LOST CAT: Seen Vader? – September 15, 2020 10:01 am

Lost Tabby Kitty. Vader has been gone since Friday Sept. 11th. I recently adopted him since he’s been around my house for over a year now. Or he adopted me. He now has a microchip and a black break-away collar with a bell and my information on it. He might of lost it since he’s lost one already. He had a neuter and shots appointment that he missed. I’m trying to get him use to living inside but he panics when I shut the door. Although I’ve gotten him use to coming in at night. He normally hasn’t been gone this long. He is a sweet guy once you get to know him. He’s young so he likes to play. At this time food will probably help lure him. He’s lived most of his life outside so he knows his way around the neighborhood. He usually shows up for at least one meal. He lives at the corner of 33rd and Charlestown. If you see him, please call or text me (Traci) at 206-484-0142 or email at info@dbrko.com. Thank you!

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