LOST CAT UPDATE: Huji, near Longfellow Creek (first posted 11/5/19) – November 17, 2019 1:03 pm

BUMPED 11/5 – STILL MISSING: Huji has been missing since Nov 5th from where SW Graham intersects Longfellow Creek near Delridge. She is a solid black 2.5 yo shorthaired domestic cat. She is fairly small. She had a collar on when she went missing which was black and red and had her name and my phone number on it. She is very friendly. I still have hope she will come home to me and her sister who she’s been with since birth. If you see her please call me at 206-619-8723.

ORIGINAL: Lost cat since this morning. Small black cat. Collar says: HUJI and my phone number 206-619-8723. I live near the footbridge that crosses Longfellow Creek at SW Graham st.

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  • Sean Omer Anisoglu November 6, 2019 (10:07 am)

    • Julie Lakey November 27, 2019 (11:13 am)

      Has Huji made it home? If not you may want to check the Seattle Animal Shelter, Emerald City Rescue and Humane Society websites. They all have some black kitties.

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