West Seattle lost and found pets, Nov. 2008 through 12/31/2009

(Newer lost/found pet listings can be seen here – the following are in reverse chronological order)

FOUND DOG (added 12/31)

WHO: Dog in photo

WHERE: Found roaming Walnut near West Seattle High School

CONTACT: 206-240-6301


LOST CAT (added 12/31)

WHO: name is Cal and he is microchipped. Gray with white chest, belly and feet. 1 ½ years old.

WHERE: Lost 12/24 in Westwood

CONTACT: pupelletier@hotmail.com


FOUND CAT (added 11/28)

WHO: Female, black with a little white on belly between back legs, green/yellow eyes. Very friendly, comes to “kitty”. No microchip.

WHERE: West Seattle

CONTACT: Mary, 206-355-9033


LOST CAT (added 11/28)

WHO: Beautiful, ALL WHITE silky long haired, 6 year old, 10 pound, neutered male cat. Has claws, no collar. Visiting West Seattle for Thanksgiving. Shy and scared – loving, needs protection. Micah (my-ka).

WHERE: 62nd and Admiral

CONTACT: zcapson@softhome.net, 206-661-2595, 360-332-7409


LOST CAT (added 11/25)

WHO: Lost Siamese cat, dark brown short hair, black face and nose with some white hair as he is an old chap, blue eyes, very unusual short tail, very sweet and friendly. He is a house cat but managed to sneak unnoticed through the door.

WHERE: Hanford and 37th

CONTACT: If you have any information, please, call 206-937-6244 or 206-383-6487, Daniella. REWARD!


FOUND DOG (added 11/25)

WHO: Found this beautiful tan and white pit bull on Delridge around 11 am.

WHERE: Delridge and Brandon

CONTACT: Has been taken to Seattle Animal Shelter. Any questions, call AJ, 914-584-6942


FOUND DOG (added 11/21)

WHO: Sweet male pit bull

WHERE: Found Thursday 25th/Hudson (parallel to Delridge)

CONTACT: Please call Katherine @ 2062931438


LOST CAT (added 11/17)

WHO: Emmet the cat. He is a long haired neutered male cat. He is brown with black markings and a very bushy tail. He was wearing a green collar when last seen.

WHERE: 45th between Juneau and Raymond

CONTACT: Sarah and Jason, 206-992-7834


LOST CAT (added 11/17)

WHO: My male cat BLIXT!! persian mix and very sweet.

WHERE: 43rd/Trenton

CONTACT: Ulrika 206 248 6580


FOUND DOG (added 11/10)

WHO: This Black lab/hound dog was found this morning … There is no tag but it is wearing a gray jacket to keep it warm.

WHERE: 38th between Juneau and Findlay

CONTACT: Chris or Robyn can be contacted at (206) 935-3545


LOST DOG (added 11/10)

WHO: 8-month-old chocolate lab who answers to Bo, tall, reddish-brown collar, affectionate

WHERE: Delridge & Barton

CONTACT: Greg, 206-510-9085


FOUND DOG (added 11/9)

WHO: Found wandering on Sunday, older beagle, tri-colored, lots of gray in face, hungry and dirty but seems happy, scanned for microchip but doesn’t have one

WHERE: West Seattle

CONTACT: fetchwest@gmail.com or 206 234 4224


FOUND DOG (added 11/5)

WHO: Looks like a “Westie,” per the finder

WHERE: Wandering Marine View Drive in the rain tonight

CONTACT: 243-6862


FOUND CAT (added 10/30)

WHO: Female cat, probably not full grown (looks just a bit older than a kitten). VERY friendly and great with our three dogs. Gray and white with a tiny bit of tan.

WHERE: 30th and Myrtle/Othello

CONTACT: 206-935-3498


FOUND CAT (added 10/29)

WHO: She is fluffy and black with a reddish tint and a small white patch on her chest. Yellow/light green eyes, very vocal, and affectionate. Has claws, no collar.

WHERE: 42nd & Holly

CONTACT: 267-374-6493


LOST CAT (added 10/29)

WHO: Fearless & friendly female tabby

WHERE: California/Thistle, Saturday 10/24

CONTACT: Please call 937.7154


FOUND CAT (added 10/25)

WHO: Orange cat, no collar, seems well cared for

WHERE: 4100 block Beach Drive

CONTACT: kathth@gmail.com


LOST CAT (added 10/16)

WHO: He is black with white chest and paws. He has a red collar with a tag. His name is Roscoe.

WHERE: Last seen Tuesday 10/13, 58th/Spokane

CONTACT: Call Dennis, 206 947-5787


LOST DOG (added 10/13)

WHO: Studabaker is a 3 yr old mini Copper Daschound, he went missing without his collar on, he is microchipped

WHERE: 25th SW near Genesee

CONTACT: 206-619-2229 for Jon, 425-327-3839 for Logan


LOST CAT (added 10/13)

WHO: Yoshi. She’s very small (maybe 9 lbs.) and very shy. She has a gray/brown coat, dark face, paws and tail and light blue eyes. She has no collar and is not microchipped. Last seen Oct. 11 around 8 pm.

