West Seattle Crime Watch: Car break-ins, and a game-time prowler

Three break-in reports for West Seattle Crime Watch, plus one potential-prowler sighting that football fans might want to know about, all from the WSB inbox – read on:

From Emily tonight:

Hi, We live at 31st and Trenton and left our car unlocked for a mere 1/2 hour at 6 pm and my husbands iPod and change, etc was stolen from the glove box. Pretty scary, considering we were just running in for a second and someone capitalized on it.

From Jason:

I am reporting a car prowl and theft from 1/13/11. I have filed an online police report. The incident occurred on Glenn Way SW outside the Olympic View Apt, my residence. My personal vehicle 2000 Honda Civic was broken into sometime after 930 pm. Stolen from the vehicle was the in-dash Panasonic cd player, multiple car charging accessories, personal briefcase containing multiple personal effects.

And from Connie:

My son-in-law’s truck was broken into (Wednesday) night, neighborhood of 35th and Morgan. Another to add to the list of break-ins, in that same neighborhood.

To our knowledge nothing was taken, just papers strewn about. The disturbing part is the boldness. The truck was pulled up underneath an attached deck, close to the house.

Connie later sent an update – saying it turns out the thief/thieves did make off with an iPod and Seahawk jersey, although she notes, “Too bad for them that the player on the jersey left long ago to play for the Saints!”

And a sighting from last weekend – the tipster, who wanted to be anonymous, says the person she saw resembled someone mentioned in a Crime Watch report from December:

Blonde spiky hair, navy blue hoodie, under 6 feet tall, wearing a wallet chain and had a small tattoo on the right side of his neck, fairly slim build. Probably weighed around 160 or 170lbs.

He was wandering through our townhomes during the Seahawks game on Saturday. I happened to recall the article I read, and knew this was the same guy. As I was pulling in to park, he casually walked out of my neighbor’s walkway. The passenger in my car and I both agreed he was completely out of place.

My neighbor just moved in, but his car wasn’t out front. My suspicion is that this guy was checking locks, windows, etc. Had I put two and two together, I would have called the police earlier.

As the police often say – call whenever you see something suspicious, even if you’re not entirely sure a crime is going on. You never know … they might be looking for a suspect in an earlier case, for example. P.S. The West Seattle Crime Prevention Council meets this Tuesday, 7 pm, Southwest Precinct, Delridge/Webster.

4 Replies to "West Seattle Crime Watch: Car break-ins, and a game-time prowler"

  • sophista-tiki January 15, 2011 (1:02 am)

    I discovered late in the day on Friday that my truck had been gone through, probably in the middle of the night on Thursday. , nothing missing , made a big mess going through everything , opened every concievable compartment , but didn’t take anything.. They had to come inside my fence onto my property to do this and picked the one night my 110lb German Shepard wasn’t feeling well. Normally hes on high alert in the middle of the night and barks at any noise that happens out front. Had I been alerted I would not have hesitated to let the dog out to corner the prowler. But then I suppose all the comotion would have woke every neighbor on the block, someone would have called the police and they would have shown up and shot my dog.,,,, , well thats a no win situation.

  • JB January 15, 2011 (1:40 pm)

    Let’s give our hardworking men in blue who risk their well-being and lives on a regular basis a little respect, and avoid the “back handed” “they will show up and shoot my dog” nonsense. Unless, of course, your dog is in the process of mauling you during a domestic violence incident, or has just finished terrorizing the neighborhood, is unsupervised, and threatening them.

    I second the reminder to call when you see something suspicious. I’m getting pretty aggravated by all these car-prowls and attempted home-invasion robberies.

  • S January 17, 2011 (6:38 pm)

    @Connie, my car window had a brick thrown through it on Jan 6th in the 35th Ave SW and Morgans St SW area. It was parked in the back of my apartment bldg under the carport. They didn’t take anything, but they went through everything and even popped the hood and ripped the battery cables off my battery. I did report it to the police and they took a report.. and I reported on here as well. I don’t ever leave ANYTHING of value to me or to anyone else in my car. Unless spare turn signal/break light bulbs are of value to the theif/prowler. However when it was stolen, they took the 1/2 bottle of antifreeze 1/2 bottle of power steering fluid and 1/2 bottle of transmission fluid, but left my jumper cables . :)

  • Sam January 19, 2011 (10:08 am)

    Maybe the same guy who stole $1800 worth of offroad gear (2 bumpers, lights, shackles, both catalytic convertors) off two of my trucks parked near Morgan junction a couple weeks ago…

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