‘Fauntleroy Way Green Boulevard’ in budget? Decision tomorrow

November 9, 2011 at 12:21 pm | In Transportation, Triangle, West Seattle news, West Seattle politics | 17 Comments

(Sketch from West Seattleites’ 2008 City Council presentation about “boulevard” vision for Fauntleroy Way)
During yesterday’s City Council budget meeting, dozens of decisions were made, while a few more alternatives were proposed. One of them involves the so-called “Fauntleroy Way Green Boulevard” concept, which could eventually transform that arterial, through The Triangle as it comes off the bridge and toward The Junction, into a street with a tree-lined median. As reported here last week, Councilmember Tom Rasmussen has proposed earmarking $250,000 in the budget to study and plan for this concept that’s been under consideration for more than three years. Yesterday, Councilmember Mike O’Brien offered an alternative proposal that would instead mark the same amount for as-yet-unspecified neighborhood transportation proposals in the city. Debate ensued; councilmembers including Sally Clark and budget chair Jean Godden voiced support for the “Green Boulevard” study/preps. When the council meets tomorrow, it will vote on which one (if either) goes into their final proposal. (The agenda should be here later; final budget adoption is currently still scheduled for Nov. 21.)


  1. I can’t believe they are still working on this in light of the budget crunch. I would rather see the money go to police and fire

    Comment by clark5080 — 1:02 pm November 9, 2011 #

  2. I’m so glad that in our dire budgetary situation, we’re earmarking money to help us decide if we want to plant trees in the middle of the road to reduce the number of lanes in a high traffic area.

    Didn’t think we’d make it, but congrats West Seattle. We’re geniuses. This is certainly money well squandered.

    Comment by 2 cents — 1:21 pm November 9, 2011 #

  3. This is a terrible idea. Make traffic worse and a spend $ doing it. We need more lanes & parking, not less. This looks like another attack on West Seattle by the city government.

    Comment by tvitw — 1:29 pm November 9, 2011 #

  4. Cut bus service, increase landscaping. I hope the elected officials think this through better.

    Comment by buddy — 2:07 pm November 9, 2011 #

  5. Are they serious? A tree-line boulevard that reduces visibility for motorists and everyone else…..??

    The lunatics are in charge of the asylum.

    Comment by G — 2:25 pm November 9, 2011 #

  6. Need more lanes and parking? Time to move out of the city – we don’t have enough room for both you and your sense of entitlement.

    Comment by Captain Obvious — 2:37 pm November 9, 2011 #

  7. This isn’t a McSchwinn idea is it? Dumb waste of money and time for commuters.

    Comment by Andros — 3:27 pm November 9, 2011 #

  8. Your fault… You voted them in, You live with the consequences.

    Comment by me — 3:39 pm November 9, 2011 #

  9. sounds like a good idea. make the coming into west seattle a pleasant tree lined boulevard instead of looking like a dump.

    Comment by co — 3:49 pm November 9, 2011 #

  10. I have to agree with “co”, anything has to be an improvement, and as a bonus, this will stop people holding up an entire lane of westbound traffic to make an impossible left turn onto 38th or other sidestreets. I do worry about rush hour traffic flow though…not sure they’ve thought that through well enough. But better stuck looking at a greenway than sad old curbs and scrubby sidewalks.

    Comment by Rob — 6:02 pm November 9, 2011 #

  11. This is probably the best thing that could happen to West Seattle in years. This area is a hell to look at and commute on, which is why I avoid it. It was terribly planned and is a great example of why just sticking five or six lanes in doesn’t solve diddly. I can’t seem to get a larger resolution, but if they don’t even add a bicycle climibing lane in going uphill when they are already rebuilding the road, that would be truly idiotic.

    Comment by JN — 6:18 pm November 9, 2011 #

  12. Somebody needs to look into what connection the members of the city council have with these so called study groups. 250 grand is alot of money to study something that is a big waste of money. You could put a new roof on a school or fix pot holes or by a new fire truck or make sure fire hydrants work or keep school buses running or maintain the parks we already have. Well you get the point. But what can you do these clowns just got relected.

    Comment by boy — 7:14 pm November 9, 2011 #

  13. Oh look yet another big budget “study”. Yet how many complaining voted the incumbents back in. Great way to tell the city to go ahead and ignore our complaints regarding how to spend our money.

    Comment by cj — 7:18 pm November 9, 2011 #

  14. If I had $10 in my checkbrook I would want to spend $10,000 on a “study” to see why I was almost broke!! NOT!!!!! Give me a break!!!!!

    Comment by marty — 10:49 pm November 9, 2011 #

  15. Actually, 70% of the registered voters in King County didn’t even bother to vote.
    Yes, our city government is out of control and has very screwed up priorities. Whose fault is that?

    Comment by JoAnne — 8:47 am November 10, 2011 #

  16. Yes, there are many thing that always need funding thats never going to change. However, this is an investment into the entrance into our great communiy! It’s about time-West Seattle is SO worth it!

    Comment by Ahh WS — 9:00 am November 10, 2011 #

  17. A tree-lined median would NOT make traffic worse. I’m all for it. Study, and hopefully build, away.

    Comment by james — 1:32 pm November 10, 2011 #

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