PREVIEWS: Two more mini-lists from among Saturday’s 500+ sales, as West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day approaches

Now the forecast for Saturday is up to 80-ish – especially excellent news for the West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day sales promising lemonade stands! So that’s the first of tonight’s two mini-lists from among the 500+ sales registered for Saturday (May 11) – the sales with descriptions mentioning lemonade:

#19: 7517 19th Ave SW
#42: 7742 15th Ave SW
#61: 4819 47th Ave SW
#111: 4845 48th Ave SW
#113: 3227 45th Ave SW
#149: 4707 SW Hudson St
#210: 3604 61st Ave SW
#228: 4720 SW Edmunds St
#248: 1616 42nd Ave SW
#249: 2707 48th Ave SW
#307: 3279 38th Ave SW
#319: 7924 32nd Ave SW
#415: Fauntleroy Way SW and Holly Place SW
#441: 9360 Forest Court SW
#443: 4313 SW Concord St
#455: 5955 42nd Ave SW
#502: 11217 Arroyo Beach Place SW
#507: 10750 18th Ave SW

The other mini-list we promised for tonight – sales with added days:

#69: 4822 SW Niesz Ct (also open Friday)
#129: 4764 Beach Drive SW (also open Sunday)
#209: 4056 44th Ave SW (also open Sunday)
#289: 7333 29th Ave SW (also open Sunday)
#386: 5633 44th Ave SW (also open Friday and Sunday)
#398: 5610 42nd Ave SW (also open Friday)
#414: 6757 40th Ave SW (also open Friday)
#433: 7525 44th Ave SW (also open Friday)
#448: 5637 42nd Ave SW (also open Friday)
#506: 3703 SW 107th St (also open Sunday)

If you haven’t visited the West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day map yet, find the clickable/zoomable/etc. online version here, and see who’s having a sale near you – many have told us that’s their favorite thing about WSCGSD, a chance to meet more neighbors. Find the printable guide here (PDF) with all 500+ listings. Official sale hours Saturday are 9 am-3 pm; some are starting earlier and/or ending later, and that’ll be in their listing (please also heed the plea “No earlybirds” except for the few sales that expressly say they’re welcoming early visitors). More previews to come!

5 Replies to "PREVIEWS: Two more mini-lists from among Saturday's 500+ sales, as West Seattle Community Garage Sale Day approaches"

  • Westiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee May 8, 2024 (8:37 am)

    Love that you are flagging sales that are open additional days! I never understood why it was just one day instead of a whole weekend – seems like a miss on the organizers part.

  • Pauline May 8, 2024 (9:40 am)

    Lived in high point for my entire life (30 years) and never knew there was a west seattle community garage sale day lol…is it always May 11th? Thanks! 

    • WSB May 8, 2024 (10:19 am)

      Every year since 2005, except 2020-2021, second Saturday in May.

  • Steph May 9, 2024 (7:25 pm)

    I’m overwhelmed this year! How will this be possible? Do I just start driving up one street and down the next? Should I park at a corner and walk around the block? I’ve already accepted that if something was meant for me I might find it, but I don’t see a viable way to plan it. Maybe next year it should be split up into four areas over a month. I’ve been searching the ads until my eyes gave out. No one is advertising a chipper or leaf blower that I can see. 

    • WSB May 9, 2024 (7:29 pm)

      Searching doesn’t require your eyes giving out! The search instructions for the map are at the bottom of the map page – but I can tell you, because I *have* read all 500+ listings, no chippers or leafblowers mentioned.

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