WHERE: Near 45th/Othello

CONTACT: 206-550-6285


LOST CAT (added 10/10)

WHO: Indoor only cat lost on Saturday, October 10, 2009. Garage door left open and he took advantage! He has no collar but is mico-chipped. All black with gold eyes, very long straight tail. Official name is Ticonderoga, but we call him Baby.

WHERE: Near 45th/Hanford

CONTACT: 206-932-0947


LOST CAT (added 10/8)

WHO: Cat hasn’t been seen since 4 am today. Her name is Miss Kitty and she has a bad front leg and she hops some and holds the paw out in front.

WHERE: 40th and Genesee

CONTACT: 206-235-1511


FOUND PUPPY (added 10/8)

WHO: I Found a dog today at my work, Tony’s Market on 35th ave and Barton in West Seattle. He/she didn’t have tags or a collar. He/she looks like a yorkie or some customers said he looks like a terrier. He/she is very tiny. About the size of cat. He/she is black and gray with wiry kind of hair.

WHERE: See above; dog is now at Seattle Animal Shelter

CONTACT: 386-7387 is shelter phone number


LOST CAT (added 10/6)

WHO: Jackson is a very friendly male cat just one year old with tags and a microchip. He has a tabby coat with colors of brown, black and grey. He may have lost his orange collar.

WHERE: 26th SW between Holden and Kenyon; he loves to hang out on the back side of Chief Sealth HS, last seen Monday morning

CONTACT: Please let us know if you find him. We’re so sad! robinbeth.sheridan@gmail.com


LOST CAT (added 10/4)

WHO: Black fluffy female cat (with white chin and white feet and some white on chest). Reward!

WHERE: West Seattle, Saturday night/Sunday morning

CONTACT: 206.412.0288


LOST CAT (added 9/24)

WHO: This kitten has been missing since 9/22, he is micro chipped but no one has reported him found. His name is Deuce and he is about 5 months old, with short orange hair.

WHERE: 4000 block SW Austin in Gatewood

CONTACT: Angela, 206-931-1586


FOUND CAT (added 9/23)

WHO: Found this guy/girl basically on the front porch meowing when we got home tonight. He’s very friendly and was very hungry. I can’t let him in (our cat would be very upset) but suspect he will hang around as long as we feed him.

WHERE: 13th/Trenton

CONTACT: expojeep@gmail.com


FOUND DOG (added 9/15)

WHO: Found this small black dog (since identified as a Schipperke), I had seen it earlier in the day, around 3 perhaps, as my cat was chasing it out of our yard. I saw it again around 7:30 and gave chase. No neighbors could identify it or knew who had it. It has a collar but has no tag or info on it.

WHERE: North end of Lincoln Park

CONTACT: Ryan, 785-375-8231


LOST CAT? (added 9/15)

WHO: Super affectionate female tabby. No collar. First seen about 3 weeks ago very pregnant. Last couple of weeks, (kittens obviously birthed though I don’t know the story), she spends all day seeking attention, trying to get into the house, or spending the day sleeping outside in a nearby lot under a small tree

WHERE: Near 32nd/Othello

CONTACT: Contact aa_wi@yahoo.com


WANDERING DOG (added 9/14)

WHO: Appears to be a Pitbull/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix. We called Animal Control, but they said it is a low priority, so they’re not sure when they’ll get out here.

WHERE: Seen around Elmgrove/30th

CONTACT: No contact at this point – if you see this later, check with Animal Control


LOST CAT (added 9/13)

WHO: Lost indoor white male cat

WHERE: This morning between Fauntleroy Ferry and Endolyne Joe’s

CONTACT: Clarke Straus clarkest@aol.com 206-595-3304


LOST CAT (added 9/13)

WHO: Gizmo is an almost-2-year-old neutered male black and white tuxedo shorthair, who was last seen at 6am on Saturday, September 12. He’s a big cat–about 16 pounds–has bright orange eyes, and has a very distinctive meow (he talks with his mouth closed a lot). He is very friendly, will come when called, and will roll over and invite you to scratch his belly. He may have lost his collar, but he is chipped.

WHERE: He may have wandered south or north of 5906 Beach Drive, up to Atlas Drive, or in the greenbelt that surrounds some of the properties.

CONTACT: If seen, please call Peter or Lynn at 938-1610, or email petertut@msn.com


FOUND DOG (added 9/8)

WHO: Schnauzer found on 41st near Hanford

WHERE: Today. Taking him for chip scan.

CONTACT: Lyssa, 206-484-2447


LOST CAT (added 9/7)

WHO: Lucky. Male, domestic shorthair. Tabby patterned with white and orange markings. Approximately 9 years old and around 18 lbs. Has microchip.

WHERE: Friday 9/4, West Ridge Park Apts., Delridge/Kenyon

CONTACT: 320-815-9477 or 206-819-2929 with any information.


LOST CAT (added 9/5)

WHO: Her name is Xena, she is almost 3 years old and REALLY friendly so she would let strangers pick her up all the time. She is really fluffy, with siamese coloring (white and brown legs, face, and tail.) She also has stripes on her face and legs like a tabby. She has bright blue eyes and is wearing a blue collar with a bell and a tag. She is micro-chipped as well.

