comment by Ralph Pease — 8:37 pm November 20, 2012 #

  15. This is very cool!….and well deserved, Ken!…. I know your family is proud, and everyone in west Seattle would agree that we are luckyt o have you as a friend and neighbor…… Great job!

    Comment by Dano — 8:46 pm November 20, 2012 #

  16. Great job, Ken, and very courageous.

    Comment by Susie Starrfield — 8:47 pm November 20, 2012 #

  17. Fantastic and well deserved!

    Comment by themightyrabbit — 9:27 pm November 20, 2012 #

  18. Hey Ken!! You always were one of the good guys.. Glad you’re still in the neighborhood

    Comment by SallyB — 9:29 pm November 20, 2012 #

  19. I’ll bet Ken’s family was really mad at him for the first few moments — then really, really proud! I hope that Spiro’s replaced the pizza!! THANK YOU, KEN!

    Comment by Margaret in Vashon — 9:29 pm November 20, 2012 #

  20. Glad you were there for us Ken! You’re great and a really nice guy. Thanks a bunch!

    Comment by Sgt Joe — 9:31 pm November 20, 2012 #

  21. Fantastic story. A big thank you Ken and our courageous officers!

    Comment by Chuck and Sally's Van Man — 9:44 pm November 20, 2012 #

  22. Ken, thank you for being a leader in your community.

    Comment by charlieg — 9:47 pm November 20, 2012 #

  23. Thanks Ken, you ROCK! And good on ya, SPD for recognizing our heroic neighbor in such a timely fashion :)

    Comment by moji — 9:54 pm November 20, 2012 #

  24. Thank you Ken!

    Comment by Deb — 9:59 pm November 20, 2012 #

  25. Ken, you have always been a stand up guy. Nothing about your actions in this story surprises me. Thank you for caring and stepping in to help our fabulous SPD!

    Comment by Paula Tortorice — 10:08 pm November 20, 2012 #

  26. Good job. The story could have been tragically different if you had not helped.

    Comment by eric1 — 10:11 pm November 20, 2012 #

  27. What an awesome, caring and selfless guy you are Ken!! Thank you for helping out my friend Sgt. Joe Bauer and Officer Sara Mulloy. We need more people like you out there in all of our communities!!

    Comment by Jenny Mattingly — 12:29 am November 21, 2012 #

  28. The best. Excellent! SPD is Great. Ken you the man. All good.

    Comment by Admiral935 — 3:00 am November 21, 2012 #

  29. Kenny; Things could have turned out so differently if you hadn’t helped to get control of this person. I am so proud of what you selflessly did, and the man you are.

    Comment by Caprial — 3:34 am November 21, 2012 #

  30. Bravo! Good to see conscientious citizens!

    Comment by David — 3:45 am November 21, 2012 #

  31. nice work we use to be neibors so great job on keeping the the block safe

    Comment by ws maverick — 7:21 am November 21, 2012 #

  32. I’ve always been impressed by Ken, but even more so after his recent heroism. We’re glad to have him as a neighbor, watching out and willing to do the right thing.

    Comment by Scott — 9:20 am November 21, 2012 #

  33. Great job Ken ! Congratulations. Thanks for helping.

    Comment by Billy — 9:23 am November 21, 2012 #

  34. STRONG WORK! Thanks Ken!! WS needs more people like you.

    Comment by WSratsinacage — 9:28 am November 21, 2012 #

  35. Awesome story – this is why I love West Seattle – such a great community and people aren’t afraid to get involved and help each other out. Thanks for what you did Ken! And thanks to SPD for keeping us safe.

    Comment by Seattlegal — 11:27 am November 21, 2012 #

  36. First Superman onto the Sightseer to save the day, and now this? You really are a Superhero. Way to go Ken!

    Comment by Kevin Mullarky — 11:34 am November 21, 2012 #

  37. Good Stuff Ken! Thanks for your actions.

    Comment by N.A. Neighbor — 11:34 am November 21, 2012 #

  38. Very Awesome Ken. Glad you were there and weren’t afraid to help out. Not too many people would have gotten involved if it were citizen vs citizen, let alone officer, officer vs citizen. Good on you for helping out!!! You did GOOD!

    Comment by ~~HockeyWitch~~ — 3:08 pm November 21, 2012 #

  39. I think your Maritime and Sea Scout back ground created that attitude of stepping up when needed. Nice job Ken!

    Comment by Larry A Miles — 6:34 am November 22, 2012 #

  40. Way to go Ken! I’m thankful you’re in our neighborhood!

    Comment by Petunia — 1:17 pm November 22, 2012 #

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