FOUND DOG: Taken to clinic – UPDATE: Now at shelter – February 25, 2020 8:54 am

My husband found this tri-color dog (male) with a soaking wet leash and no tags on its collar at 6:30 am today in Delridge/Westwood right near SW Holden St and 24th.

After stopping by Seattle PD with no luck, and then walking him around the area to see if we might run into anyone looking for him, we brought him to the vet where we normally bring our two dogs. They scanned him there, but he didn’t have a microchip. He appears to be neutered.

Our vet recommended that we bring him to Lien Animal Clinic in West Seattle, because we can’t hold onto him at our apartment with our two dogs while we’re at work today, so we drove him over there.

WEDNESDAY UPDATE: Seattle Animal Shelter now has the dog at their facility. He is no longer at Lien Animal Clinic! The shelter’s number is 206-386-PETS (206-386-7387).

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