WHERE: 36th/Thistle

CONTACT: Raven 206-941-9034


FOUND CAT (added 9/5)

WHO: Cat in photo, hanging around and “doesn’t seem like an outdoor cat”

WHERE: 29th/Webster

CONTACT: Richard, rbwallace@gmail.com


LOST CAT (added 9/3)

WHO: Brown/Grey Tabby with white chest and stripe down tummy, white front toes and white socks on back legs. “Kitten” is 8 years old but looks younger because of her smallish head. She is approximately 12 lbs and was last seen with a little girl named Cheyenne behind my house near 16th and SW Austin. I’ve heard that the girl brought her into a vehicle so please let me know if your child brought home a “lost” kitty. She is quiet and sweet but doesn’t like being held and has a bad hip. She is not wearing a collar or tags but would like to be returned home as soon as possible for a reward.

WHERE: 16th/Austin

CONTACT: Please call Sarah 404.931.6033


LOST CAT (added 9/2)

WHO: Quibby. Chubby, about 20 lbs. Mostly tan/pale orange, with mild white striping; very large eyes. Skittish around new people. Not wearing a collar, but has an embedded microchip ID

WHERE: August 27, Admiral area

CONTACT: Quibby is very dear to us. If you have any information leading to his return, we would be very happy to reward you for your efforts. Thank You. 206-774-9482


LOST CAT (added 8/31)

WHO: Lost gray-haired cat. “Payton” is very old, thin and skittish. He is long-haired and several shades of gray.

WHERE: 38th SW and Henderson

CONTACT: If you see him, please call 206-218-4438


LOST KITTEN (added 8/28)

WHO: He is neutered, almost 6 months old. Short-haired, no collar. Greenish eyes. Black with white spots. Goes by Spotty or Spot-Spot.

WHERE: 30th SW and Thistle

CONTACT: We can be reached at 206-271-0839


FOUND DOG (added 8/26)

WHO: Dog, no collar

WHERE: Turned up at Admiral Chevron tonight; workers have taken it in temporarily

CONTACT: Gas station phone number is 206-933-1100


LOST CAT (added 8/22)

WHO: Gray neutered male short-haired cat with white markings. White on muzzle, belly and some paws. Large about 17 lbs. Has been recently shaved on one of his forelegs. Microchipped but the information is old

WHERE: Last seen 8/15, Cambridge/23rd SW

CONTACT: 206-768-3054 or 206-446-6364


LOST CAT (added 8/17)

WHO: 17yr old Female Siamese cat, approx 13lbs, blue eyes. She goes by the name “Sh*tty Kitty” (yes, it’s true..it’s what her collar says) and is wearing a blue collar with tags that have contact information

WHERE: 46th/Alaska on Saturday

CONTACT: If you have any information, please call 206-303-0647 or 206-932-3929 DAY OR NIGHT!


LOST CAT (added 8/17)

WHO: Rascal, no collar, black, brown and white

WHERE: Last seen over the weekend

CONTACT: Please call 206-817-0711 or 817-0722


FOUND DOG (added 8/9)

WHO: Black & White Terrier…Blue vet tag…Real sweet, energetic & friendly!

WHERE: Near Marguerite Ct. and 64th SW, this afternoon

CONTACT: Scott at 206.799.5619 or Jeff 206.300.9527


LOST CAT (added 8/8)

WHO: Strawbabe. She is a British Shorthair, Blue tortie, with copper colored eyes. She was wearing a black collar with her name and phone number on it. 8 pounds, friendly.

WHERE: 44th/Holden-Portland, disappeared July 23

CONTACT: We’d sure like to bring her home! Please call if you have any information on her at all. thanks 932-4256


FOUND DOG (added 8/4)

WHO: Black Lab puppy, loves kids, loves playing fetch

WHERE: Found today on 40th SW in Gatewood between Holly and Willow

CONTACT: 206-933-3273


FOUND CAT (added 7/27)

WHO: Black female cat, yellow eyes. Short- to medium-length hair. Uncertain age. Her tail bends backward over her back. Very affectionate. No collar, but seems well-fed. She has been hanging around in our garden off and on for about two weeks, and now she’s coming in through the windows, cleaning out the bird nests in our eaves (much to the dismay of the sparrows), and generally making herself at home.

WHERE: Fauntleroy Way SW, south of Lincoln Park and north of the ferry dock. East side of the street. Since mid-July.

CONTACT: Mandy & Bob, (206) 932-0512 or (206) 419-9303 or mandyelee@gmail.com


LOST CAT (added 7/27)

WHO: Loki, large neutered male black and tan cat. He is microchipped. Last seen Saturday morning, 7/25/09.

WHERE: 26th and Trenton, just north of Westwood Village

CONTACT: (206) 240-3253


FOUND CAT (added 7/25)

WHO: This cat was found wandering in our yard near Alki Beach and seems to be used to people and friendly. He has been hanging around our house for about two and a half weeks now and showed up around the 4th of July. We think he is a siamese cat, but are not 100% sure. His tail appears to have been shaved to resemble the tail of a lion and he has crystal blue eyes.

WHERE: West Seattle

CONTACT: sweglin@gmail.com


LOST CAT (added 7/24)

WHO: Small (7#), short gray haired with green eyes and needs special attention.

