West Seattle’s Prudential real-estate offices merging tonight

They’re already co-owned, and now they’re going to be co-located: The 3221 California SW (map) branch of Prudential Northwest Realty is moving to Jefferson Square, to join forces with the branch that’s located there (photo left), and one of the local PNW realtors, Alice Kuder, tells WSB the biggest part of the move is happening tonight, including a meet-and-greet for the more than 100 new co-workers to get to know each other. She says the move is “exciting”; the two are under the same ownership already anyway. More info expected a bit later today. The branch on California SW was Cayce and Gain Realty before merging with Prudential in 1996. ADDED 11:56 AM: We have comment now from the company’s owner, Chris Pauling, who says Don Bereiter will lead the newly combined office, and enclosed a news release – read on to see it:

Prudential Northwest Realty is proud to announce the joining of their Admiral and Jefferson Square location under one roof! The office will now be the Prudential Northwest Realty West Seattle. Combining these two offices will make Prudential Northwest Realty the number one Real Estate company and office serving West Seattle with over 130 sales professionals and 38% of the West Seattle Market. Prudential Northwest Realty is now the largest tenant in West Seattle in a Class A Building located at Jefferson Square 6th floor.

4700 42nd Ave. SW
Suite 600
Seattle, WA 98116

Quote from Craig Roberts, 33 year Veteran of Prudential Northwest Realty:
“It’s about time. The combining of the two West Seattle offices has been anxiously anticipated for many years. The opportunity to combine these two powerhouse offices into one location will not only provide our clients with a central location to meet but the energy that will result in this combination of our enthusiastic and dedicated sales people will create a warm and living atmosphere for our clients and keep our sales people focused on delivering the highest level of service and customer satisfaction.”

Quote from Shari Kruse, Sales Manager and Associated Broker:
“We are so excited! It’s the best location in West Seattle and with our combined offices we will be a force to reckon with!! I can’t tell you how excited I am about our new location and office! The strength of 130 Prudential Northwest Realty Realtors all working together will be a huge asset for buyers and sellers in West Seattle. I think this move is brilliant! As one united team we will be able to offer Buyers and Sellers absolutely unbeatable service. The energy in this office is already exceptional! I believe that our ability to provide the best possible service for buyers and sellers will be greatly enhanced by our move! Look out West Seattle! Prudential Northwest Realty is on the move and we want to move you!” Shari Kruse, Sales Manager

“With the current real estate market it’s imperative for realtors to differentiate themselves. With our proprietary tools, technology and services, Prudential Northwest Realty is the place to be for Top Producing professional realtors as well as those on the rise” says Chairman & CEO, Roger Omholt.

Pauling adds in an e-mail to WSB: “The good news for our firm is that even though there are fewer homes being sold in West Seattle, our share of the shrinking market is growing. More people are choosing to use Prudential to represent them in West Seattle than any other West Seattle office. This is reassuring to us as we have made significant investments in the marketing we do promote our client’s homes. I don’t want to turn this into an advertisement for our firm, sorry about that, but I do want to reassure everyone that we are a strong company that is making smart adjustments to insure that we remain strong into the future so we can continue to be of great value to our clients. Frankly, we looked at what expenses we wanted to adjust and concluded that brick and mortar was not as good an investment as marketing, specifically all of the agreements that we have with the numerous websites where we publish advertising for all of our client’s homes. Of course change is always difficult and change that is thrust upon us is more difficult than change we initiate ourselves. The business environment we find ourselves in has changed dramatically for everyone, our job is to respond in the best way possible to insure that we are able to keep our commitments to our clients and our staff.”

4 Replies to "West Seattle's Prudential real-estate offices merging tonight"

  • CharlieG January 22, 2009 (10:06 pm)

    Does anyone know what will become of the building at 3221 California?

  • WSB January 22, 2009 (10:22 pm)

    I ran out of time to follow up on that today but will be working on that angle. The parcels at 3219 and 3221 are still owned by Roger Cayce, according to county records. No current development proposal, per city records. They’re within the proposed “upzoning” area – we have contacted the city to find out why there’s STILL no decision announced on that proposal (though as we reported last weekend, a nearby apartment building is on the market
    and its flyer says “final approval (of the upzone) expected.” When I interviewed Cayce and Mike Gain about the upzoning proposal more than a year ago
    they showed me paperwork listing the value of the buildings on that site and others in the zone as almost nil – and said new buildings would go up in the area, the only question was when – TR

  • Gina January 23, 2009 (12:31 pm)

    If they are interested in selling the buildings for nil, I would be interested in purchasing at that price.

  • WSB January 23, 2009 (2:02 pm)

    Buildings nothing … land underneath them, valued at $2 million according to what I wrote after the interview. Keep in mind, that was late 2007.

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