Update: Electrical problem blamed for Sunrise Heights fire

(Photos by Christopher Boffoli for WSB)
12:48 AM: On our way to a house fire that’s being fought in the 7100 block of 29th SW (map). The scanner describes “significant fire damage” on the home’s second floor.

1:08 AM: We have two crews there. Smoke is still coming from the top floor but via scanner, we have heard crews declare the fire “tapped.” No report of injuries so far.

1:27 AM: SFD spokesperson Kyle Moore just briefed us at the scene. Neighbors called the fire in after seeing flames shooting out of the house. No one was sure for a while if anyone was inside but the house has been thoroughly searched and no one was there.

Too soon to say what caused it. A “fire watch” will be kept all night, just in case of flare-ups. (added) Here’s our video from the briefing:

Adding more photos too. And we’ll update this story when there’s information about the cause.

8:50 AM UPDATE: Moore says SFD is ruling the fire “accidental caused by electrical in the attic. The damage estimate is 80,0000 to the structure and 5,000 to the contents. The family is staying at a motel because of the damage and the power being turned off to the house.”

5 Replies to "Update: Electrical problem blamed for Sunrise Heights fire"

  • Tash Tash October 23, 2011 (12:59 am)

    whoooaa. this is crazy. I live on 35th ave and could here all of the cars and sirens blazin as they sped down my street. I was wondering what the heck was going on! Hopefully no one is injured or worse. =/

  • Yeah... October 23, 2011 (1:08 am)

    Don’t see smoke anymore. Nice to have a station about eight blocks away. Quick response.

  • robin October 23, 2011 (9:45 am)

    I am so sorry for this family. We have knob and tube wiring in our attic which was wrapped with some kind of bubble wrap stuff when we got blown-in insulation. A fire in the attic due to electrical problems is a common nightmare for me-these fires seem to happen a lot according to WS blog coverage!

  • coffee October 23, 2011 (3:29 pm)

    There are several electricians who offer free home inspections. I would highly suggest having them look at your house.

  • WS Born & Bred October 31, 2011 (9:36 pm)

    Fortunately, the family’s insurance is going to cover damage caused by the fire and rewiring that’s up to code. I have an older house, too, and after hearing about this I think we’re going to get our wiring checked out.

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