WHERE: Last seen 7/20. Owners say: “We hired a search and rescue team of dogs to find her. They followed her scent to a green space behind our house and found where she had been hurt. They then followed her scent through our neighborhood on 45th and Austin down to Fauntleroy. She seemed to have been picked up by someone walking down Fauntleroy who rested at the bus stop on Fauntleroy and Rose. They then continued walking to the ferry terminal and apparently got on the ferry with her.

CONTACT: There is a reward, no questions asked for her return. Please call 206.920.5893.


LOST CAT (added 7/21)

WHO: Baloo, Maine Coon cat, 2 years old, gray and fluffy

WHERE: West Seattle

CONTACT: (206) 679-6126, reward offered


FOUND DOG (added 7/20)

WHO: Gray and white dog, looks like Australian Shepherd mix

WHERE: Was running around west side of 35th and in alley between Hudson and Dawson

CONTACT: (206) 393-8251 or they can e-mail hansenviewblockwatch@comcast.net


LOST DOG (added 7/18)

WHO: Teacup poodle. Her name is Pris and she is 13 years old, does not hear very well, and has a cough

WHERE: 3000 block of Alki SW

CONTACT: Please call us anytime if you have any information. 206-455-1728


LOST CAT (added 7/15)

WHO: Toonces the cat, “friendly and loves people”

WHERE: Charlestown and 54th SW

CONTACT: Cathy & Rob 206 938-1866


FOUND DOG (added 7/15)

WHO: Dog with collar but no tags

WHERE: 3200 block of SW Roxbury

CONTACT: Please call either Emily at 360-649-8944 or Mike at 206-852-2395. We both work during the day, but will return your call.


LOST CAT (added 7/12)

WHO: Electra. Small female black fluffy cat (she is about seven pounds but her fur makes her look bigger). Wearing a blue collar with plastic cat tag. Typically friendly, but may have been frightened by the cannon noise on Alki Saturday.

WHERE: Last seen at 6:00AM Saturday July 11 in the SW Admiral Way/ SW Lander/ Campbell Place area

CONTACT: kirkcor@gmail.com or 206-937-4548


FOUND CAT (added 7/8)

WHO: Turned up in a local driveway. He’s a big boy, is neutered, and is very affectionate; he ate several servings of food, and it appears that he has been hungry for quite a while. He has a big frame but is very skinny. Has been scanned for a chip; it traces to Humane Society in Bellevue, which is trying to track adoption records

WHERE: 25th SW near Willow, alongside Longfellow Creek

CONTACT: 206-226-1037


LOST CAT (added 7/7)

WHO: My cat, Kitty Itty, is an inside cat, but he snuck outside on Tuesday afternoon and hasn’t come back yet – 24 hrs. later. He has a tooth missing, no front claws and no collar.

WHERE: West Seattle

CONTACT: Please call me at 206 932-8973 if you’ve seen him


LOST CAT (added 7/6)

WHO: Speedy, solid gray male cat. He had no ID as he kept losing his tags and I hadn’t gotten him chipped. He is two years old, very friendly

WHERE: College and 41st, 4th of July

CONTACT: (206) 999-3038


LOST CAT (added 7/6)

WHO: ROMULUS; large male cat, 1 year old, neutered, ~14 lbs, very quiet and friendly. Mostly gray with white markings, long hair, fluffy tail.

WHERE: 1700 block 44th Ave SW and Massachusetts (North Admiral), 7/5 afternoon

CONTACT: Anne-Marie & Alessio 206-932-9050 and/or aroic@microsoft.com


FOUND DOG (added 7/1)

WHO: Has tags with license # but office is closed.

WHERE: On California across from Spiro’s tonight

CONTACT: Please contact 206.669.9939


FOUND DOG (added 6/27)

WHO: Brindle female Boston Terrier – will check tomorrow to see if she’s chipped

WHERE: 4800 block of SW Alaska – dog was placed in yard, apparently because someone thought it belonged to that resident.

CONTACT: Katie, (206) 999-6468 – mkhjorten@comcast.net


LOST CAT (added 6/25)

WHO: Uno, black male domestic shorthair, about 10 years old. Medium size, gentle disposition, vocally silent, microchip# 057-005-279

WHERE: Last seen ~Sunday June 21 in the area of 47th Ave SW & SW Oregon

CONTACT: Please call 206.890.2277


FOUND DOG (added 6/23)

WHO: Blark/dark brown Boston Bulldog? (not sure of breed), Male, somewhat aggressive toward at least one other dog. Has an old looking leather collar, according to a friend who works at a shelter, seems to be young, maybe 2-3 years old?

WHERE: Found wandering in the street at 49th and Spokane

CONTACT: I’m holding him in my dog run at 49th and hanford, contact phone number 760-613-8318 (cell). If I don’t hear from someone by morning, will take to seattle animal shelter.


FOUND DOG (added 6/21)

WHO: Pit mix blonde-colored dog

WHERE: 45th and Alaska

CONTACT: 206.281.0789


LOST DOG (added 6/19)

WHO: He is a small white toy poodle named Toby…he answers to the command to sit…..

WHERE: Our dog ran away from home about 2:45 Thursday afternoon….he was around
the 1900 block between 42nd and 41st in the admiral district..

