Tracking the apps: 2 more would-be liquor sellers in West Seattle

Another update on something we’ve been tracking for about 2 months – the list of stores in West Seattle planning to sell hard liquor, once privatized sales start on June 1st. Two more applications have just appeared on the state Liquor Control Board‘s website, bringing the total so far to 14 prospective liquor-selling stores in West Seattle, which currently has two state-run stores.

Newest West Seattle applications: Both Rite Aid stores – Westwood Village and California SW south of The Junction.

Previously reported West Seattle applications: Metropolitan Market in Admiral (WSB sponsor), Bartell Drugs (Admiral and Jefferson Square stores), Walgreens (16th/Roxbury and High Point stores), Target (Westwood Village), West Seattle Thriftway, QFC (Junction and Westwood Village stores), Safeway (Admiral, Jefferson Square, Roxbury stores)

Remember, this is NOT the final list of who’ll be selling liquor in West Seattle – sales can’t start before June 1st, and qualifying businesses can apply at any time. (Before last week’s update, we checked with PCC Natural Markets (WSB sponsor), which hadn’t decided.)

Also checking in on the auction for the current state-store locations’ licenses: Bidding started at $1,000 each, as reported here March 8th – the Westwood-location license is up to $4,050, while the Junction-location license bidding is up to $7,100. Bidding is also open for all locations’ licenses together, and that’s now at $551,100, more than double what it was last week. Bidding continues into April.

5 Replies to "Tracking the apps: 2 more would-be liquor sellers in West Seattle"

  • Snow Wimp March 29, 2012 (5:01 pm)

    Rite Aid. Truly my favorite Alaska Junction drugstore. Yes. Great prices on beer. Lap it up like a lap dog. I stay away from the hard liquor though. Clouds my thinking. LOL. As if you WSB readers hadn’t noticed.

    Great alternative to the RIGHT WING, FAMILY OWNED Bartell chain, though.

  • Harry March 29, 2012 (6:51 pm)

    Great, shorter distance to stumble from one to the next…

  • Taylynn March 30, 2012 (7:20 am)

    Have you asked Trader Joes if they’ll be applying? They sell the hard stuff in CA (many of their own labels).

    • WSB March 30, 2012 (7:25 am)

      Yes, we’ve asked, multiple times. They aren’t answering.

  • Andrew Beck March 30, 2012 (2:45 pm)


    Does that Trader Joes have 10,000 square feet of retail space? I think the total space is over 10,000 square feet, but I don’t think you can count any of the back rooms. Their retail floor might be below the limit.

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