Press release from preservation/advocacy groups on 2nd anniversary of Alki Homestead fire

This was sent at 3:26 pm today (1/16/2011) by the Southwest Seattle Historical Society, which says it’s the final version of the press release about this morning’s briefing:

Southwest Seattle Historical Society * Historic Seattle * 4Culture * Washington Trust for Historic Preservation

11 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 16, 2011
Southwest Seattle Historical Society Log House Museum
3003 61st Ave. S.W., Seattle, WA 98116

Updates on Alki Homestead indicate ‘This Place STILL Matters’

WEST SEATTLE, Wash. – A coalition of four organizations today announced several updates regarding the potential for protection, preservation and restoration of a beloved City of Seattle landmark, the 107-year-old log structure known as Fir Lodge and the Alki Homestead Restaurant.

The four organizations are the Southwest Seattle Historical Society, Historic Seattle, 4Culture and the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation, all of which have heritage preservation and advocacy as a key component of their missions.

The organizations held a press conference on Jan. 16, 2011, the second anniversary of a fire that damaged a portion of the Alki Homestead. The press conference took place at the Log House Museum of the Southwest Seattle Historical Society, the organization that nominated the Alki Homestead for landmark status that was conferred on the building in 1996 by the Seattle City Council.

Here are the updates, which the coalition is optimistic will lead to the protection, preservation and restoration of the Alki Homestead:

1. With the aim of purchasing the Alki Homestead, Historic Seattle, working with private investors, has had significant discussions with the building owner since last summer. In addition, other investigations leave Historic Seattle confident that the Alki Homestead building can be preserved with integrity and practicality. Historic Seattle and its investors remain interested in working with the owner to protect, preserve and restore the Alki Homestead.

2. The Southwest Seattle Historical Society, 4Culture and the Washington Trust filed on Friday a request with the Seattle Department of Planning and Development seeking the city’s help in protecting the building from damage. We trust that this step will maximize the potential for its preservation and restoration, particularly during inclement weather.

3. The coalition released a color poster today that depicts the inspiring rally on July 4, 2010, when 200 public officials, civic leaders and others stood in front of the Alki Homestead to proclaim that “This Place Matters.” Immediately after today’s press conference, the coalition began posting this poster in area storefronts and elsewhere to spread the word about public support for this community and citywide treasure.

This replaced an earlier version.