CONTACT: Please call Terry at 206-935-5226 ot 206-841-4141 if you find him…


LOST CAT (added 6/18)

WHO: Lucky, small, black, long haired cat (female) with yellow eyes

WHERE: 13th/Kenyon

CONTACT: kreardon8@gmail.com


LOST CAT (added 6/13)

WHO: Femur the cat: She always stays right around the house, so this has us worried. She is a small black/tan/brown very long haired cat. She looks part Maine Coon. She is super friendly, and has a missing front tooth (sometimes does Elvis impersonations). Had on a yellow flowered collar with Tag.

WHERE: 39th/Hanford

CONTACT: (206) 633-1475


LOST CAT (added 6/5)

WHO: Please help me find my cat. He’s a 12 year old BIG black cat short-medium hair length.
He is VERY friendly, but scared outside. he is an indoor cat whom escaped june 3rd at night. Answers to Mr. Buttercups, or I call him “kitty”. He has a VERY loud meow, and VERY vocal. He has never been aggressive, please do not be scared to catch him if you see him. He is the sweetest cat ever, so please find him and bring him home to me

WHERE: Gatewood

CONTACT: home: (206) 937-1383
my cell: (206) 617-0013


LOST DOG (added 6/2)

WHO: Female chihuahua/daushund, tiny, black/tan markings like a min pin she had on a green collar with a black tag. Unfortunately we didn’t have our number on the tag just her name “Midget”.

WHERE: 36th/Thistle

CONTACT: 206-473-1020 (Melissa)
206-450-0613 (Martha)


LOST CAT (added 6/1)

WHO: I believe this kitty is an indoor cat because he/she is cautious and not fond of the outside world. She/he probably ate fresh stuff because the cat keeps trying to get me to open the refrigerator. I am allergic to cats. Someone please come and get this kitty. I know he/she misses his mom!

WHERE: 38th/Morgan

CONTACT: barb@barbkorducki.com


LOST CAT (added 5/31/09)

WHO: Black, skinny, long haired (with some fur mats…he doesn’t like to be brushed), 2 year old, very friendly kitty. He answers to “Snuffles” and has a perpetual cold, and eye goobers. He has tags/shots, but of course was not wearing his collar when he wandered out of the house Thurs eve. As of today, neither the Humane Society nor the Seattle Shelters have received him.

WHERE: Last seen in the Admiral District (Hinds & 48th) on Thursday evening 5/28

CONTACT: Please contact Christie Voos at 206.890.6153


LOST CAT (added 5/26/09)

WHO: She is a Manx, brown and grey tabby with very little tail. She has a green collar on with a tag. Her name is Lucy and loves people

WHERE: West Seattle, this morning

CONTACT: Please call Amanda at 425-443-7089


LOST DOG (added 5/23/09)

WHO: Ella is a 15 pound brown and white dog with a pink collar. She is quite friendly but can be easily scared especially when you come at her from behind.

WHERE: She was last seen 9:30 pm on May 22 at the corner of Elmgrove and 32nd Ave SW (at the puppysitter’s)

CONTACT: If you have seen her please call her parents at (206) 724-5351, (404) 734-5930, OR (206) 708-6042


LOST CAT (added 5/22/09)

WHO: Molly is a small sized grey and white tabby with no collar. She is quite friendly but can be easily scared and likes to hide in small places.

WHERE: She was last seen May 21 at the corner of Seattle and 45th Street

CONTACT: If you have seen her please call her parents at 206.234.1343 or 206.218.4980


FOUND CAT (added 5/13/09)

WHO: Maybe 2-3, if that old, around 9-11 lbs, and all black, black whiskers, and that red stripe around her shoulders. Very sweet disposition..

WHERE: Seems perfectly content to hang out around our house this afternoon, despite the fact that she is not ours. It is too early to check with neighbors (nobody’s home yet) and I have never seen this cat around before. She is very friendly, allowed me to pick her up, but she seems very hungry, too; I have given her both dry and wet food, and some water..

CONTACT: editor@westseattleblog.com and we’ll put you in contact with the finder


FOUND CAT (added 5/12/09)

WHO: Very small, black and white tabby with red collar. Name and number are on tag, but have not received any response. Very sweet and VERY HUNGRY

WHERE: West Seattle

CONTACT: Please call 992-7969 to claim. Cat name and number on tag will be required.


LOST CAT (added 5/9/09)

WHO: We are missing our gray and white tabby.

WHERE: He has been missing since May 2nd from the North Admiral neighborhood. He likes to hide in sheds or garages when it rains. He has been trapped in a neighbor’s garage before so please check if you live in the area and think it’s a possibility. He is scared of strangers so would probably be hard to catch but please call if you see him.

CONTACT: 206-225-0195


LOST CAT (added 5/7/09)

WHO: Please have you seen my baby boy cat? His name is Barney and he is 4 years old. Barney is a small cat and he is very timid and shy. He is a gray tabby with black stripes and green eyes

WHERE: He is fixed and went missing on the morning of Friday, May 1, 2009 in the vicinity of 32nd Ave SW in the High Point neighborhood phase II

CONTACT: I love him so much and would love to have him back. If you have seen him or know where he is please leave a message at 206-926-3912


FOUND DOG (added 5/7/09)

WHO: She is red, with one crumpled ear, and an age- whitened face and muzzle. She had no tags, no license, and no microchip. She was trailing a leash..

