Meet your state legislators in West Seattle: Town Hall Feb. 20

Just in from your 34th District state legislators: State Sen. Joe McDermott and Reps. Eileen Cody and Sharon Nelson invite you to a Town Hall meeting on February 20, 11 am-1 pm, at High Point Community Center. That’s less than three weeks before the current session in Olympia is scheduled to end; their main focus is expected to be the economy, but the announcement promises they’ll also talk about schools, health care, public safety, transportation and the environment.

6 Replies to "Meet your state legislators in West Seattle: Town Hall Feb. 20"

  • Ex-Westwood Resident February 10, 2010 (1:44 pm)

    I wonder if anyone will have the courage to ask them about their feeling on the Legislature ignoring the will of the people in their striking down of I-960 (the 2/3 majority required to raise taxes)?
    Somehow I doubt it.

  • Thermo February 10, 2010 (2:58 pm)

    even if we ask, I doubt they will answer… spineless. Plus McDermott was one of the sponsors of the bill to strike down 960. I think he’s up for re-election this November. I will be voting for whoever runs against him.

    • WSB February 10, 2010 (3:03 pm)

      Sen. McDermott is running for County Council this fall. If he is not elected to that position, he still has two more years to go in the State Senate.

  • Ex-Westwood Resident February 10, 2010 (11:38 pm)

    Yes Joe was a sponsor. Just one of MANY bills he has sponsored that threw out what people of Washington had voted on AND passed.
    Ask him about his stances on racial preferences in school admissions. I-200 was OVERWHELMINGLY passed by the voters but he has TWICE co-sponsored a bill to throw out the portion of that bill that included school admissions.
    Joe ONLY cares about what special interests groups line his pockets and campaign chest…NOT what the voters of Washington want. This is NOT the way a Representative Repubic is supposed to work.
    I will also not vote for him, in fact I will work to make sure that his record of defying the will of the voter is brought to light.

  • Brent February 14, 2010 (9:15 am)

    There’s also Joe’s defiance (along with the rest of the 34th delegation) of our vote against the car tunnel. They all voted to stick Seattle taxpayers with the cost overruns on that mega-project.

    We keep voting for more transit and against new road capacity. They stick us with a car tunnel instead.

  • Michele February 14, 2010 (6:53 pm)

    I completely disagree with all of the above comments. I am heartened by the thoughtful leadership of all three of our elected officials on the things I care about most – Affordable housing, healthy and safe communities and safety nets for those most in need and accountability in government. I encourage everyone who can attend these forums to respectfully ask your questions. I have been impressed with the depth of knowledge and commitment to community that all three of ours have shown and there is no reason that anyone should hesitate in engaging them in respectful dialogue.

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