Metro Route 120’s future, and more, @ Delridge District Council

From last night’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center:

METRO ROUTE 120 – OPEN HOUSE AHEAD: A team of Metro reps came to talk about Route 120, which travels the length of Delridge on its current route between downtown and Burien. They noted that it’s one of the system’s top-10 most-used routes, averaging 7,000 people a day. And there are changes ahead, they said, including: A northbound bus-only lane on Delridge between Oregon and Andover, for peak hours (off-peak, they said, it can be used for bikes and parking). They also plan to reduce the number of stops along the entire route, spacing them to a quarter-mile apart instead of an eighth of a mile, which they described as an efficiency issue. Most important: If you want to get full details of the planned changes and offer comments, Metro is having an open house in a month, 5:30-7:30 pm April 24th at Youngstown. (That news is so fresh, it’s not even on Metro’s website yet, but it will turn up there soon, they promise.)

(P.S. Another Metro open house of potential interest – downtown on March 29th, there’s one about the impending elimination of the Ride-Free Zone. Full details here.)

Also at last night’s DNDC meeting, City Council President Sally Clark – a note about her appearance, ahead:

COUNCIL PRESIDENT TALKS DELRIDGE ECONOMY: Clark was one of three City Councilmembers to attend the recent Brandon Node Visioning Open House presented by area leaders including the North Delridge Neighborhood Council (here’s their post about it), along with Tom Rasmussen and Richard Conlin. She said they’re all very well aware now of what local residents believe they need in order to help their area thrive economically – but she believes it needs to be a small step at a time, finding ways to bring more people to the existing business hubs on Delridge, including the Brandon Node. She thought a bigger transit stop there might be one way to attract more business and customers.

The Delridge Neighborhoods District Council includes representatives from organizations around eastern West Seattle, and its meetings are always open to the public, usually preceded by a “Strategic Delridge” big-picture discussion of issues outside the topic/action-driven agenda that follows. 3rd Wednesday of the month at Youngstown.

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  • Valerie March 22, 2012 (6:33 pm)

    So it’s not enough that the route I take to UW for work (the 133) is being discontinued in September with all of Metro’s other service cuts, now Metro is screwing with the 120, which is my alternate route? One of the system’s top-10 routes and they’re cutting back on services? How in the world does that begin to make sense?
    As much as I love living in West Seattle, I may have to leave The Peninsula because of this. They (you know, the “They” everyone talks about) are just making it harder and harder to get around the city from here.
    Oh yes, I’ll definitely be at the open house (though I suspect, based on past experience last fall, that it will really be just a token event so that Metro can say they are responsive to rider input). I wish this city had a real public transportation system.
    Thanks for keeping us informed, WSB. I really appreciate all you do!

  • DelridgeV March 23, 2012 (10:55 am)

    I applaud Sally Clark for acknowledging the need to establish a base of customers who have the financial means to actually support businesses in Delridge. I would also point out that the existing residents of Delridge, a diverse bunch, all get what we need from somewhere. I would love to see businesses that offer products that will serve the immigrant communities who already reside here. It will be important as the city helps the neighborhood move forward and become stronger, that the Delridge of the future should rightly be one that provides services and products for residents of all income levels.

    • WSB March 23, 2012 (11:58 am)

      We just happened on a new Delridge business today that seems to be doing exactly that … story up soon.

  • Been There March 23, 2012 (3:50 pm)

    WSB – Doing a story on Santos’ recently ppened upholstery shop? If not, it is a new biz across Del Way from Olympia Pizza and Pho Aroma.

    • WSB March 23, 2012 (4:03 pm)

      Thanks. Had not heard. We drive all the major thoroughfares as often as we can and look for signs … or at least signs of activity … but that probably only nets us a percentage of what’s really going on out there. The business to which I allude is M-M’s Market just opened by the Vietnamese Cultural Center (story’s up now) … TR

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