WHERE: 28th SW near SW 100th, 4:30 pm today

CONTACT: amy (at) jetcity (dot) com


FOUND CAT (added 5/3/09)

WHO: Adult gray, white & tan tabby. Extra toes on forepaws.

WHERE: 50th and Admiral

CONTACT: howbern@gmail.com


FOUND DOG (added 4/24/09)

WHO: No collar, no tags

WHERE: 39th/100th

CONTACT: 206 935-3501.


LOST DOG (added 4/22/09)

WHO: Very friendly 6 1/2-year-old golden retriever

WHERE: West Seattle, this afternoon

CONTACT: 206 398 9790


FOUND DOG (added 4/19/09)

WHO: Black Lab, older female, gray on feet, tan collar with “southwest design”

WHERE: 4100 Admiral Way

CONTACT: Now at Seattle Animal Shelter, 2061 15th Ave W (Interbay), 206-386-7387


FOUND DOG (added 4/19/09)

WHO: Small dog

WHERE: Alley west of California SW, near SW Holden

CONTACT: Please phone 206.383.6985 with description


MISSING CAT (added 4/18/09)

WHO: Socks. She is about 9 months old and is microchipped between her shoulders. She is extremely affectionale and a very loud purrer.

WHERE: 42nd/Thistle, 7 pm Friday

CONTACT: Please call 206.390.9351 if you see her


2 MISSING DOGS (added 4/15/09)

WHO: Schatzie: Full Rottie, altered female, two years old. Usual rottie markings. Cooper: Full American Bulldog, unaltered fixed male, one year old. He is mostly white with two black eye patches and some black circles over his back and a black nose

WHERE: 42nd/Walker

CONTACT: (206) 932-5994


MISSING CAT (added 4/15/09)

WHO: Dill is an orange-y brown tortise/calico with a white chest and all four mittens. She’s a talker, and a slinky walker. No collar, but she’s microchipped over her left shoulder.

WHERE: Between Roxbury/Delridge and Westwood Village

CONTACT: Call 206-931-7856


FOUND DOG (added 4/5/09)

WHO: Male, good health, not neutered, checked for chip but has none

WHERE: 35th/Roxbury, today

CONTACT: davisia@comcast.net


FOUND KITTEN (added 4/3/09)

WHO: Skinny teenage kitten, diluted calico (soft gray and apricot mix), angular Siamese-like slender face, no collar. Appeared on my doorstep, wet, talkative and ravenous…very sweet.

WHERE: West Seattle

CONTACT: bookgeek@aol.com


FOUND DOG (added 3/30/09)

WHO: A really nice long haired brown dog with black highlights around head and tail. Followed us home. Dog tag # but no phone #.

WHERE: Raymond and 46th SW

CONTACT: If yours call 795-2006


FOUND DOG (added 3/28/09)

WHO: Older female black and tan Yorkie/Pom Mix, no collar or tags

WHERE: 37th SW between Henderson and Trenton

WHEN: This morning, 9:30-10 am

CONTACT: 206-932-0335


LOST CAT (added 3/27/09)

WHO: She is a manx, so born with no tail, calico/tortoishell color, wasn’t wearing her collar, 9 months old.

WHERE: 47th on the hill above West Beach Condos

WHEN: Wednesday 3/25

CONTACT: Please call Jillian on 206-817-7793


FOUND PUPPY (added 3/20/09)

WHO: black with white American Pit Bull puppy (we think…we are kind of unsure of his breed) He’s about 3-4 months old and is extremely playful and wonderfully behaved. He has a collar but no tags. We think he came from a good home, so we want to get him back there.

WHERE: 35th and Morgan

WHEN: Monday 3/16

CONTACT: elizabethdawnhall@gmail.com


FOUND DOG (added 3/17/09)

WHO: Intact male pit bull, tan with white markings, no collar

WHERE: Just south of Roxbury

WHEN: Today

CONTACT: 206-437-7748


LOST WEST SEATTLE DOGS (added 3/15/09)

WHO: One is a curly coated golden retriever, named Jack. The other is a blond border collie mix named Sunshine. Both are very friendly, sweet, sweet dogs. They are not wearing collars but are microchipped.

WHERE: 34th and Andover

WHEN: Tonight

CONTACT: 206-323-9579


FOUND WEST SEATTLE CAT (added 3/14/09)

WHO: Female gray/green tabby with gray eyes, extremely friendly

WHERE: 38th and Trenton

WHEN: Has been appearing for the past month or so

CONTACT: (206) 932-2386


LOST WEST SEATTLE CAT (added 3/14/09)

WHO: Adult male cat, gray stripes, white belly, no collar, injured front paw

WHERE: 34th and Dakota

CONTACT: Please call John at (206) 601-8569


FOUND WEST SEATTLE DOG (added 3/12/09)

WHO: Yellow lab, no collar, will be taken to shelter this afternoon unless owner found

WHERE: 31st and Barton

WHEN: This week

CONTACT: hcgreen@comcast.net



WHO: Puppy

WHERE: West Seattle

WHEN: Today

CONTACT: manimuhman@gmail.com


LOST WEST SEATTLE DOG (added 2/20/09)

WHO: Papillon dog: She weighs about 7 lbs. She is a mostly white long hair with brown patches and a long fluffy tail that curls over her back. Her name is Pogo. Ironically she is out without her collar on -we just bathed her and she escaped.

