West Seattle Produce now open at new location across the street

December 1, 2011 at 1:48 pm | In Triangle, West Seattle businesses, West Seattle news | 19 Comments

Lots more room inside West Seattle Produce‘s new home across Fauntleroy Way SW. We reported their planned move a month ago and dropped by this morning to see how things look.

Their storefront faces north, so you will only see it from the street when you are driving/riding/walking south (and manager Brian points out it’s a legal left turn – they checked), but you can’t miss the Christmas trees right now ($10/foot):

They’ve still got a few final touches for stocking and setting up, but their non-produce food and beverage stocks include European pastries, with bagels to be added this weekend:

Other merchandise includes teas, spices, seeds, and nuts. Brian told us they got major help from fellow Triangle business Alki Lumber to get everything moved across the street. That’s also where he says they got a great deal on the wood that’s providing a lot of homey, rustic atmosphere inside the new location – with the framework over the central produce island even including old bridge timbers:

And if you look closely at the front counter when you visit, you’ll notice mechanisms hinting at its past incarnation as part of a door – right over corrugated metal that’s been treated to look older than it really is. West Seattle Produce is open 8 am daily, till 7 every night except Sunday (6 pm) .. and if you’re still having trouble placing the location, it’s the old A-1/Hertz Rentals place, immediately south of the new Les Schwab Tires.


  1. A dollar a foot sounds awfully low for xmas tree price. I tried calling West Seattle Produce just now to confirm, but I got voicemail. May want to double-check that fact? Thanks!

    Comment by westseagal — 1:57 pm December 1, 2011 #

  2. Ten dollars a foot. Sorry, that would have been one whale of a bargain! – TR

    Comment by WSB — 2:01 pm December 1, 2011 #

  3. Drat! And I was all set to go get our tree tonight! :-) Thanks for the quick update TR!

    Comment by westseagal — 2:05 pm December 1, 2011 #

  4. Well, stop in for produce, anyway. With Tony’s only selling trees at this time of the season, WSP has a corner on the West Seattle market, so to speak, and lots of options, including an expanded floral section … TR

    Comment by WSB — 2:11 pm December 1, 2011 #

  5. Well I suppose if you want to pay through the nose for average quality produce and QFC is not expensive enough for you, West Seattle Produce is definitely your place. The rest of us will continue to buy our fruit and vegetables at MacPherson’s on 15th Ave S.

    Comment by Igor Duckman — 2:15 pm December 1, 2011 #

  6. Looks really nice. Can’t wait to try it!

    Comment by coffee — 2:56 pm December 1, 2011 #

  7. Occupy Produce!

    Comment by Nate D — 3:06 pm December 1, 2011 #

  8. Kudos to the new business and no offense, but is the Junction True Value Hardware not selling Christmas trees this year?

    Comment by Curious expat — 3:33 pm December 1, 2011 #

  9. They’re listed on our Holidays page along with everybody else who is selling trees – http://westseattleblog.com/westseattleholidays – In all, besides WSP, we have Tony’s, egreen landscaping, both Rite Aids, QFC Westwood, Son-In-Law at California/Charlestown, Holy Rosary at 41st/Dakota, West Seattle Nursery, Home Depot … TR

    Comment by WSB — 3:59 pm December 1, 2011 #

  10. Yay! Can’t wait to check it out. Anyone know if you have to have cash, or do they take debit or credit cards (which ones)?

    Comment by SJ2 — 4:03 pm December 1, 2011 #

  11. expat – I think maybe it was meant that WSP had the corner on the produce (stand) market this time of year, not so much the Christmas trees. Love the look of their new space!

    Comment by GenHillOne — 4:31 pm December 1, 2011 #

  12. Can’t wait to check out the produce. Maybe I’m wrong or just cheap but, $10 a foot seems to be a lot. Most trees are usually @ least 5 or 6 ft tall so that would be $50-60 for a tree. Seems a little too pricey for me. I’ll stick to McClendon’s for my xmas trees for $19.99. They’re beautiful trees also.

    Comment by n b — 5:04 pm December 1, 2011 #

  13. I saw someone loading a tree in their car yesterday….from TV.

    Comment by onceachef — 5:06 pm December 1, 2011 #

  14. Holy Rosary could use the community support, as well as West Seattle Nursery, which is a fantastic business. Didn’t the WS Nursery owner, Mark (?), sell a bunch of trees for HR last year? Support West Seattle Nursery!
    (No, I don’t work there. :))

    Comment by Laurie — 6:16 pm December 1, 2011 #

  15. We covered the opening of Holy Rosary’s lot last week:
    And the opening of West Seattle Nursery’s right after their trees arrived:
    Plus a couple family-owned spots:
    Lots of places to get your trees this year, but it also happens to be something that WS Produce is doing as well (they did last year, too). They’re all spread out fairly well geographically, too, come to think of it – except Rite-Aid Westwood and Westwood QFC have their small tree zones a stone’s throw apart …

    Comment by WSB — 6:24 pm December 1, 2011 #

  16. Love the rustic look! Plus it’ll be a lot warmer for both employees and shoppers. Great move!

    Comment by elisabeth — 6:59 pm December 1, 2011 #

  17. I love WSP! Their produce is top notch and reasonably priced, and the folks who run it are super friendly. Hurray for the new location – I’ll be stopping in.

    Comment by Tony — 2:56 am December 2, 2011 #

  18. Hey not to make y’all jealous or anything (ok maybe a little) but while visiting my family in Oregon for Thanksgiving we scored two regular sized grand firs straight off the farm for $15. For both of them.

    Comment by AJP — 7:46 am December 2, 2011 #

  19. I agree with elisabeth – it’ll be nice to have a warmer place for everyone. We went there last winter and the employees were freeeeeeezing!

    Comment by sun*e — 9:21 am December 2, 2011 #

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