Heard the flyover? It was for the Seahawks game.

Just in case you wondered. We’ve been out here at the West Seattle Junction Car Show all day and heard it – and several people have pinged it since. Thanks to Damon and Patrick for the quick answer when we put the question out via Twitter. (added) Also via Twitter, there’s one report it was two F-15s from a New Orleans-based group.

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  • Steph September 16, 2012 (1:46 pm)

    Was wondering what the heck that was for!

  • themightyrabbit September 16, 2012 (2:25 pm)

    no you have it wrong, it was definitely for the West Seattle car show :-)

  • datamuse September 16, 2012 (2:25 pm)

    Not only did I hear it, I wondered if a plane was about to crash in Highland Park. Seriously.

  • sam-c September 16, 2012 (5:29 pm)

    my husabnd asked- “are the blue angels back in town?” “are the fighter jets here cause of Bill Clinton?”- I guessed right, “probably for the seahawks game”.
    thanks for the confirmation- I thought they were going to crash into a hill too, datamuse!

  • sam-c September 16, 2012 (6:14 pm)


  • Lisa September 16, 2012 (8:20 pm)

    No, two Washington Air National Guard pilots from Joint Base Lewis McChord flying two F-15c jets from the New Orleans Air National Guard unit. Both pilots are highly experienced and had no intention of crashing into anything while doing a flyby for the Seahawk game. I know this firsthand as I’m married to one of the pilots. Hope you enjoyed the sound of freedom!

    • WSB September 16, 2012 (8:40 pm)

      Thank you, Lisa, I searched high and low in hopes of finding details.

  • datamuse September 16, 2012 (9:02 pm)

    A little advance notice would’ve been nice.

    I work next door to Lewis McChord and so am using to hearing them down that way. Up here the sound of freedom is a bit startling!

  • Tony September 16, 2012 (9:42 pm)

    @Lisa Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank your husband for us.

  • Danno September 16, 2012 (9:58 pm)


    Get over it! Part of this being the sound of freedom is that it is OK to be surprised. Really, do you expect to be warned about every little bit of daily life that may startle you? What a flat-line life that would be.

    Go Freedom’s Jets… The louder the better!!!!!

  • Dick September 16, 2012 (10:03 pm)

    So, nobody noticed the practice run on Saturday?

  • Lola September 17, 2012 (6:45 am)

    We saw the Jet’s as we walked up to the car show.

    Does anybody know where the firetrucks and aid cars were going to last night? One set about 10:00 pm, came down Alaska street turned left on 50th. Then at 10:30 pm the same thing again firetrucks aid cars down Alaska Street turned left on 50th again? I have watched the news all morning and nothing. I also don’t see anything on the WS blog about it.

    • WSB September 17, 2012 (7:29 am)

      Lola, it was a medical call, no crime or other newsworthy circumstances involved. Most fire calls are. We heard this one on the scanner – someone in fact e-mailed us about it to ask (which anyone is welcome to do, as well as texting us if you THINK something is news) and we replied to them immediately, since we had heard the call dispatched. – TR

  • Brandon September 17, 2012 (6:52 am)

    go hawks! i figured it was for them as the sound and the start of the game coincided.

  • Anne September 17, 2012 (7:18 am)

    Hi Dick- We were at a soccer game at Riverview-saw the jets flying over-and assumed it was for the Husky game-mabe it was a practice run for the Seahawks though.Never thought for a moment the planes were about to crash for heavens sake!LOVE the sound of Freedom’s Jets!!

  • datamuse September 17, 2012 (12:38 pm)

    Oh, I’m over it, Danno.
    You seem pretty heated up there, though. Maybe have a lie down or something.

  • Jason September 17, 2012 (12:53 pm)

    “A little advance notice would’ve been nice.”
    Oh boy, here we go again… Impinging on Datamuse’s world of silence with another unannounced act of patriotism. 4th of July all over again. ;)

  • Lola September 17, 2012 (3:57 pm)

    Thank you WSB, it was just weird how it happened twice.

  • sam-c September 17, 2012 (5:02 pm)

    hello people- the crashing thing isn’t based on a visual observation, just based on an audible observation of a very close flying plane. usually the close flying, loud planes turn out to be DHL and if that were as loud as the other ones, I ‘d be worried !

  • datamuse September 17, 2012 (5:13 pm)

    All the better to hear my John Cage collection. ;)

  • Sue Bates September 18, 2012 (9:25 am)

    I just think that is a bad idea! Right around 9-11? And all the riots going on. Who make these decisions???

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