WHERE: North Delridge

WHEN: 5 pm tonight

CONTACT: If you have her, please call 206 353 9331 or 206 353 9334 immediately and we will come and get her any time of day or night. Reward. Betsy, Jerry, Isaac & Rebecca


LOST WEST SEATTLE DOG (added 2/18/09)

WHO: Gan (with collar/tag). Golden retriever/German Shepherd, medium-sized adult female, tan/brown

WHERE: 13th Avenue SW

WHEN: Tuesday

CONTACT: Roland 206-854-0809



WHO:Lady is a large, golden English Mastiff and Chase is a small Rottweiler mix. Both of these dogs are VERY friendly

WHERE: 21st Ave SW near South Seattle Community College

WHEN: Got out 3:30 pm today

CONTACT: Tommy, 206.579-1892


FOUND WEST SEATTLE CAT (added 2/11/09)

WHO: “Friendly” cat

WHERE: 6300 block of 18th SW – on a telephone pole

WHEN: Today

CONTACT: 206-764-9116



WHO: 2 dogs (one older yellow lab, one boxer-like dog with brown body and white markings on its head)


WHEN: 5 pm Wednesday

CONTACT: Animal Control (when the owners could not be located and the dogs were interfering with traffic, they were picked up by police who contacted Animal Control)


LOST WEST SEATTLE DOG (added 2/4/09)

WHO: Golden Retriever light coloring 9 months old, brown leather collar, about 60 lbs

WHERE: Holden and Delridge

WHEN: Monday

CONTACT: Reward , Reward, Reward $500.00, no questions,(CAN YOU HELP?) Please call: 206.920.5627 206.200.3083 206.343.1589


LOST WEST SEATTLE DOG (added 1/31/09)

WHO: Toy Fox Terrier named Bailey

WHERE: West Seattle

WHEN: 6:30 pm Saturday

CONTACT: kepi4130@aol.com or Katie 206-937-1502 or 253-326-3008


LOST WEST SEATTLE CAT (added 1/23/09)

WHO: Misha, a black and grey tabby

WHERE: SW Forest near 52nd

WHEN: Got out Wednesday morning and has not come back

CONTACT: Julie, 206-992-6635


FOUND WEST SEATTLE DOG (added 1/23/09)

WHO: Black, long hair, medium size dog

WHERE: Marine View and 110th

WHEN: Friday morning

CONTACT: Jill, 206-999-1743


LOST WEST SEATTLE CAT (added 1/21/09)

WHO: Ben – Orange Tabby. Very friendly, big, tough and muscular, but super snuggly
unless you scratch his rear, then he’ll mmmeeeeooww and bite.

WHERE: 14th and Trenton

WHEN: Sunday or Monday

CONTACT: 206-245-6599


FOUND WEST SEATTLE DOG (added 1/19/09)

WHO: Brown chocolate Labrador Retriever

WHERE: 42nd and Southern

WHEN: Monday, 4 pm

CONTACT: Kathy 206-380-6343


FOUND WEST SEATTLE DOG (added 1/18/09)

WHO: Darling, scared, very thin little dachshund, won’t come to anyone, though finders have been feeding him a bit

WHERE: Arbor Heights, 37th SW and 110th SW

WHEN: Reported today

CONTACT: 206-595-0636


FOUND WEST SEATTLE CAT (added 1/17/09)

WHO: Extremely affectionate large black cat with white splash on chest and tummy, and
holds head to one side. Wearing a red/yellow “beastie band” collar but no id

WHERE: Wandered into West Seattle Thriftway; being cared for temporarily at a local home, since it couldn’t stay at the store

WHEN: Saturday afternoon 1/17

CONTACT: (206) 937-4421 or (206) 650 8555


FOUND WEST SEATTLE CAT (added 1/17/09)

WHO: B/W 1-3 yo kitty. Very friendly, no tags, no collar, no chip

WHERE: Found in our yard near 47th and Raymond

WHEN: January 13th. We’re keeping her warm and fed but will need to take her to the Humane Society if not claimed by next week.

CONTACT: Tammi at 206-200-0075


FOUND WEST SEATTLE DOG (added 1/16/09)

WHO: Older dog, purple collar with a “J” on it, came running in to play with “finder’s” dog, friendly and sweet

WHERE: 31st SW and Henderson

WHEN: Today

CONTACT: Deb 206.227.0328


LOST WEST SEATTLE DOG (added 1/15/09)

WHO: Charlie. He’s got arthritis, is losing his eyesight and is hard of hearing. He’s also on

WHERE: wandered out of our yard at the corner of 37th Avenue SW and SW Cloverdale Street

WHEN: 5:30 pm tonight (1/15)

CONTACT: Call Cynthia Glenn @ cell 206-335-3713, or e-mail cynthia.glenn@gmail.com, or Marcella Ripich @ 425-922-3716, mripich@yahoo.com


LOST WEST SEATTLE CAT (added 1/15/09)

WHO: Mischka, an orange and white fat neutered male that has been chipped, as well as registered. He can sometimes be a bit afraid of new people, but if he is called, he will most often come (food is a big draw for this one).

WHERE: Lives at 46th and Wildwood, near Fauntleroy ferry dock

WHEN: Tuesday 1/13

CONTACT: Erika, mobile: (206) 898-1539 or home: (206) 932-7141, e-mail: erika@molecularleveldesign.com


LOST WEST SEATTLE CAT (added 1/8/09)

WHO: Tom Cat aka Tab Medium/small 3 year old all black cat, splash of white on chest, neutered and has microchip. Very friendly, loves to visit people, wears red collar with gold heart ID tag, though this may have come off

WHERE: normally hangs out around 56th and Dakota/Hillcrest neighborhood

WHEN: Saturday morning 1/3. Neighbor says they saw him since then but he ran off before they could catch him. Bad weather may have caused him to lose his way home! Please call us if you see him in your area!

CONTACT: David Hall (206) 650-8555 or (206) 937-4421


LOST WEST SEATTLE GOAT (added 12/30/08)

WHO: Brown and white goat, escaped from back yard

WHERE: 46th SW, near Madison Middle School

WHEN: This week

CONTACT: Bob, (206) 280-4536


LOST WEST SEATTLE DOG (added 12/30/08)

WHO: Chester, 12 year old black and tan Sheltie/Australian Shepherd mix male dog.
He is wearing a red collar with silver tags. The address on the tags are not current as we moved recently from another state. He is very old with poor eyesight and hearing and can be nervous of
other people.

WHERE: Hudson and Erskine

WHEN: Monday night 12/29

CONTACT: 206-420-8786


LOST WEST SEATTLE CAT (added 12/29/08)

WHO: Simon, 7-year-old neutered tabby. He has swirl patterns on his side. He has no collar on because he tears them off as soon as you put one on. We are very worried because he is an indoor only cat and cannot survive on his own.

WHERE: 35th and Brandon

WHEN: Wind blew the door open today and he got out

CONTACT: Marcia at 206-763-4015


LOST WEST SEATTLE CAT (added 12/19/08)

WHO: Cat with blue camo collar, front paws declawed

WHERE: West Seattle

WHEN: This week

CONTACT: 206 234 4224


LOST WEST SEATTLE CAT (added 12/15/08)

WHO: Lilly is a female tan/black striped tabby, 7 pounds, wearing blue Pet Mate collar

WHERE: 4500 block Brace Point Drive

WHEN: Friday night 12/12/08

CONTACT: Lena at 206-818-6372 or Marc at 206-852-6448


LOST WEST SEATTLE DOG (added 12/12/08)

WHO: She is a Red Merle Mini Australian Shepherd. She is very petite and

WHERE: 42nd SW & SW 100th (Arbor Heights)

WHEN: 6 pm 12/12/2008

CONTACT: Please call Debby @ 206-854-7254 or 206-935-2563 or Kayla @ 206-330-4662 if you have found her or have information


FOUND DOG (added 12/8/08)

WHO: Black female Lab with white beard, no collar

WHERE: White Center area

WHEN: 12/8/2008

CONTACT: Loretta, 206 420 3255


LOST WEST SEATTLE CAT (added 12/8/08)

WHO: Gustav the cat, got out without his collar, almost all black, with only a little white under his neck and he likes to play at biting when you pet him, has a tendency to meow at doors

WHERE: SW Juneau in Seaview

WHEN: 12/8/2008, 7:30 pm

CONTACT: 206-450-1950


LOST WEST SEATTLE CAT (added 12/1/08)

WHO: Gray tabby cat “Ruby”

WHERE: 5400 block 49th SW (between Brandon and Findlay)

WHEN: 11/27/2008

CONTACT: 206-300-1328


LOST WEST SEATTLE DOG (added 11/26/08)

WHO: Lucy: She’s a Black Labrador who got outside the gate. Very friendly and excitable.

WHERE: 5300 block of 47th SW

WHEN: Tuesday night

CONTACT: 206-459-8512


LOST WEST SEATTLE CAT (added 11/11/08)

WHO: Abby is missing! She is 9 years old with pure black long hair, yellow/green eyes, and one white whisker. She was wearing a bright blue collar with a red heart tag, but it may have fallen off.
She loves to curl up in sheds and garages, so please check yours!

WHERE: 7000 block 16th SW

WHEN: October 31st

CONTACT: If you have any information, please call: 206-276-2272 or 206-330-1213


FOUND WEST SEATTLE CAT (added 11/9/08)

WHO: Adult male neutered buff tabby, not chipped, no collar (not Peaches or Butters, as seen later on this page). Good sized guy; very affectionate; talkative; gets a bit aggressive with love

bites, but does not break the skin.

WHERE: Neighborhood northwest of The Junction

WHEN: He has been hanging out in my backyard and eating since about April, however, in the
last month took to eating breakfast and dinner on a regular basis on my front porch. In fact,started waiting for on the front porch after work.

CONTACT: If someone thinks he may be their cat, please call me to describe his attractive features and or provide a photo. He is currently enjoying my indoor, stray cat B’n’B. Thanks. Teri furryfaces@hotmail.com 206-932-1652